Boost Your eCommerce Customer Experience

6 Tips and Tricks to Boost Your eCommerce Customer Experience



The customer experience (CX) encompasses every touchpoint customers have with your brand. It includes marketing, your team’s interactions with customers, the design of your eCommerce website, and the delivery and use of products or services.

Providing a superb customer experience helps buyers form a positive perception of your brand, encourages them to return and buy again, and recommend your business to others. So no wonder improving CX is a top priority for businesses across the globe.

This article will discuss the critical tips and tricks you need to implement to improve your eCommerce customer experience.

#1  Fascinate customers with an exceptional customer experience management

To keep up with savvy shoppers who demand exceptional experiences, it is imperative that behind your interactions with them, you have the support of an outstanding customer experience management (CXM) system.

These solutions aim to gather and analyze direct and indirect sources of customer feedback, allowing you to identify trends and develop strategies to improve customer experience. Once equipped with a holistic CXM solution, you will be able to manage, monitor, and optimize millions of customer experiences and put your customers’ demands into action. More importantly, you will plan your business strategies better and deliver positive business outcomes.

#2 Maintain exemplary customer service

It is undeniable that things can not always work perfectly for every customer. And it is precisely then, when things do not work, that excellent customer service becomes the essential tool to rescue and protect CX. There are numerous ways to build a relationship with customers and provide them with a friendly and helpful environment:

  • Live chat is a fantastic option for not very time-sensitive requests, and for customers who prefer to talk with an actual human;
  • Chatbots can answer many commonly asked customer questions and provide 24/7 customer support;
  • Building a solid knowledge base can help customers find the answers they’re looking for by themselves;
  • Train your customer service agents to understand the problems customers commonly face and access the information required to help customers with their queries.

#3 Personalize the shopping experience

Personalization is a critical element in the eCommerce customer experience because it allows brands to provide that personal touch similar to an in-store experience. In addition, it enables online stores to increase conversions by offering tailored discounts and product recommendations.

Simply put, through personalization, customers feel seen. So what tactics can help you achieve that? The most popular personalization tactics used for better CX include displaying previously viewed items, tailored product recommendations, birthday discount codes, loyalty programs, and more.

#4 Improve your social media presence

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, allow eCommerce brands to project their unique voice and connect with customers through self-expression and discussion. Precisely that is what makes social media such a significant aspect of creating a superb customer experience.

With that in mind, make sure you share interesting and relevant content, provide advertisements and discounts, display news about your business, respond to feedback, and engage with customers. This way, you will have a chance to get to know your customers, create brand loyalty, obtain honest and actionable feedback, and showcase the human side of your business.

#5 Have a functional and reliable website

Website crashes are a worst-case scenario for any online business. In the short term, they impact sales, as customers can not make the desired purchases. And on the long run, they constitute a significant threat to customer experience. According to a PwC report, 77% of consumers leave a website without buying anything if they encounter an error, and 65% trust a business less when they experience a problem.

What this essentially implies is that, when a customer is trying to shop and discovers that your website is not functioning properly, they will look for that item somewhere else – most likely at one of your competitors. For this reason, having a functional and reliable online website is simply a must.

#6 Develop a poignant content strategy

The purpose of content marketing is to help your buyers solve their biggest problems. That is why a good content strategy is crucial in determining what to say and when to say it, securing a good ROI for your store.

Furthermore, as every step of the customer experience is important, your content strategy must sustain attention and create a feel-good factor. A good idea to achieve that is by incorporating infographics, blog posts, interviews, and videos related to the products or services you sell. For example, if you run an eCommerce store focused on apparel, you can create content that gives style advice, fashion trends, or tips on how to combine different pieces of clothes.

The bottom line

Customers are no longer only satisfied with an excellent product offering. As they are more informed and acutely aware of the competition, the quality of your products is no longer enough. How you treat them and how easy it is to buy from you becomes a decisive factor in whether they will purchase from you.

So, to stay ahead of the game, you need a unique offering that sets you apart. Providing a stellar customer experience through your eCommerce store is a surefire way to help you achieve just that.

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