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Elon Musk Rebrands Twitter Logo With A New “X”




  • Elon Musk has finally killed off the blue bird on the Twitter logo and given it a new “X” logo.
  • Along with your Twitter posts being called “Tweets,” they will now be called “X’s.”
  • This is a part of Elon’s branding process, where the logo of all the firms he owns will have an “X” logo in some format.

It’s official – Elon Musk has finally killed off the Blue Bird in the Twitter logo and replaced it with a more “minimalistic” “X” symbol. As Twitter CEO Lind Yaccaruni says, “Let’s do this!” by announcing the Twitter logo change, netizens were absolutely not cool with the idea. 

Most Twitter users hated this change since the new “X” logo seems a bit too “minimalistic” for an app like Twitter. They compared it unfavorably to the previous Twitter logo – the iconic Blue Bird. 

After having a look at the new Twitter logo, Alan Woodward, a professor of cybersecurity at Surrey University, has this to say – “Companies usually spend large sums of money designing a unique logo to stand out from the crowd, so choosing a standard character that anyone else can use seems very peculiar.”

Even Mike Proulx, Forrester’s research director, had this to say – “By changing Twitter’s app name, Elon Musk will have single handedly wiped out over 15 years of a brand name that has secured its place in our cultural lexicon.”

Elon Musk has said that he is working on developing an “Everything” app, of which Twitter will be a part. This X App will have lots of platforms in it, with Twitter being the first part of it.

Most users see this as the branding process of Elon, where he has decided to create new apps with the “X” in them. This is because he has already created a parent company for all his projects  – X Holding Corp. In addition, Elon has revealed that he is creating a new AI company called xAI. This company will be a subsidiary of Tesla.

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