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An Advanced Guide to Content Creation Tools on Social Media



One of the best platforms to market your content is social media. However, you cannot implement your social media content strategy successfully unless you use the right content creation tools. Your content has to stand out from what your competitors offer if you want to stand out.

One of the differentiating factors that will make your content to stand out is visuals. Everyone on social media will want to see images and videos in your content. Therefore, make sure that these elements are part of your social media strategy.

The Changing Face of Social Media Content Creation Tools:

In this section, we are going to look at some of the defining elements of social media marketing. You cannot do things your way and expect to succeed. The current trends in the market should define that steps that you take.

The world has more than 2.5 billion cameras that are in use. As a result, visual content is more available, affordable, and accessible than ever before. If you don’t include them in your social media strategy, your competitors will do so and you stand to lose a lot.

According to the findings by Cisco, 82 percent of the IP traffic will consist of video by the year 2021. It is good to impress this early enough so that you don’t remain behind. Besides, image content allows brands to increase their traffic in the market by increasing the number of subscription users to 329 percent.

Hootsuite reports the effect of one piece of visual content is equal to 60,000 words. Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business offers a Symbolic Systems Program that reinforces the effect of visual content in this technology-driven digital era.

Therefore, you have to make sure that visuals are part of your social media strategy while choosing content creation tools.

Why You Need Content Creation Tools That Support Visuals:

According to recent research, the human mind processes visual content within 0.10 of a second. As a result, it allows brands to send across its brand philosophy to users within small timelines and in most cases at a glance.

The visual content enables companies to showcase their primary differentiators in a seamless way. You can use it to re-define personal selling like never before on your social media platforms.

Brands that take advantage of social media for their content marketing report high levels of user engagement and conversion rates. Buzzsumo reports that Facebook the engagement of Facebook posts that have images is 2.3 times more than text-only posts.

Besides, Dropbox improves its brand image significantly by investing heavily in video content. You can achieve this objective by using the most appropriate social media content creation tool. The type of tool that you use depends on the type of content you wish to develop.

Features of a Good Social Media Content Creation Tool:

Content Creation

The market has several content creation tools that you can use to create your social media content. The most important thing is to choose the one that will give you the best visual effect. As a result, you need to explore the performance parameters, functionality, and features of each tool to get the one that will give you the best design.

The other things that you need to look at when choosing a social media content creation tool include its integration with the other social media apps, pricing, ease of use, and content prototype spectrum that these design tool can create. Some of them include scattering diagrams, bar charts, pie charts, and infographics among others.

In summary, you need a tool that will help you create any type of text or visual content. Here are some of the parameters that you can use to assess the most appropriate content creation tools for your social media strategy.

Make sure you are getting the best social media content creation tools for marketing. In the next section, we will be looking at examples of content creation tools that you can get in the market. It is good to understand the features of each of them if you want to make an informed decision.

1. Bannersnack:


Bannersnack comes top on our list of the best content creation tools for social media strategy. Most social media professionals are using this tool in their daily activities.

One feature of this tool is that it is an al-driven online driven banner generator. It has an artificial-driven online banner generator to allow the user to edit multiple advertisements banners hence reducing the turnaround time significantly and augment the ease of creating a banner within a few clicks.

Bannersnack has a broad range of banner templates that you can choose from while using the interface. These banners come in various sizes like scalable versions and miniature ones.

The can use these templates to design your content from scratch. You will have a broad range of static and animated banners themes to help you build your own banner the way you wish. It has inbuilt standardized themes and supports complete design customization.

Besides, you can embed or export your banners to any display advertisement platform. Therefore, you can use it to create online advertising banners of any dimension that the major advertisement publishing platforms like ReTargeter, AdRoll, Display Network, and Google Ads accept.

In this system, you will find 32 ready-made preset animations for quick results. You can use these themes to customize and create animations in HTML 5 using an intuitive virtual interface.

With Bannersnack, you can create banners is over 20 sizes at the same time. Therefore, it augments speed and productivity and reduces turnaround time.

Multiple users can also collaborate while designing a particular project in Bannersnack. It has useful features for co-creation and collaboration of online ad banner copies.

Bannersnack has several pricing packages for teams and individuals. You can choose any of the subscriptions depending on your needs and budget.

2. Venngage:


Venngage comes second on our list of top content creation tools for your social media strategy. The tools offer hundreds of maps, charts, and icons for creating infographics for excellent data visualization. The banner works perfectly for anyone who wants to create infographics for his social media strategy.

With Venngage, you will be able to choose a perfect data visualization. It has several options for creating infographics.

