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An Introduction Into The World Of Blue Collar Recruitment Marketing

published on: 01.03.2023 last updated on: 02.03.2023

As previous generations continue to retire from their workplaces, young adults are being employed. However, young adults are more drawn to white-collar jobs. Due to this, fewer people are actively seeking blue-collar jobs. The transition, along with multiple other factors in the new era of the workforce, makes recruiting for blue-collar jobs an uphill task.

Blue-collar jobs are now a tight labor market, and job seekers are looking at career opportunities as a consumer would when making a purchase; they are shopping. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a refined recruitment marketing strategy and procedure at your company to get the best from the task force.

So, what is recruitment marketing?

What Is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing is the process of communicating and building an organization’s employee value proposition and employer’s brand, in general, to attract and hire the top talent in the labor market.

Blue-collar recruitment marketing involves a combination of tools and strategies to entice blue-collar job candidates in the pre-application phase of recruiting. It promotes the value of working for the recruiting organization. Many candidates are also passive and not actively trying to get a job. The information they find about your company influences their decision to apply for jobs or accept a position.

The role of a recruitment marketer is to complement your recruiters by curating and conveying’ your brand’s story alongside the assigned description. An effective recruitment marketing audit helps you increase your brand’s awareness, attracts more qualified talent pools, quicker hires, and an overall improved candidate experience.

Blue Collar Recruitment Marketing Tips

To understand what recruitment marketing is and how to make the best of it, you need to comprehend the difference between blue-collar and white-collar job seekers.

Blue Collar Vs. White-Collar Recruitment

Blue-collar jobs are working-class jobs, paid hourly, and usually involve manual labor. Many blue-collar workers today can command higher salaries and better working environments because they are educated and highly skilled.

White-collar jobs are typically performed in offices and are paid weekly or monthly. The jobs are often performed in formal or work-from-home settings involving desk, administrative, clerical, or managerial work.

Recruiting for the two types of jobs should be approached differently, for instance:

  • More often than not, you’ll need to reach large volumes of blue-collar jobs at once. However, white-collar job positions are done through little research and networking, and you often won’t want to reach a large volume of applicants.
  • The brand story when recruiting blue-collar workers should address the negative stereotypes about their jobs, such as having no room for advancement and being low paying, by presenting openings in a positive light. On the other hand, white-collar potentials would be more inspired by a unique opportunity, particular missions, the work environment, and who they will work with.

The primary differences are not majorly on the marketing channels but on your recruitment marketing content.

Tips On Blue Collar Recruitment Marketing Strategies

To use this strategy better, you need to understand what works best in the industry. Here are some tips for blue-collar recruitment marketing.

Implement Organic And Paid Advertising

What is recruitment marketing or any form of marketing in today’s digital age without social media? Identify all the social media platforms your target blue-collar candidates regularly use. For instance, Gen X and millennial candidates may be found on Instagram more often, while LinkedIn may cut across all groups. Some industries may also find Slack better suited to meet their potential candidates.

Once identified, use organic advertising through free postings and paid adverts on these platforms to meet your potentials where they are.

Explore The Potential Of Company Owned Channels

The organization’s blog, website, career page, newsletter, and YouTube channel are all great avenues to market your brand and spark interest in candidates. Make timely content using trending issues and use them to highlight the benefits of working with your organization in light of those circumstances.

Newsletters And Email Engagement

Re-think your newsletter content and use your email to share engaging content. Include job offers that will make job searchers take action. Design the content to promote conversation beyond just viewing the job opening. Consider offering tips about working in your industry. The more valuable the content you create, the longer you’ll have a potential candidate’s attention.

Repurpose Your Content

Repurposing your content is one of the best ways to maximize the impact of your marketing content and minimize the expenses of creating it. Repurpose your content across your multiple marketing channels.

For instance, you can use content developed for your blog in webinars, podcasts, newsletters, and videos. Content uniformity across channels also increases the brand presence and trust with the candidate interacting with your content.

