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Ultimate Guide For Parents On How To Block YouTube Channels

published on: 28.12.2022 last updated on: 11.03.2023

How to block YouTube channels?

Once you realize that opening YouTube to stop your five-year-old from crying every two minutes was not the right decision – you come up with this query. 

Not all content on YouTube is so sweet, funny, and childlike. They do have some inappropriate things for your child. According to a study, children below the age of 11 years watch YouTube. The YouTube algorithm suggests content which might often lead to kids being exposed to sensitive content. 

Yes, Google has a kid-safe YouTube for children. So, if you want to be more careful and take extra measures, then this article should help.

How To Block YouTube Channels?

So, you have enabled kids’ safe zones on YouTube. But, some YouTube channels might not be appropriate for your kids to be exposed to. 

Your kids will have a more supervised experience on YouTube Kids. However, you can ensure the platform is safe by blocking a few channels that might be harmful to the kids. Here are the steps to help you do so –

  1. Open YouTube on the phone. 
  2. Look for a YouTube channel that you want to block for your kids. 
  3. There is a three-dot menu in the upper right section; click on it. 
  4. Block the entire channel. 
  5. Now tap on ‘Block.’
  6. Next, go to the option reading “Block Entire Channel.”
  7. Now you are done. 

Once you choose the option, you are ready and have successfully blocked the channel you were trying to use. 

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Block Abilities On Regular YouTube App

how to block youtube channels

The kids have grown up a little and are beyond the YouTube Kids Safe Zone. So, only learning to block YouTube channels will not help now. Because blocking access to entire channels can leave them frustrated.

So you can handle it in a better way. It would help to block some channels from popping up. If your kid is a Youtuber, you can stop specific channels or accounts from commenting on your kid’s videos.

You can keep your kids safe from certain content inappropriate for their age. You can do it in two different ways. 

  • Turn on the YouTube Restriction Mode.
  • Use YouTube Kids App. 

About YouTube Restriction Mode And How To Turn It On?

how to block youtube channels

YouTube has a Restricted mode to read the metadata, language, and title of adult content. It will also block content that other people flagged as inappropriate for kids. 

But, this process is not completely foolproof. But the app’s algorithm tries to keep some types of content away from kids. Some of them include the following –

  • Explicit sexual content and the conversations, including the word sex. 
  • Drugs and alcohol-related discussions.
  • Profanity and language are common among adults. 
  • Violence-related topics, natural disasters, war, crime, blood, videos, and other similar and disturbing attributes. 
  • Content depicting any violence, terrorism, and more
  • Content with demeaning graphics or similar discussions.

How To Block YouTube Channels On A Computer?

You can use the steps explained earlier to block specific YouTube channels on the mobile phone. But how about computers? Here are the steps to help you with that.

  1. First, open the browser on your computer.
  2. Now Go to the YouTube website. 
  3. Click on the Channel icon on your computer. 
  4. Now tap on ‘Block.’
  5. Next, go to the flag icon and choose “Block This Channel.”
  6. Now you are done. 

Limit Your Kid’s Access To YouTube: Use Parental Control Apps 

Instead of learning how to block YouTube channels, you can take Parental Control of your kid’s YouTube account. You can not only keep them from getting exposed to inappropriate content but also control their watch time and the time when they can use YouTube. There are apps helping parents take control of their kids’ YouTube activities. 

You can use tools like

  • Parent Control Kroha
  • Bark
  • YouTube Family Link

How To Block Accounts From Commenting On YouTube?

Kids are under the effect of cyberbullying these days. If your little one is a creator on YouTube, they might not want to go through some sensitive, violent, or abusive comments. Here are the steps to help you disable some accounts from commenting on YouTube. 

I have provided tips for both smartphones and computers –

On Smartphones 

  1. Choose the channel you want to block from commenting on YouTube. 
  2. Tap on the icon of the account. 
  3. Click on the three-dot menu icon at the top right. 
  4. You will see a screen from the button.
  5. Click on Block user. 

On Computers 

how to block youtube channels
  1. First, choose the channel you want to stop commenting on the videos of your child. 
  2. Click on the channel’s icon. 
  3. Click on About next. 
  4. Choose the flag icon and choose the block user option. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I hope that the sections before were helpful. However, if you need further help, these popular questions and their answers might be helpful. 

Q1. Can You Put Restrictions On YouTube For Kids?

Ans: Yes, as a parent, you can put restrictions on what your kid watches on Youtube. Parents can restrict their kids’ YOutube access and put a limit on the time of content they can watch. Youtube makes it possible to block inappropriate content flagged by other users. 

Q2. How Do I Restrict YouTube Under 18 Content?

Ans: If you want to restrict content for under 18 kids, then you can do it by following the tips below –
• Go to 
• Select Settings on the sidebar. 
• Click the drop-down menu below the page. It should read “Restricted Mode: Off.”
• Toggle it on.
• Click on save to finish.

Q3. Is YouTube Appropriate For A 7-Year-Old?

Ans: YouTube is usually safe. There is hardly any content with complete nudity, violence, or showing actions or conversations related to sex. However, there might be some scenes of violence and nudity in the form of visual content available on YouTube. However, the number of them is relatively low. 

Bottom Line 

How to block YouTube channels? I think you have the working solution for this troublesome question. Yes, it is troublesome indeed. Easy access to the internet makes all sorts of content accessible to kids. As a parent, it may not be possible to keep track of which content your kid is watching. However, you can put some restrictions to be a little secure.

I hope the tips mentioned here help. However, if you have any additional questions, you can leave them questions in the comment.

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