X Posts Corrected By Community Notes Ruled Out For Revenue Share

X Posts Corrected By Community Notes Will Not Be Eligible For Revenue Share: A Positive Or Negative Move?

Elon Musk has come up with another change in the “ad revenue share program” for creators on X. The new announcement says that X posts corrected by community notes will not be eligible for revenue share anymore. According to him, this new step will keep the creators away from creating and sharing sensationalized, fake, and divisive reports on the platform.

Conceptually, it’s a great move, considering how the European Union has put the platform under the radar owing to the spread of fake reports and content on the Israel and Palestine conflict. However, there are doubts regarding how effective the new change will be and what positive changes it will bring to the platform.

The ad revenue share scheme of X allows premium subscribers of the platform to earn moolah from the posts. They get a part of the ad revenue that the platform earns from the ads in the reply stream of the post. However, only the ads visible to other premium subscribers of the platform are considered under the ad revenue structure stream.

Now, only a slender portion of the X users fall under this category of premium subscribers. The good thing is that most of them are aligned with the views shared by Elon Musk. So, the smartest way to earn revenues from their posts is to create and share reports on relevant topics or the ones shared by Elon Musk himself.

In simple words, if Elon Musk announces something important, his supporters will pay attention to the topic, and there will be more replies if you create any post on that particular issue. For example, Musk’s “Iran Wants War” post started garnering a massive flow of likes and comments on the platform.

However, the main concern regarding the new change in the ad revenue share structure is the vagueness. A note may get approved and then voted down by community notes. It’s not clear how the new policy will work then.

The lack of clarity ceases to go away despite Musk’s announcement, “any attempts to weaponize @CommunityNotes to demonetize people will be immediately obvious, because all code and data is open source.”

In addition, there are concerns regarding the manipulation of the community notes, which can be used as powerful tools by propagandists and various groups. The community notes also can now be the new tools for coordinated attacks. 

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