Make A Plan

You need to have the plan to reap the most out of your blue-collar recruitment marketing. What is recruitment marketing, and why is your company doing it? Set clear goals, define the roles, and establish who your target candidates are. Next, identify the necessary recruitment channels, allocate resources and create a content calendar.

Hire A Recruitment Marketing Agency

While all the above plans are doable, they require specialized skills to achieve the most out of the process. A blue-collar recruitment marketing agency will create a blueprint for you to curate, build, and showcase your brand as an employer and improve brand awareness.

After allocating a budget to talent acquisition, recruitment marketing is how you get the most out of each dollar spent. Hire an agency to help your human resource team connect with all the digital channels that their prospective candidates are actively using.

The recruiting marketing agency will help you achieve maximum visibility on your blue-collar job listings. They will help you discover the best technologies and strategies necessary for your industry and company to meet ideal candidates online and with the right brand message at the most suitable time.

Process Of Blue Collar Recruitment Marketing

When you hire a blue-collar recruitment marketing agency, they’ll typically take you through the following procedures.

  • Employer branding: The first stage will involve redefining your company’s brand. It defines and communicates your company’s culture and value proposition to potential blue-collar candidates.
  • Inbound recruiting: The next stage will be creating engaging and informative content to attract potential candidates to your opportunities.
  • Segmenting audiences: The recruitment marketing agency will identify and segment the potential blue-collar candidates based on your vacant positions. The content marketing and advertising strategies are then tailored to meet the needs of these specific groups of potential applicants.
  • Recruiting on social media: Social media is a powerful tool for amplifying your brand’s messages. A recruiting agency will use social media to communicate your brand image and vacant position to qualified candidates.
  • Candidate engagement: After meeting potential candidates online, interesting them with your value proposition and catching their attention, a blue-collar recruitment marketing agency keeps them engaged. Some standard methods are email campaigns, newsletters with career opportunities, timely and regularly updated blue-collar job openings and timely feedback throughout a candidate’s journey.
  • Analytics: The recruitment analytics stage involves measuring and tracking data. It’s checking the primary sources of applicants, their conversion rates, hire rates per source, the performance of referral programs and the like. The data collected helps the recruitment marketing agency know which strategies were the most successful, which need improvement, and the best online platforms.

Benefits Of Blue Collar Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is focused on the initial stages of the hiring process with a primary goal of driving potential candidates further in the talent pipeline. Recruitment marketing creates awareness, sparks interest, and inspires prospective candidates to take the next step and pursue your company’s job vacancies. Here are some of the benefits of blue-collar recruitment marketing.

Build Trust In Your Brand

Today’s blue-collar candidates are increasingly selective. Their considerations go beyond money when deciding where to work. They weigh on matters such as an organization’s values and culture.

Recruitment marketing enables you to relay such vital aspects of your company. When they think about whether to accept an offer, your culture and values aligning with their beliefs should be a no-brainer.

Reach More Candidates

As discussed earlier, finding the best talent pool for your blue-collar vacancies will require you to reach a large volume of potential candidates. Therefore, you must rely on more than just some job boards and a post on your website.

You’ll need to actively promote the openings where the best candidates spend time, like specific social media channels. Recruitment marketing will help you determine which platforms these are and where to focus on to expand the talent pool reached.

Convert Potential Candidates Into Applicants

With the tight nature of the blue-collar job market, your potential candidates are just browsing opportunities and shopping. It will take multiple touchpoints to get the best candidate to decide to pursue a position with you.

Recruitment marketing engages candidates through various touchpoints, which converts them into applicants.

Reach And Hire The Top Blue Collar Candidates

Technology, among other factors, has changed how blue-collar employees make their career moves. Top-quality candidates are researching their employers. Employers need to act like marketers and leverage multiple channels and strategies to sell their brand and vacancies.

Recruitment marketing ensures potential candidates have many resources to learn about your company’s vacancies. Boost your human resource team by seeking the services of a blue-collar marketing agency to ensure that you only get the most skilled and qualified candidates applying for your vacancies.


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