Some of the statistical representations that this system creates include summary stats, multi-series charts, stacked bubble charts, bubble charts, scatter plot charts, multi-column bar charts, bar charts, pie charts, area line charts, smooth line charts, and line charts among others.

Venngage has customizable themes and infographics templates. It has hundreds of art themes and templates and they keep on adding new ones to their portfolio every week.

The platform also has an easy to use drag and drop interface. With this feature, the user can pull widgets directly to their canvas, group, and lock widgets together into places and customize the size of the widget, orientation, and color-coding.

It has a free-form design canvas that makes it convenient for non-tech people to use and operate. It was supremely easy navigation to allow users to maneuver across diverse pictures, icons, art themes, objects, and fonts.

The design of this tool has a free-form design canvas for moving objects around with no restrictions. It offers one of the best seamless user experiences for developing a perfect social media strategy.

With Venngage, you can share your content on social media seamlessly. Most content creators, graphic designers, and digital marketers desire to share their content on various social media platforms for publicity. This tool is the best for this purpose and it comes at very affordable pricing.

3. Visme:


This content creation tool for developing social media strategy is popular among marketing professionals and graphic designers. Visme offers a broad range of functionalities, features, and benefits to the end-user.

It is easy to use Visme to create banners because navigating through the user interface is easy. It has hundreds of templates that users can choose from. Besides, Visme has inbuilt icons and images with free high-quality images that you use to create custom fonts and graphics for your text content.

The simple resizing option will help you to create unified banners. It offers one of the richest customization features for your social media strategy. You can use it to create unified banners with a broad range of resizing options for digital creative and web arts and this won’t affect your pixel clarity.

Visme will help you to create web graphics of different sizes with a lot of ease. It does not matter whether you need large banners or small ones in the cover or background sections of your social media page. The rich scale diversity that this tool offers makes it rank highly.

You can use your own fonts and graphics to customize this banner. Visme is among the most popular content creation tools for social media. It has hundreds of templates for all the major social media channels like LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook among others.

It has custom features that you can choose from blog and advertisement to all sizes of social media graphics. It has a three-tier pricing subscription plan and you can choose any of them depending on your needs.

4. Fotor:


Fotor also works well when developing your social media strategy for campaigns. It has a diverse and wide range of templates that you can use to create your content. Fotor has a diverse multi-purpose functionality that embraces both onsite and online business ecosystems.

This online content creation tool has a broad range of portfolio templates. You can use them to create digital banners and web graphics for your certificates, letterheads, postcards, mobile wallpapers, tickets, thumbnails, business cards, invitation cards, flyers, banners, emails, and social media platforms.

It offers multiple features for background, photomontage, and graphic design. The system allows you to save your work in progress and retrieve your last work to continue working. It supports a large number of formats include PDF, PNG, and JPG.

It has several basic editing features to use on your advertisement banner copies. You can resize, crop, or straighten your web graphics with a lot of ease. The user interface is easy to use and supports a seamless integration.

Fotor also has al-driven visuals effects. You can upgrade to the premium content that is free of restrictions and has no watermarks. This option also has a massive cloud installed memory and big-sized canvas. You can download your complete images in various formats such as PDF.

The other feature that makes Fotor unique is multi-lingual collaboration. Some of the international languages it covers include Japanese, Simplifies Chinese, Traditional, French, Russian, German, and Portuguese. Thus, it becomes easy for cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic teams to collaborate while working on a project. It has two subscription plans and you can choose the one you feel is best for you.

5. My Banner Maker:

My Banner Maker

The last product on this list of content creation tools for your social media that we will look at is My Banner Maker. The online tool is easy to use and does not require a high level of technical know-how. The technology, professional collaboration, and professional turnkey assistance that this tool offers make it stand out.

It is one of the best content creation tools for YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. It offers great functionalities and features for social media content.

The tool will help you to create various sizes of banner advertisements. Even though it is a free content creation tool, it has awesome custom color codes, feature-rich designs, customizable font sizes for our content and seamless user experience to use in designing.

You can use this banner maker to collaborate professionally with your vendor. However, you have to upgrade to the paid version to use this feature. You can use the tool to share your mascots, brand copyrighted images, and brand logos. The tool is affordable and hence you won’t have to worry about the costing.

Content Creation Tools: Final Thoughts

In summary, the market has several types of content creation tools. Some of them are free while others need a subscription. It is good to choose content creation tools that support several features including visual content.

In most cases, the paid versions of content creation tools seem to be the best. The type of tool that you choose depends on your budget and unique needs. The most important thing is to create social media content that will lead to high levels of engagements and conversion rates.

If you want any help with content creation tools, feel free to contact us through [email protected] for the best professional advice.

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