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7 Tips to Decorate Your Home Office



Whether you are a social media manager or working as an influencer – you will need an office to do your thing. And, unfortunately, it cannot be something simple and messy, like any other 9-to-5 worker working remotely tends to use.

As an influencer, you will be proposing yourself as an expert on a specific topic. And to establish that aura, you will need to decorate your home office as aesthetically as you can.

Let’s find out more about it.

How Do You Decorate Your Home Office?

A home office, no matter how hard you try, can get messy pretty quickly. Hence, to keep piles away from your screen, it might feel tempting to use an organizational drawer or bin.

But, even placing them in your room can be intimidating, as you wouldn’t want your audience to see where you’re keeping what.

Thus, before you start working on the decoration, it’s a must that you focus on organizational planning. Here’s how you can do it.

1: Use a Wooden Desk

Wooden Desk

Due to the color, core design, and structure – a wooden desk can offer a rustic yet eye-pleasing overtone to your room. If you want to increase its aesthetic impact, even more, be sure to keep it in the middle of your room.

This way, you will be able to –

  • Decorate the backside of your wooden standing desk (or the front side of your PC). It will offer a nice view for your audience while you are live-streaming.
  • You can use the front side of the table (or the back of your computer) to keep all your trash and stash. Due to its position, it can’t be seen by anyone but you.

2: Consider the Issue of Cord Clutter

As a social media manager, you will probably have to deal with a lot of cord clutter. After all, you will have to plug in your PC, printer, webcam, and maybe something else too. So, how do you cut the cord clutter and ensure that you’re not tripping yourself in the entangled wiring?

Here’s what I do to ensure that there’s no cable lying around my computer desk.

  • Get an attractive box and cut a hole in it. It can be used to keep your router or anything that’s as small and feed the wires out the backside.
  • You can use a command hook or a cable tie to wrangle any kind of cord that has been plugged into the power strip. Feed them alongside furniture to keep them out of sight.

3: Let There be a Lot of Light

Stark fluorescent lighting, which is especially common in a commercial space, can seem quite sterile after a while. They can make you feel like you’re being put under a microscope, literally. Thus, it is always better to use natural lighting, if possible, when you are organizing a home office.

But if you’re more into nighttime streaming, natural lighting won’t be a plausible solution for you. So, in that case, you should supplement wherever you are falling short. Ensure that your office is well-lit all the time. This way, your eyes won’t get too strained at all.

4: Elevate Your Creative Persona

Decorate Your Home Office

People tend to always judge a social media influencer by how they have set up their room. So, being creative in this aspect can go a long, long way for you. But how should you begin?

  • You can start by painting the wall that’s going to be put in front of your screen. It must look like something that suits your persona while being minimalist.
  • Avoid keeping any cabinet or something as such in front of your screen. Keep the wall as clean as you can, or opt for a painting that fits excellently there.
  • Keeping a book rack in front of your computer screen is a decent choice. However, as you are posing as a social media influencer, the choices of books will matter a lot.

5: Make It a Part of Your Home

In general, your office is going to be an extension or a part of your apartment or house. Thus, it should feel or look like one too. Here are some tips on how you can work on it.

  • Decorate your office with the same theme you have used for your house. It’s possible to incorporate the same items you love and keep throughout your residence.
  • If you consider hygge to be your vibe, adding a cozy throw or a plush rug might be the play for you. Don’t limit yourself just because it’s a workspace.

6: Invest in a Good Chair

After all, you are going to sit on it throughout the day, aren’t you? You will use it when you’re streaming, editing, or simply doing a video call with someone. Therefore, your chair needs to be a comfortable space where you can even sleep if you want to.

How do you find a decent option, though?

Well, when it comes to buying a good chair, you should always choose something that comes with a cushioned back and base. Its shape and size should be ergonomically correct as well as the aesthetics should be on point. It must have at least four wheels to offer better movement.

7: Keep Yourself Motivated

Keep Yourself Motivated

Working as a social media influencer can get a little tiring sometimes. And there won’t be any other person who will come and help you to get up and start working again.

That’s something you have to do by yourself.

Decorating your desk might be an efficient way of keeping yourself motivated. For example, you can keep a knickknack or two there that you used to cherish dearly before.

Maybe putting a photo of your special one can motivate you to push even more. You may also set up a mini-shrine for the God you’re devoted to. Use your head and try to make your workspace as fun and exciting as you can!

A Home Office Is Still Your Home

After a long day of work and tiredness, you always think about coming back to your home, as it’s a place of solace. Thus, try decorating your home office in the same way so that you don’t feel ‘oh no, not again’ after getting back there.

You will always be more productive working in a place that brings you joy as well as excitement. So, why don’t you put a little bit of extra effort into creating a workplace that feels like home?

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