Uses Of Fractions

Uses Of Fractions In Day-To-Day Life



All of us use fractions in our day to day lives but we are still so unaware of it. Fractions are a part of our mathematics subject which is taught to the students in 6th or 7th grade. The main purpose of teaching fractions to the students is to let them calculate that how many portions they will get | give from a lot. Once you grow up, you go out with your friends for having lunch, for shopping, you will realise that how vital it is to keep your basics clear about dividing fractions.

Fractions are a figure that comes with a numerator and a denominator. You might never be told in your school time that how important fractions are and how often they are used in our everyday life. To be proficient in the field of mathematics one needs to be very handy with fractions.

Consider it as a fundamental base if you are thinking to opt for mathematics as a subject in your higher grades. Someone who has a great and deep understanding of fractions can have a good hold on mathematics. Let us know in detail that how fractions are used in our day to day lives: –

Fractions Are Used When You Go Out For Lunch

Nobody likes to step out for having lunch alone. You need a bunch of friends that you can go out with, going out alone is not so fun while going out with your friends can be a blockbuster day for you. So while ordering food, the portion you will get from the whole lot depends upon the number of friends that you are going out with. You can not have a 14-inch pizza alone, so the slices of the pizza would be divided into portions equivalent to the number of people.

Fractions Are Used While Splitting Bills

Now after your lunch has been over, you would go on giggling about the amount of bill that everyone has to pay from the total amount of bill. Fractions help you out there, you can simply divide the amount of bill by the number of friends that had gone out with you for lunch. In this case, everyone pays for their share equally and no chaos is created as such.

Fractions Are Used While Purchasing Something New

Our parents have at least once promised us in our lives that we will buy you so and so the things just in case you get good marks or if you win something. And sometimes they ask you that they will half of the amount and you are supposed to pay half from your savings. The importance of fractions again comes into existence. You will be able to find out that how much you have to pay and how much your parents have to pay from the total amount only through dividing or multiplying fractions. So, this is how in everyday chores fraction plays an important role.

Fractions Are Used While You Bake Something For Your Family

Supposedly, if you are baking a cake for your family for some occasion. You know that you are not supposed to add a whole lot of wheat, sugar, chocolate to it. There are a certain amount of specific quantities that you have to measure and then use in your cake. For the perfectionist cake to come out, the number of ingredients must be used rightly. Baking, shopping, having lunch, splitting bills, everything revolves around fractions.

So these are the 4 major pointers that will help us to know that how important is the fraction in our day to day lives. Cuemath is one such online centre that educates students from grade 6th about such interesting topics and in a practical format. It is completely dedicated to the mathematics arena and the results that they have created over time, speak for their centre. So just in case, you are looking out for a centre that can polish your mathematical skills, you will be at the right place. 

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