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Top Corporate Video Productions to Invest In

published on: 24.03.2022 last updated on: 18.05.2024

Corporate video production is no longer only for the big-wigs. Every business, regardless of its shape, size, and industry can benefit a lot from corporate videos.

The videos, especially in the modern digital media arena, where mobile devices are a favorite and searches, including on social media, take center stage, can’t be emphasized enough. As you strive to expand your reach and build brand awareness, investing in corporate video production can’t take the backseat.

There is a video for virtually anything, but where do you start, and what corporate videos should you invest in? Here is a rundown of the top corporate videos you need to consider to supercharge your business performance.

1. Product videos

1. Product videos

How easily can you explain your products/services? Product videos’ primary focus is not to promote but rather to provide useful information to your target audience. They focus on showcasing your offerings’ features and benefits.

Including examples of how the product works is a creative way to keep the users engaged and provide detailed information. Also, invest in product update videos, keeping the existing customers in the know of the changes you make and how to get the most from the new features.

2. Explainers

Educational videos help consumers make informed decisions. As you help target users address their pain points, it can include how your products fit in, making the process more manageable. Nonetheless, the videos don’t necessarily have to be directly related to your products/services.

They can help ramp up other content, such as your blogs. Explainer videos’ primary objective is to help consumers act based on the knowledge accrued from the information provided. They are great in sections such as FAQs, lowering your customer support workload as the videos are detailed and easy to understand.

3. Onboarding

3. Onboarding

You’ve impressed a customer, and they are in their initial stage of joining your company’s family. How do you welcome them, ensuring they enjoy a frictionless experience?

That’s where onboarding videos come in. They provide the needed support and ensure the customer starts off on the right foot. With the right video, the customer will enjoy a seamless experience. This makes it easier to retain them, enjoy repeat business, and develop a significant loyal base.

4. Testimonials

Testimonials help businesses win trust since people influence others. Video testimonial kicks it a notch higher since they can put a face on other users. The unboxing experience, using the products, and information on how and why the users benefit, can supercharge your quest to win more customers.

5. Social videos

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Social media can direct more users to your business, and it gets better with engaging content. Videos capture more users, and with short and sweet options, you can impress and could even go viral. Go for sharable social videos, leveraging your users to reach more eyes.

6. Training videos

While a focus on the marketing function is the typical use of corporate videos, they are also effective in recruiting and onboarding new talent. Internal training videos, for example, provide new talent with the needed information for an in-depth understanding of your business processes. This saves their time and eliminates the stress that could derail the team’s progress.

Cost-effectiveness, measurable results, enhanced engagements, and a competitive edge are among the top corporate attractive video productions advantages. Corporate videos offer a lot more, making them a worthy investment. The best part is that you don’t need to stress over it, as you can engage professional services to manage the function.

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