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Let’s say you’ve invested a lot of time and money in creating a mobile app and made sure it works great. The next step is to offer the application to channel visitors. But how to promote a mobile app? How to make it so that the number of downloads grows? According to the experts of the most reliable Telegram ad platform, the use of advertise on Telegram strategies is one of the most proven and effective options.

If you are interested in Telegram advertising of your application, carefully study several strategies below to create effective Telegram ads and get more downloads.

6 Effective Advertise on Telegram Strategies

Here are 6 strategies to help you advertise on Telegram successfully:

  1. Targeting existing clients. The Telegram advertising platform professionals indicate that some applications represent a whole business. For example, Candy Crush. Other mobile apps are designated to provide additional services or customer convenience. For example, banking applications allow making a money transfer from card to card or paying for services. It is, of course, very convenient. Therefore, if the functionality of your application expands the site’s capabilities, its promotion should start by targeting existing customers. Use custom audiences to serve ads to customers who have purchased your product in the last 30-90 days;
  2. Similar audiences targeting to attract cold customers. According to, it is the safest solution if you’re trying to reach an audience that isn’t already familiar with the brand. This approach will allow you to get users similar to your custom audience;
  3. Allocation of audience segments based on the devices used. Do you want to increase the number of downloads of the application? Thus, divide audiences into segments when launching advertising on Telegram. This will ensure that the download page for the app is shown to the right users based on the device they are using;
  4. Visual demonstration of the benefits of the application in the announcement. It is recommended not to use template images in your ad. For example, a photo of a person holding a mobile phone. Go beyond. Show the strengths of your application, its benefits. Users want to see the interface and functionality of the application. They want to know what they paid money for and how it will help them in life;
  5. Choosing the right call to action. Selecting an excellent call to action (“Download,” “Learn more,” “Register,” etc.) can be a critical factor in the success of your ad. The experts of the Telegram ads platform state that a wrongly chosen call to action reduces an advertisement’s effectiveness by 2.5 times. Choosing the right call to action improves ad performance;
  6. Referral programs. Use an already engaged audience for this. These users are more likely to recommend the app to their friends.

So, advertise your application on Telegram using the strategies described above and get benefits. If you have any problems with advertising, contact the platform and get effective help.

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