Why Are My AirPods Flashing Orange?



The flashing light in your AirPods is known as the indicator light and is meant to communicate a range of problems or warnings to you, depending on its color. While some of these are just functional alerts that let you know what the AirPods are currently doing, orange can be quite an important color for the system to display.

When your AirPods begin to flash orange, there has usually been a pairing error that requires your attention. But how do you fix your AirPods once you encounter this issue?

What Does Orange Mean?

An orange light tends to mean that there are some connection issues preventing the AirPods from working correctly – usually because they can’t pair to your chosen device. If your AirPods are not functioning and they are flashing orange, then they are not actually connected to anything and can’t play audio.

This could be a serious fault or a tiny user error, but you will only know by investigating the problem further. The sooner you can re-connect the AirPods, the sooner you can get back to using them on a regular basis.

Starting your Device

Sometimes restarting your phone (or other music-playing devices) is the best way to ensure that your AirPods work as intended. These connections can be easily solved by simply restarting the device and seeing if it re-connects or if the issue preventing the connection is cleared out.

This does not always have to be the entire device, either. In some cases, restarting the program or app playing the audio can be enough for it to properly connect. Even if it does not, it is worth trying this to narrow down the potential causes of the problem.

Changing App Settings

Some apps and programs allow you to choose the audio output device, regardless of what the default would be. Going into that program’s relevant settings and changing the output device to your AirPods is a quick and easy process that will resolve this problem.

Of course, in some cases, this happens because the AirPods can’t recognize that there is something connected to the device. If this happens, then you might need to take more direct measures since the two are not even digitally “aware” of one another.

Charging Your AirPods

If your AirPods are flashing orange, there is a chance that they are simply not charged enough to function properly. All existing AirPod generations and variants use this orange light as a charge warning, so charging them up can be the easy way to fix the problem.

Like all digital Apple accessories, replacing the AirPod with its charging dock allows you to leave it for a while so that it can charge up. While most AirPods will last for at least five or six hours on a full charge, it is easy to forget how quickly this can drain, leading to unexpected orange lights.

If all else fails and the problem still persists, consider factory resetting your AirPods. Each variant requires different steps to do this, but resetting, updating, and physically cleaning are the three main steps to fixing Airpods. If they still do not work after that, it is likely that your AirPods accessories are broken.

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