Video Production For Social Enterprises

Video Production For Social Enterprises: What Matters Most

published on: 24.05.2023 last updated on: 10.05.2024

There’s nothing better than an organization with a cause. A social enterprise is an organization that applies social strategies to better improvements in social, environmental, and financial well-being. When video production companies work with these enterprises, they’ll be supporting purposeful organizations that are looking to communicate their story. As such, videos and animations carry an added social and environmental value.

Looking to delve into video production for social enterprises? Here’s how to do it:

Know Your Audience

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of producing social enterprise videos. Take a moment to think of who you’re speaking to and why you want to appeal to them. Who are your key players? What can you say to gain their attention? Put yourself in your audiences’ shoes and give them a reason to care.

Go With Explainer Videos

There are different types of video production services, each serving its own purpose. As a social enterprise is a unique business in its own right, it reserves the right to have the kind of video that explains exactly what the enterprise does and its importance. You know, take the audiences on a journey of sorts. Explainer videos are perfect for the job as they’ll do all this and more. Therefore saving time and reaching its intended audience in the best way possible.

Utilize Stories

There are plenty of opportunities for social enterprises to experiment with videos without having to spend too much. For instance, stories on how the enterprise came together and the causes it’s representing are a great way to connect with the intended audience. When connecting with these stories, the audience is not interested in high production value.

Instead, they are genuinely looking to learn more about the enterprise. When using a reputable Video Production Perth company, or one like it, they will have a way to convey that message across effectively so that people feel more connected to these stories.

Ask Clients

We can pamper our videos in every way that we want; use high-end equipment or hire the best production video companies. But sometimes, the only believable aspects of business are those that come from someone else. Nothing builds trust like a brand testimonial and this is why it’s important to ask your clients to participate in the production process. If they are happy with the work you deliver, they won’t turn down an opportunity to help. They will get on board and show potential clients exactly what they should work with the enterprise.

Encourage Viewers To Take Action

The end goal is not only to watch a social enterprise video, it’s to encourage viewers to take action. After all, you’re looking to increase awareness through attractive visuals. Remain grounded in this by taking time to understand the cause. Spend time with partners and get to know them. Talk to the enterprise’s clients and understand their experience. Know why the enterprise was started and what it stands for. This will give you a better bottom line.

Produce Away!

There you go! All the important elements for a social enterprise video production process! While these tips can be employed in any other form of video production, videos for social enterprises call for specificity so you can be right in the money, no pun intended!

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