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What Are AdWords Script, And Why Do You Need Them?

The term ‘scripts’ can conjure up various images of complicated programming tasks, but you do not need to be a professional to streamline these sections of your specific Adwords campaigns. Scripts may sound to be scary for people who may not be programmers or have no knowledge about writing on java scripts. Even if you have just started to dip your feet in the waters, you can get access to some amazing free Adwords in the market and any account manager may copy and paste, slightly tweak, and begin to apply them in their accounts right away. You are not expected to have any coding experience to achieve this objective.

Adwords scripts are a simple method to automate commonly performed activities; thereby, taking better control of the pay-per-click or PPC marketing strategies.  If you want to dive in and try automation, below are five Adword tasks that are simple to automate. You will discover that you don’t need any experience whatsoever to be able to use some of these applications.

How Do I Set Up an Adwords Script?

The first step to working with Adwords is to set up your account for the scripts. You need to have a clear understanding of this step because it lays the foundation of the whole process.  You will need to alter certain settings in the account, and guidelines on how to make these changes can be found here.  When the account is correctly configured, test the setup using the following simple scripts. The most important thing is to get everything right from the onset.

1.  Pause Keywords that have zero Impressions:


It is common for people to use keywords in a marketing campaign that do not generate any impressions.  Using this script, you are able to set the keywords to be either paused or deleted at set intervals (for example, quarterly or monthly).  You can choose the best interval depending on your unique needs. This is a simple script, to begin with, and you will find all the code you require in the link below. You can take advantage of this first step and follow the provided guidelines to pause keywords with zero impressions. There is no need to stick to keywords that don’t add any value to your campaigns.

According to an, it företag i Stockholm, it is important to note that if something is not working, it is best to avoid draining resources into the same. Many people make the mistake of continuing with campaigns even when they are not delivering results. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration to guarantee effective results from scripts.

2.  Account Summary Report : 


The account summary report script will help generate a complete overview of the Adwords account in a Google Sheet format.  This sheet will contain data, such as clicks, impressions, cost-per-click (CPC), and the site’s average position; thereby, making it a significant resource for tracking the effectiveness of PPC campaigns. All this information is critical to your SEO campaigns. These report summaries will help you to know how your campaigns are performing and take the necessary corrective actions where there is a need.

3.  Automatically Finding Broken URLs:  


link-building-methods-still-workImage source:

Certain websites, particularly e-commerce websites using frequently updated pages, will have tons of URLs that must be tracked. You may discover that your URLs stopped working a long time ago if you are not careful. In fact, as the websites continue to add pages and take old ones down, the tracking can become tricky; furthermore, keeping all the URLs in good shape can become challenging. You must make sure that your URLs are working properly all-day long.

The script can identify all broken URLs ensuring that you can have them repaired quickly, seamlessly allowing you to continue with your Adwords marketing campaigns posted on the website. Therefore, you will not have instances where your URLs are sending error reports to your visitors. This is one of the worst experiences to give to your visitors especially if they have an interest in your products. You can lose several potential clients since you are unable to track your links.

4.  Account Monthly Budget Pause :


Using this script from AdHawk, it is possible to automatically pause an Adwords campaign when the budget has been reached. This can be an excellent feature when you are operating on a regulated budget. Just pose your budget when you reach the target that you had set. All you need to do is set the ‘monthly budget’ section of the script, scheduling the script to run each hour.  The process is as simple as this and you don’t require any additional advice to implement it. Once the monthly budget is exceeded, the script will pause all active campaigns on the site. You can use this feature if you think that you need more regulation for your budget.

5. Weather-Based Campaign Management :

This type of script can automatically increase bids when specific weather events happen.  For example, if you run an ice-cream store, you can develop a script to increase bids when the weather is warm outside.  Remembering to perform this function manually is not an effective use of one’s time, and you may forget; however, if you have an automated script you will not need to worry about it. The truth of the matter is that the demand for some items is weather-specific. Automation is the best way to go so that technology takes care of everything as you continue to handle other important matters for your business.

What Other Adwords Scripts Can I Try?

 When you begin learning about scripts, the options for additional automation are endless.  If you want to set up more scripts to make your efforts simpler, then take a look at PPCnerd’s Adwords Scripts. You will discover that there is so much that you can do with these applications.


Adwords Scripts can be a great addition to scale your business and we hope this piece helped you to make a decision to use them. The most important thing is to understand your business needs. From here, you will determine the kind of Adword scripts that will work well for you. You can use them to pause keywords that have zero impressions, generate account summary reports, automatically discover broken links, pause account monthly budget and do weather-based campaign management among other applications that are not included in this content.

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