How To Get More Views On Your YouTube Channel

published on: 21.02.2024 last updated on: 26.02.2024

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, making it a highly competitive platform for creators hoping to get views.

While producing engaging, high-quality content is key, collaborating strategically with other YouTubers can give a significant boost to your channel’s visibility and help you get more eyes on your videos.

This article examines the crafting of engaging titles and thumbnails and leveraging keywords and tags effectively.  It also explores effective collaboration approaches to increase your YouTube views and subscribers.

Crafting Engaging Titles and Thumbnails

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Crafting compelling titles and thumbnails is crucial for grabbing attention and getting clicks on YouTube in an oversaturated market.

As a complement to the points to be mentioned in this section, this article provides a complete guide to how best one can write YouTube titles. The title and thumbnail are the first things viewers see and determine if they will click your video. 

Here are some key points to guide your crafting acts.

Choose the Right Title

To do this, use clear, descriptive titles that directly explain your video topic. Avoid generic titles that could apply to anything. Be as precise as possible and word it in such a way as to spark interest by posing an intriguing question in the title, hinting at surprising content, or using suspense.  Leave viewers curious, wanting more.

Incorporate popular search terms and buzz-worthy trending topics to increase discoverability and views. A good way to do this is to capitalize on what’s hot right now.

Include relevant keywords that viewers are searching for so your video appears in results, but don’t overstuff. Seamlessly look for a way to fit keywords into your compelling title.  Keep the title lengths at around 60 characters max because longer titles will get cut off in search and suggest pages.

Concise titles also look cleaner.  The title should clearly convey the topic and focus of your video at a glance. Remove any vagueness or ambiguity.

Design Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Use bold, vibrant images, visuals, or screenshots that visually represent the content and grab attention. Images are key for the thumbnail.  Consider overlaying large, high-contrast text that pops and complements the visuals. The text should be engaging but not distracting.

Research that shows thumbnails with faces tend to perform better than ones without. The importance of faces is that it creates a human connection.  Use consistent fonts, colors, and elements to build brand recognition. This helps viewers instantly know a video is yours.

Leveraging Keywords and Tags Effectively

Leveraging Keywords

Strategic use of keywords and tags is imperative for getting YouTube videos found in search results and suggested videos. Optimize properly to boost visibility. 

The following are some ways this can be achieved:

Prioritize keywords with high search volume so your video surfaces for in-demand topics. Look for thousands or millions of monthly searches.  For specificity get an ideal blend by including a mix of precise and broader keywords to appeal to both targeted and general audiences.

Stay updated on rising keyword trends and seasonal topics to capitalize on opportunities as timeliness is critical.  Gauge competition for keywords to assess the difficulty of ranking for them – avoid oversaturated keywords.

Optimizing Titles and Descriptions

Put primary keywords toward the front of titles and descriptions for maximum impact and to capitalize on prominent positioning.  Find an optimal balance by using keywords naturally 2-3 times without overstuffing or sacrificing readability.

Keep things relevant by using keywords in a contextual way that fits with the content rather than jamming them in.  Finally, on this point, go beyond just the main keywords by sprinkling in supplemental synonyms and related keywords for additional signals.

Choosing Relevant Tags

Consider digging into detail by using tags that precisely describe the actual content of the video. Generic tags are less effective. Also, include diverse tags targeting different aspects of the video topic to open up exposure – you’ll hit all the angles this way.

Focus on tags with higher search volume for better chances of discovery and look for hidden gems.  While at this, leverage authoritative tags that are frequently used in your niche to tap into demand; you can borrow from trusted sources.

Collaborating with Other Creators for Visibility

Collaborating with Other Creators

Partnering with other YouTubers can help increase your channel’s reach and views by combining your audiences and cross-promoting content.  Aside from this, as you’ll find from this website:, expert assistance is equally possible in achieving your aim.  However, there are some common strategies for actualizing collaborative efforts such as:

Cross-promote Content

Cross-promoting content includes:

  • Shoutout collaborations: Mention each other’s channels in your videos to expose your audiences to new creators. This can expand both channels’ visibility and reach.
  • Co-host live streams: Go live together to combine your fanbases and gain new subscribers.
  • Collab playlists and reaction videos: React to each other’s videos or make joint playlists to share content.

Appear as Guests

This can be achieved in the following ways:

  • Be a guest on their channel: Offer your expertise for their videos to tap into their existing audience.
  • Invite them as guests: Have them feature on your videos to introduce your channel to their fanbase.
  • Host an interview or podcast together: A co-hosted podcast allows both of you to demonstrate your expertise to a blended audience.

Team up for Challenges or Competitions

This is another amazing strategy that can be implemented in the following ways:

  • Collaborate on trending hashtag challenges: Combining forces on popular challenges can help videos get more traction on hashtag feeds.
  • Participate in YouTube competitions: You’ll have better chances in competitions as a team than as individuals.
  • Host giveaways or contests together: Design joint giveaways to attract more entrants from both audiences. Giveaways let you convert fans into subscribers and alert them about both channels.

Coordinate Multi-Channel Projects

Coordinating multi-channel projects involves:

  • Cross-post videos: Post collaborator videos on your social media and vice versa for wider distribution.
  • Create a joint secondary channel: A joint channel can help grow both audiences and provide a focused collaboration space.
  • Participate in forums or groups: Join forces in creator communities and support groups for networking.
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You can optimize your YouTube titles for search, intrigue, and visual appeal to boost viewership. Use the right keywords and tags for your video for higher rankings. Also, you can collaborate with compatible YouTubers to expand your audience reach.

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