What's A Benefit Of Having Multiple Ads In An Ad Group_

What’s A Benefit Of Having Multiple Ads In An Ad Group?

published on: 27.04.2021 last updated on: 07.08.2021

What’s A Benefit Of Having Multiple Ads In An Ad Group?

  • Ads are only eligible to show at the top of the page if there is more than one ad in that ad group
  • Ads are only eligible to show ad extensions if there are more than one ad in that ad group
  • AdWords will automatically match each ad to the keywords it’s most relevant to
  • AdWords will automatically rotate your ads and show the best performing ones more often

Correct Answer – AdWords will automatically rotate your ads and show the best performing ones more often

Having multiple ads in an ad group has multiple benefits. The major one is that Google will automatically rotate your ads and it will show your best-performing ads more often. Which in turn will definitely produce a higher chance of getting genuine clicks and will increase the chances of conversions. 

What Are Ad Groups?

Google ads or PPC are an essential part of any business nowadays and there are great PPC service companies out there like ppcprofessionals.com. In order to create brand recognition, and to sustain that running optimized Google ad campaigns are very much necessary.

When talking about Google ads, ad groups are an integral part of it. An ad group is a group or set of multiple ads that belong to a certain set of similar keywords or niches, etc. These ad groups share a similar kind of targeted audience. 

Every ad group is highly important for any PPC campaign. Creating a good strategy and running a successful ad campaign with a highly efficient set of ad groups can add up a lot to the result. It can bring you more traffic, generate authentic leads at low costs, and create a higher conversion ratio.

To give you a brief structural example of an Ad, let me state it like this. 

  1. Every Google ad campaign consists of several ad groups.
  2. And every ad group further consists of multiple different ads targeting similar keywords or themes.

The Importance Of Ad Groups

Ad groups consist of three major things, keywords, text ads, and landing pages. In simple words, ad groups are a structure that tells an overview of your campaign. 

When search engines start crawling your campaigns, it determines a lot of stuff about them. Like –

  1. Your keywords will serve the search queries.
  2. What your ads will convey to the audiences.
  3. Which is your landing page where your visitors will land on.

So your ad groups have a lot of importance if you want to drive the maximum out of it. You have to create your ad groups in a proper way so that it meets the search purposes of your audiences and delivers you the best results for your business.

As mentioned earlier, an ad group targets a set of keywords or themes. As an example, if you want to run campaigns for a restaurant that serves multiple different dishes, then running a campaign for that would require classifications. 

Here your ad groups can be like “Starter”, “Chinese”, “Dessert”, etc. Each group will contain different keywords. For example, let us take the “ad group: Chinese”. The ads under it focusing on different keywords will be like – chili chicken, fried rice, Kung pao chicken, Peking duck, etc.   

Every ad group should have at least more than 3 ads. Google can determine your best-performing ads automatically and will show them more often to the audiences.

Benefits Of Having Multiple Ads In An Ad Group

You already have understood that when running your Google ad campaign you must have at least one ad group. And ideally, every ad group should have at least more than three ads in it. 

Every ad group can have multiple ads with different keywords but sharing the same target or theme. There are reasons behind doing this and have many benefits as well. Let us take a brief look at that.

1. It Avoids Ad Repetition

When you have multiple ads in your ad groups, it is good that you have a chance of rotating your ads. It increases the chances of conversions. If your audience was not converted for the first time with a specific ad, then that same ad won’t work again to that same person, so repetition of ads is very effective in that matter.

2. You Have Testing Options

You never know or never can predict how your campaign will go, or which ad will perform the best. But when you have multiple ads in your campaign you can easily test and find the best one out.

3. Multiple Keyword Targets

Each ad group contains a number of ads. And each ad contains similar but different keywords with the same target as a whole. So all of the keywords are close to each other in terms of relativity. So your ad can be visible to audiences with multiple keyword searches. 

Conclusion –

When you have multiple ads in your ad groups, Google will automatically rotate the ads and show the best-performing ads more often. This is one of the major benefits of having more than one ad in a Google ad group.

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