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Top 15 Social Media Analytics Tools For Marketers



Initially, digital marketers faced problems with reporting and tracking social media analysis. Nowadays, you can use the right analytics tool for reporting. And that makes your work fast and easy. But which Social Media Analytics Tools should you select?

For Social media advertisements, you will get so many choices of platforms that have a difference in the niche, user experience, and effectiveness. As a result of the recent shutdown of Topsy, many social media managers are looking for a suitable alternative that will produce the best results. 

I am sharing the top 15 social media analytics tools to manage and track social media for marketers in this post.

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What Is Social Media Analytics?

You need to, first of all, think about social media and a verb rather than a noun. It is simply the process of gathering information from social media platforms that will assist in guiding the marketing strategy. The process of looking for the best social media analytics software starts by prioritizing the goals of your business. 

For example, you start with the need to double the number of website visitors. The second step is identifying primary indicators of performance. You will have to focus on engagement statistics that will look at a few factors like comments and replies, shares and likes your posts receive, and most importantly, what your content and links earn.

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Hence after collecting this data, you will be able to figure out how social media will be helpful in meeting the goals of your business. From this point, you will be able to keep going in the right direction with a few adjustments. Below are some social media analytics tools that are helpful for marketers to plan their marketing strategies.

15 Best Social Media Analytics Tools For Marketers:

Here are the names of the 15 best social media analytics tools for you.You can use any of these without having any second thoughts in your mind.



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Keyhole is among the best social media monitoring tools that measure a brand’s impact on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, in detail. It gives you a shareable and intuitive dashboard, campaign, keyword metrics, and tracking hashtags in real-time. 

They include impressions, reach, high activity periods, and much more. It can also give you data that will lead to you benefiting from your efforts of influencer outreach.

Clicking the influencer tab on the dashboard will reveal surrounding account information that has the highest interaction and reaches numbers. For you to boost your engagement, you will have to identify vital accounts in your slot and share their valuable info.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is among the free social media analytics tools that are a top choice when analyzing the traffic on the website. It is crucial for evaluating several metrics of social media.

You can also use it to measure the worth of traffic which comes from social media sites. It can also help in tracking the way visitors behave and whether they convert into sales or customers.


Brandwatch offers the best social media analytics tools which work across major platforms of social media. When you are looking for a research suite, the brand watch will give you the best results. You will be able to get information on the markets you have and the new markets you would like to enter.

The information provided ranges from age, demographics, to occupation.  You will be able to monitor the reputation of your brand in real-time and be able to see the kind of messages people have for you. The data is accurate as it filters duplicate mentions and spam.



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Buzzsumo is among free social media analytics tools that track top content in your social niche.

You will simply have to plug in a keyword, phrase, or a URL in the search bar to view the person sharing related content on the social platform. This tool is useful in promoting your material as it identifies shares to reach out to.


Edgar is on the list of the best social media tools that store your content in a library, automate social scheduling, and categorize your data regarding blog posts and tips.

When you come up with a schedule based on these categories, therefore Edgar comes up with a never-ending queue that automatically cycles through the library on a weekly basis. These tools track your engagement and help in optimizing your schedule as per your interaction and content.



Hootsuite is a dashboard for managing social media. It aggregates content and schedules posts.

This platform tracks numbers, official engagements, and the performance of your team.


Littlebird is a social media analytics software whose goal is to help you focus on influencer outreach. It also tracks metrics that detail the most prominent individuals that interact with your brand and in your space.

It identifies engaging content and topics for you to base ideas on and share. It also comes up with a list of influencers in all your social campaigns.

Sales Force Marketing Cloud

These social media monitoring tools assist in managing mobile, email, and content marketing. It has a clean dashboard for seeing metrics and the types of content that yield the most engagement.

You will also be able to identify locations where important conversations happen and what users think about your brand. The suite has different packages, and you can pay for the one you can afford.


Social bakers are the best social media marketing tools that capture data across all social platforms. It depends on its massive database with a lot of data. It has features like competitive analysis and custom benchmarking, which allow you to create and manage groups.

This tool is perfect for organizations that have offices all over the world, for it can segment information according to people and countries. You can identify areas where you have successful efforts and where to improve.


Buffer is the amount the best social media marketing tool that is crucial for helping you track information for the post that you make. Buffer is a compressive social media scheduling tool for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts.

In general, there are no social media analytics tools that you must use if you are a marketer. However, if you want to grow your focus, you will have to identify a clearer favorite for your business. These tools are the key to transforming the performance of your business. You need to identify the component which is integral in getting a profitable element from valuable data provided by customers.

Sprout Social:

Sprout Social has all the qualities like the best social media analytics tools in the market. The cross-channel listening features make this social media marketing tool the best selection for marketers. The contextual features have the analytical features helping to perform the contents. 

Finding the hashtags and keywords for the contents is very crucial. By seeing the qualitative analysis, you will know what types of content are performing for your website and what is not. So, according to the features, you have to analyze the visual and institute reports for your sites.

You can anlayze the paid campaigning’s performances and group reports and analyze the individual performances of the social media profiles. You can operate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Zoho Social:

Zoho is one of the most unique and powerful software. The collaborations and other Saas-related options are taken care of through this website. The Zoho social has outstanding audience engagement measuring parameters. You can listen from multiple channels, and you can design your engagement policies. Partner with Zoho consulting services, and it will enhance your experience with Zoho’s unique and powerful software.

Zoho social belongs under the attractive social media analytics tools. You can listen from the multiple types of channels from this single dashboard. For measuring up the engagement level, Zoho Social is the best social media analytical tool.


Sendible is a social media management tool. Social media marketing is more about monitoring and listening. For the reporting types of features, this is the ultimate selection among all the social media analytics tools.

You can see and monitor all the activities from this platform. This tool first identifies the problem. Then they are seeking your help for the solutions.

With the use of this tool, you can generate quality reports and measure up the response times. Like all the multifunctional tools, this dashboard is also supporting the various styles of functions from a single dashboard.


Social baker is a collection of social media analytics tools that includes multiple types of features which are required for usining the essential resources. The main work areas of social bakers are tracking the numerous types of profiles and key performance indicators and competitive analysis.

You will get the exact ideas for publishing and optimizing the content. For the digital publishing optimizations, you will require these tools.

You can analyze all of your audience’s responses and engagement levels. After organizing any campaign, you can evaluate the actual performances of your social media marketing campaigns through these tools.


Hub spot is in one social media analytical tool. If you are searching for an all-in-one tool, then this is the right tool for you. Hubspot has all the functions which should be present in the good performing social media analytics tools.

What are HubSpot’s best features? According to the report of 2022, Hubspot is the ultimate tool that is capable of performing various types of tasks.

Hubspot is the market CRM software embedded tool. You can handle all the functions of the various types of platforms from this single one. And if you have this tool, that means you no longer need any other tools for social media engagements. You can handle the maximum number of social media platforms from their dashboards.


In general, there are no social media analytics tools that you must use if you are a marketer. However, if you want to grow your focus, you will have to identify a clearer favorite for your business. These tools are the key to transforming the performance of your business. You need to identify the component which is integral in getting a profitable element from valuable data provided by customers.

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