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Ideazon Crowdfund Marketing Experts Share: 4 Tips for Using Social Media for Your Crowdfunding Campaign



Crowdfunding is one of the most popular ways to secure funds for a project. Instead of relying on one or two investors, people can receive contributions from many different contributors to reach their financial goals. It is one of the most popular ways that investors are using to solicit funds from like-minded individuals. No one understands this process better than the people behind Ideazon. The crowdfund marketing company recently provided four tips on social media use during a campaign. With so many people getting money from social media exposure, it is something individuals and businesses need to nail to maximize their contributions. Here are generalized tips any campaign can use. You will discover that it is among the best approaches for anyone who is looking for funds for a big project.

Use Video:

Perhaps nothing is more important right now on social media than video. More and more users are preferring to go for video content because they are easy to understand than reading long stories. No wonder most video clips go viral after a few days. It is even more important for a crowdfunding campaign because people absolutely have to know, quickly, what the campaign is about. Not only that but just putting a face and a voice to a campaign is an extremely effective way to secure money from contributors.

No one gets nearly excited about a new product by simply reading about it. A video that is short, to the point, and also demands attention can really take a campaign to the next level in a hurry. Therefore, you should learn to make short and precise videos that will pull the attention of your users. Let it give your users an overview of the project and the role the can play. The clip should also explain how the viewer can benefit among other details. You can easily win the heart of potential investors by putting across great videos for them to follow and like.

Use Both Personal and Branded Pages:

Another easy way to put a real face with a campaign is to use both a personal social media page and a branded page. Not only does it make things easier to share and grow, but it shows everyone the person behind the campaign. You need to discover that nearly all internet users have multiple social media platforms. However, you can choose one depending on the demographic attributes of your target market.

Without any type of personalization, it can be very difficult to secure funds from people because the trust is just not there. Remember, in many cases, people are donating to crowdfunding campaigns with their own money, and they don’t necessarily have a lot of it to throw around. Therefore, you have to present yourself in the most professional way to win their trust. If a competitor is much more trustworthy and more likely to meet goals with the campaign, they’re going to get the money that otherwise would go to you. Therefore, use both personal and branded pages to convenience your audience that the idea is viable and they can trust you with their funds.

A branded page just makes a lot of sense to grow the brand as much as possible. It is pretty much impossible to survive without a branded page in 2019. That is always going to be the place to have the most relevant information on the crowdfunding project, but a personal page is also needed. Therefore, in case you don’t have a branded page, think of getting one now. You can be sure of selling your idea in an easier way.

Run Targeted Ads:

Some people are going to be against running targeted ads, but it is a way to get the word out about a crowdfunding campaign. This approach has proven to work well across several industries all over the world. There are just so many different campaigns out there right now, and sometimes it is hard to get that initial traction. The best way for people to start out with targeted ads is to run a short campaign first to see if it is effective. If it ends up being effective, there might not need to be a lot more money thrown into advertising. These ads can add a lot of value to our crowdfunding campaigns than going for big advertisements.

Remember, the most successful campaigns are going to be easy to find for people one way or another. Most of the people who run targeted ads are just doing so at the beginning of the campaign to build the buzz. Run these targeted campaigns and you will begin to report some level of success in your crowdfunding efforts.

Connect with Influencers:

When people think of influencers, most are thinking about celebrities. However, social media is actually making their own celebrities in some way, as people gain major followings in the niche market. The good news for those running a crowdfunding campaign is that these influencers who are only famous for social media are usually a lot more approachable. However, be keen to get an influencer who has a high level of command in your region and industry. You need authority figures and it will take you a short time and less effort to get people contributing their funds towards the project.

If you are looking for an influencer, it makes sense to go after someone who pretty much posts a lot of content related to the campaign. The more they are into something, the more likely they are to actually share it with their followers. Consider connecting with “micro-influencers”, or those with less than 5k followers. These influencers seem to be better connected to their followers and can be more approachable.

These tips will help you to use social media in your own crowdfunding campaign. The secret is presenting yourself as a professional brand that people can trust. Do your homework well and use all the above tips to get the desired funds for your project from crowdfunding.

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