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Tips To Write Coursework Related To Social Networks Impact



It is not an exaggeration to say that it’s impossible to imagine our lives without social media. The icons on our smartphones have become an inevitable part of our daily routine.

Writing an academic paper on the impact of social media can be challenging despite it being an easy topic to discuss with friends. Many students get overwhelmed facing such a complex assignment as coursework. However, the task is not as daunting when you have a detailed algorithm and know what to do. 

You will find all the necessary information on writing coursework on the impact of social media networks in this article. One of the hacks you can consider using when you are unsure what to write and how to structure it is turning to a reliable writing company like https://essayshark.com/ or others.

You can hire an assistant there and get helpful guidelines. If you are full of enthusiasm to follow all the steps of the writing process on your own, here are some practical recommendations.

First Things First

Even though you can get creative while writing coursework, there are some crucial classic points you can’t ignore.

Narrow your focus

Social media is broad, so choose a specific angle like political polarization, mental health effects, misinformation spread, or impact on particular demographics. Writing about everything at once will not help you succeed.

Work on your thesis statement

Clearly state your central argument about the impact of social media in your chosen area. Remember that you will need to refer to this main argument throughout your paper.

Maintain a clear structure

Carefully think about your coursework’s organization. It should have an introduction, literature review, methodology, analysis, discussion, and conclusion.

Use the proper academic citation

Follow your course’s referencing style guide to cite sources accurately. Otherwise, your paper is at risk of containing plagiarized content.

Polish your coursework meticulously

Ensure your work is free of all kinds of mistakes and formatting inconsistencies.

In-Depth Research Is a Deal-Breaker

Writing without mistakes is not enough to score high on coursework. You need to dive deep into the research study to turn an average project into an insightful and engaging paper. Use credible academic sources, scholarly articles, and data-driven reports to support your arguments. Here are some more tips on this stage of the process.

Include different perspectives

Consider both positive and negative impacts, acknowledging different viewpoints and research findings. Remember, you are not writing an argumentative paper where you need to pick a side.

Use case studies and examples

Illustrate your points with real-world examples, case studies, and personal anecdotes to engage your reader. You can also back up your claims with accurate data and statistics from reliable sources.

Stay up-to-date

Consider including recent trends to show your critical awareness of the discussed topic. You can also consider analyzing recent failed or successful cases to boost the engagement and relevance of your paper.

Propose solutions and potential remedies

Don’t just analyze the problems. Suggest proactive solutions to decrease the negative impacts and leverage the positive potential of social media.

Strong Argumentation Is the Key

Strong Argumentation

Without a doubt, writing that “this particular social media network is harmful to youngsters” does not sound convincing. You need specific cases to support your statements. 

Employ strong arguments

Analyze your findings critically, draw reasoned conclusions, and connect them back to your thesis statement. When analyzing data or user behavior, address potential ethical issues and privacy concerns.

Avoid oversimplification

Acknowledge the complexities and nuances of social media’s impact. Again, you can highlight the negative side of a particular network and include the positive ones as leverage.

Anticipate counterarguments

Consider potential arguments that challenge your thesis, and respond to them logically and respectfully. Mentioning the counterarguments is a demonstration of your in-depth analysis and exceptional expertise.

Make Your Coursework Unique

Some students struggle to cope with this task because there are dozens of coursework papers on similar topics. What else can you add to the discussion table? Nonetheless, you have a unique viewpoint. Here are some tips on making it shine through in your paper.

Consider the platform’s specific features

Analyze how platform design elements and algorithms influence user behavior and contribute to the overall impact. What must users do to maintain their social media presence and interactions?

Investigate social media and real-world events

Examine how social media has shaped or been shaped by events like historical movements, protests, or political campaigns. It is an especially interesting point to explore for platforms that emerged during some major historical events.

Look at the intersection of social media and identity

Explore how social media affects personal identity formation, self-esteem, and social belonging. After all, there are new generations that have not experienced what life was like without social media networks. In what way is this generation different from the one that started using the apps after their 20s, 30s, etc?

Deconstruct the phenomenon of “influencer culture”

Analyze the impact of influencers on marketing, consumer behavior, and unrealistic beauty standards. What integration strategies do companies implement when collaborating with influencers?

Look from a Fresh, Non-Trivial Perspective

A fresh perspective on well-known information can make your coursework stand out. Here’s what you can do to reach this goal.

Go beyond the obvious

Consider delving into the impact of lesser-known social media networks to highlight your extensive knowledge. While your peers may concentrate on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, you can analyze emerging networks that not every person can join (only those with invitations). 

Analyze the economic impact of social media 

Research how social media platforms generate revenue, impact traditional media, and influence advertising trends. What power do they have nowadays? 

Discuss activism and social movements

Examine how social media empowers marginalized voices, facilitates awareness campaigns, and mobilizes communities. Is it possible to be heard without having millions of followers?

Evaluate the potential for addiction and compulsive behavior

Discuss the psychological aspects of social media use, exploring mechanisms that can lead to unhealthy dependencies. Do they help to reduce anxiety, or do they bring even more stress to people’s lives? You can also pay attention to the possible social media addiction of children and teenagers. You will definitely find many interesting aspects to discuss on this point.

Summing Up

The fact that social media networks exist means that someone needs them, no matter how harmful and even cruel they can sometimes seem. The goal of dedicating coursework to investigating their influence on people and businesses is to present an objective overview.

Rely on reputable sources of information to support your claims and include all of them in the bibliography page. As you can see, there are plenty of angles from which to look at this phenomenon. Choose those that resonate with you, and you will create a masterpiece.

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