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published on: 16.12.2022 last updated on: 19.10.2023

Along with the rapid development of the economy around the world, more and more companies involved in various industries need a coordinated and constant supply of various goods and cargo.

In this regard, more and more services appear on the market that provides interested parties with a full range of turnkey logistics services and uses only modern automated supply chain management systems.

One such online platform is Cargoflip, which is downloaded as software and provides full tracking of any cargo sent to the recipient, which allows you to get rid of many problems and speed up the receipt of goods by up to 40% compared to outdated technologies.

Basic Benefits Of Top Shipping Software Solutions

Photo smart warehouse management system with innovative internet of things technology

Each owner of a small or medium-sized company dealing with logistics chains for the supply of various cargoes around the world decides to download and operate shipping software.

In order to become the best shipping company in Canada, industries have to consider a few important factors. This offer from the Cargoflip company in question allows consumers to achieve the following results, thanks to the flawless operation of the algorithm:

  • According to statistics and research on the cargo supply market, this platform allows you to process and sort the documentation accompanying each batch of shipped goods 4-5 times faster compared to outdated algorithms, when operators and logisticians entered the necessary information into the database in the form of spreadsheets.
  • All representatives of logistics companies know that extra labor always leads to cost overruns. Thus, for the constant control of cargo by operators, it is required to provide them with jobs, and equipment, and also pay salaries. When installing the modern Cargoflip application, the costs of the counterparty are reduced by up to 85%, which allows them to gain an undeniable competitive advantage.
  • When working with the accompanying documentation, the risks of errors, human factors, corrections, or loss of important information are eliminated, since all data is entered into the system, on external servers, and anyone who has a key with access can familiarize themselves with these materials.
  • Considering that the system is completely autonomous, its algorithm scans the sender’s cargo in real-time. If there is a failure during trekking, the system notifies the operator immediately, which provides up to a 90% increase in container tracking speed, as well as the ability to receive cargo status updates every minute with signal coverage around the world up to 95%.
  • The system works online, using the most powerful servers and processors developed by Cargoflip. This ensures the complete absence of system failures, as well as the ability to receive notifications without delay. Users – representatives of logistics companies or online retailers get a unique opportunity to manage all supply chains for each product, regardless of the direction and number of items, from a single platform.

Thus, this platform brings transport companies to a fundamentally new qualitative level, ensuring that they are ahead of all competitors. This is because managers and logisticians can forever forget about the need for manual typing, followed by printing of accompanying documentation on office equipment in several copies, signatures, and scanning, which takes a lot of time and does not guarantee the safety of these papers when providing long-term international large cargo transportation.

What Does The User Get After Purchasing And Installing The Shipping Software?

Photo smart warehouse management system with innovative internet of things technology

Each user who contacts the developers for the purchase, installation, commissioning and further operation of Shipping Software gets access to the following functions and features:

  • The operator or other authorized person is always aware of all the nuances, problems, and stages of sending goods.
  • The user can instantly when performing just one request, determine the location of a particular container, as well as its legal status at any stage of sending or receiving goods, delays, or the occurrence of an emergency, emergency.
  • The operator will always be able to accurately calculate the time of arrival of the container at the destination, adjust these dates, and also make other changes to the tracking of cargo transportation. The customer also gets access to the tracking of his particular parcel and can get acquainted with its status, and location in real time.
  • A convenient automated platform works through a server, which allows you to control the status of the cargo for all employees of the logistics company responsible for its delivery. If one of the operators or other responsible persons makes a change in the status of sending or receiving cargo or changes the dates of arrival, this information is automatically displayed to all partners, and they can always receive reasons for the delay. The same online service with synchronization of changes in the process of cargo logistics is available to any external partners, provided that they get access.
  • The program allows you to quickly optimize financial transactions, and calculate income and expenditure without compiling complex paper or electronic spreadsheets. The manager can always notify the customer about the need to pay for the stage of services or notify him about the formation of a debt on the account. These notifications work both towards the customer and the company providing the service, which ensures uninterrupted feedback around the world where there is access to the Internet. With this electronic online platform, not a single payment will be missed, as the system automatically records each financial transaction on the current account linked to it.
  • The automated platform always notifies users of every work step. All incoming information is sorted by its age, and content, which is also displayed like notifications.
  • Experts speak of this platform as one of the most promising in the logistics industry, which is especially important for small or medium-sized businesses that do not have enough current assets to include the development of an individual complex cargo delivery accounting system in their business plan.
  • The platform has the most advanced tools that allow you not only to conduct business without errors and loss of profit but also to scale it since the system is based on a decentralized algorithm and eliminates the human factor, which was previously one of the main reasons for the loss of cargo and complaints from end customers.

The Cargo flip platform allows users to download a free demo to quickly explore the interface, explore all the nuances, and tools of the system, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Thus, each owner of a logistics company can decide to purchase a platform only for objective reasons, but, as practice shows, immediately after the demo version, the vast majority of representatives of the logistics industry purchase this software.


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