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How Call Tracking Helps Your Marketing Efforts



Call tracking is an effective method of monitoring and analyzing the ROI of your advertising campaigns. You may learn how successful your efforts are and adjust moving forward.

Call monitoring allows you to examine the success of your campaigns, identify the ones that result in the most calls, and fine-tune your approach. Which campaigns are producing the most leads and sales may also be monitored. You may get more out of your advertising budget via phone call tracking.

Viability of Tracking Phone Calls in the Digital Age

Since more and more of their interactions with brands occur online, many businesses today ignore the significance of phone calls as customer service. You are not alone if you have a business phone number but do not monitor and evaluate incoming calls using business call tracking.

Yet, studies show contact centers are still relevant to your business and clients. According to BrightLocal’s research, 60% of customers who discover your company online will contact you by telephone. In comparison, only 16% would get you through email, and only 3% would use social media.

What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking aids marketers by allocating different tracking phone numbers that may be sorted by traffic source (such as organic, social, sponsored, and similar) or by a particular marketing activity (e.g., your advertising campaigns or pages on your website). Insight into the entry points of your phone-based clients will allow you to assess the success of your marketing initiatives.

What is Call Tracking?

Usually, a call tracking system inserts a line or two of JavaScript code into your website’s HTML; this code then automatically switches out your company’s regular phone numbers with a new, trackable, and dynamic number for each visitor. After a user visits your website or clicks one of your adverts, these call tracking numbers are used to identify that user’s interaction with your business uniquely.

What Is Business Call Tracking?

Every company searches for a “secret sauce” to help it prosper. Nonetheless, it is a problem for every firm to determine the best inputs, desired outputs, and the relationships between them.

Successfully navigating this obstacle requires settling on the most relevant marketing KPIs concerning your company’s return on investment.

Just 37% of firms are “confident” in their selected marketing Return on Investment measures, according to a study conducted by LinkedIn. Meaning most companies question whether or not their marketing is paying off.

The good news is that business call tracking can guide companies toward the most reliable ROI measurements. Call monitoring software is useful for calculating ROI measures like Customer Acquisition Costs and Lead Scoring. You can view website to learn more about the different types of call trackers for businesses.

How To Implement Call Tracking for Marketing

So how does call tracking work? Call tracking may be handled in several ways depending on an organization’s demands.

Call tracking as a service is often utilized since they provide companies with dedicated phone numbers that can be traced back to the original caller. You may use these digits for:

  • Social platforms
  • Websites
  • Digital advertisements
  • Other marketing materials

Calls to these numbers are recorded by the call tracking service and made available to the company.

Additionally, calls are traced by installing special gear or software into the company’s phone system.

The incoming call is detected by software or hardware and then stored or forwarded to the proper extension or phone number. One such solution is Phonexa’s Call Logic — a call tracking software that allows you to track phone calls and distribute them in a manner that is convenient for your business and your call center. As a bonus, you can also fine-tune the analytics in a matter of minutes and then the metrics that are most important for your business-specific needs.

Importance of Call Tracking

Having clear and attainable objectives is essential in today’s business world and is where marketing analytics comes in. If you take the time to analyze the information you gather, you can predict the outcome of your campaign with more accuracy (ROI).

The next step is to adjust your campaigns such that they provide a higher return on investment with fewer resources used. The new strategy will help you maximize your advertising revenue. Potential areas of business functioning that marketing analytics might bolster include:

  1. Social media and search marketing keyword analysis might provide light on what your demographic is looking for.
  2. Surveying your clientele may provide useful information about their wants and requirements and suggestions for improving your business’ bottom line.
  3. You may utilize customer service calls and the relative popularity of specific terms in internet searches to spot industry trends as they emerge. In this way, your organization will be in a stronger position to take advantage of new opportunities.
  4. Customer encounters with your support staff and knowledge base may help you satisfy their urgent requirements better.

Tracking Calls for Marketing: How Is It Useful?

Implementing call tracking for websites into your marketing campaigns has many benefits. With the information gathered by tracking calls, your business and advertising may profit in many ways. Namely, here are the major benefits of using call tracking software:

Call Analytics

Call conversions and call time are common metrics in an analytics package. Your agents can glean a lot of information from the duration of a call. Hence, if your average call length is five minutes and your high conversion rates are high, you may receive high-quality leads. Suppose your agents spend over 10 minutes on the phone with each customer. In that case, it may indicate that your website and other marketing materials must provide more information to the general public.

Call Monitoring

Call tracking analytics and recording make troubleshooting a breeze for the client. It also has the potential as a teaching aid. There may be a correlation between how different sales representatives conduct calls and the resulting variation in conversion rates. If you want to help them improve, you may coach them by listening to their calls. Listening to and discussing the calls of top-performing sales representatives is a great way to learn from and join their ranks.

Call Routing

Advertisers highly value directing incoming calls to a certain agent. Advertisers’ responses might be required to certain representatives or channeled accordingly.

Additional Features of Call Tracking Software

When correctly implemented, call tracking for marketing analytics may aid in realizing your marketing campaign objectives and provide valuable information into the future course of those efforts.

The standard options can provide hints as to whether or not your current campaign is successful, while the advanced features of call analytics tracking may help you with the following:

  • Identifying online and offline clients
  • Getting a perspective on your marketing results
  • Maximizing the Impact of your ads
  • Identifying your revenue drivers
  • Getting cohesive data-driven results

These features that come together with most call tracking software solutions available on the market today usually consist of but are not limited to:


This feature is accessible online; the user merely provides their phone number beside an ad indicating their want to be contacted. The site then uses cookies to remember that person’s details.

Number Tracking

Thanks to this telephone server solution, each advertisement, web banner, or advertising platform will have its phone number.

Tracing via Channels

This logs and segments data on the origins of calls to the marketing channel (such as organic, referral, and paid search traffic), but it provides little information about the user’s actual web experience.

Number-based Location Monitoring

Geolocally-oriented call number tracking gives online and offline advertising channels different phone numbers.

Unique Sessions

Collect data about each user’s session on the website and then add all of those figures together so you know how long the user spent on the site and can attribute phone calls to the correct online sessions. In this case, the data is tracked through marketing channels, articles, keywords, and similar.

Wrapping Up

As a last thought, marketing call tracking is an invaluable resource for firms looking to gauge the success of their advertising campaigns. That way, they can assess the efficacy of their initiatives and tweak them as necessary.

By tracking incoming calls, firms better understand their clientele and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. Businesses may optimize earnings and return on investment by focusing on their clients’ wants and needs. Tracking phone calls helps organizations zero in on the most profitable clients and marketing initiatives.


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