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Top 7 Writing Tools for the Perfect Social Media Post



Social media is by far has become the most influential medium of communication. People not only spend hours on it but also change their mindsets and thoughts. It has the driving capability which is the reason why most of the business is now trying to build a strong online presence. Companies and their marketing wings are discovering new ways to create the need for their products among the masses by using all the features and social media tools which favors the marketers to perform their activities.

Talking about the tools, social media has become so advanced that it has its own tools to assist marketers in creating compiling campaigns and postings for the consumers. Out of which, the writing tools are the most important for the marketers because everyone knows, content is king in digital marketing.

Writing does not only depend on the skills of the writer. According to the professional writers of the leading academic writing company Real Dissertation Help, “The example of using writing tools for the current era’s writers is same as the use of the pen for the writers of the pre-tech era.”

Being a writer, it is important to use every possible way of adoring your content with the better words and more compiled sentence structures. For this, using right writing tools is essential and become imperative when you have to use the social media postings. That is why, being a professional who knows what impact right writing tools can create, I am writing this post in which I am going to list down seven of the best writing tools for the perfect social media post creation.

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1. WriteRack:

WriteRack ToolThe Tweeter has the limit of tweet characters which is 140 characters. For some writers, it is a blessing in disguise that they don’t have to write long tweets like they usually need to for other social media mediums like Facebook and LinkedIn. But for some, it is a headache of completing your message in the limited numbers of characters. That is where those writers who tweet frequently can take the help of a tool. The WriteRack is a mini tweetstorm which allows the user to tweet in a series that create a thread like a scenario on the follower wall. What unique about this tool is that it saves your time by dividing all the content regardless the word count you are feeding on the tool. This tool divides all the content in the tweets of 140 characters and publishes it in a series.

2. Grammarly:

GrammarlyThe social media is so agile that making a grammatical mistake can get you humiliation, embarrassment, disgrace, shame and dozens of more words like this. Once committed by my writer friend who used work for a UK dissertation help providing company which got him his termination letter within six minutes of customer’s complain. This is the level of tolerance the market has developed towards the grammatical mistake. In short, they all have become grammar Nazi, and the writers are Jews. Fortunately, we have grammar checking tools too that have been saving the millions life from these Nazis.

Among them, the Grammarly is undoubtedly the most impressive and complete tool for proofreading and checking your grammar. This tool also allows you to discover the synonyms of the words instantly just by selecting any word. You can then use the plagiarism checker too if you are responsible for quality control of all the content produced by your junior writers.

3. Ulysses:

UlyssesA writer is the one who spends his time only in front of his computer. A good writer is the one who also enjoys the company of others. Not just for fun but to gain the insights useful for his writing. That is why good writers use Ulysses which is a responsive app which can run on any screen size.

The Ulysses is an app that works great for those who have to write the words in thousands. This app helps you in keep writing even in the most uncomfortable and unfriendly places. It organizes all of your writing regardless of the number of pieces. It then gathers them in one place or which can be called a document. For the social media, it also helps you in organizing your multiple social media accounts. Plus, you can content at any time anywhere.

4. Captiona:

CaptionaThe most engaging contents are those which usually consist of four to six words. Being that writer who needs to manage different social media accounts and run new content on every medium, sometimes Google searches stop getting you the suggestion for catchy content or captions. This is another point where you can take the help of this unique writing tool called Captiona.

The Captiona is a tool which generates the caption ideas for social media platforms especially Instagram and Snapchat. It generates those unique and interesting captions which can make your audience compel to engage and share with others. This optimized tool for iPhones and iPads, this app is a search engine for the social media captions based on the words you used in the query box. Just fill the query box just like you filled earlier and pick the best caption for your picture you are about to post on any social media website.

5. ByWord 2:

ByWord 2Cloud is the most amazing technology introduced recently in data storage industry. The cloud allows the user to store data in an invisible device. This data you can be downloaded anywhere, anytime just with the help of internet. This is now a common medium of storing things, and some writers also use this technology through different complex mediums. But with the ByWord 2, things have become compiled.

The ByWord 2 is a cloud service tool which can help you in making a back-up of all your work. This tool with its clean interface to write and backs up all your work online regardless of which place you are writing which can be easily accessed from anywhere too.

6. Power Thesaurus:

Power ThesaurusAs the name suggests, this powerful tool will free you from searching the synonyms of any word in Google. The Power Thesaurus is a source which can add more variety to your writing. It allows you to adorn your content with new and latest words by finding the synonyms of the cliché words which makes you and your readers tedious.

This tool is a lot different than other famous websites for words synonyms. This is a crowdfunded tool that generates synonyms for a large number of writers. This tool also allows the users to rank the words which is more related to the query word regarding meaning, definition, sentence sense. Plus some other factors too which are important to keep in mind while creating social media postings.

7. Hemingway App:

Hemingway AppAfter using all the tools for grammar checking, synonyms, and plagiarism. It is time to find out the overall quality of your content. For this, the Hemingway App is an incredible platform to scan the content. It analyzes the readability, complication and wordy issues which directly impact on the quality and goals of social media postings.

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The Hemingway App is compatible with almost all the screen size. Just through the mouse over, this app suggest you the words which can help you in reducing the total word count. Therefore, giving you best suited when you have to write the post content for platforms like Tweeter


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