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How to Create a Social Media Branding Strategies from Scratch

published on: 20.08.2017 last updated on: 19.06.2019

The digital ecosystem is an ever evolving and dynamic world which requires constant changes in digital marketing strategies. Reaching out to your target audiences becomes quite a difficult thing to do given the amount of competition there is. The answer is to engage in ‘Branding’

In this article, you will find how to create a social media branding strategies.

What is “Social Media Branding”?

For businesses, social media is nothing less than a blessing. It is an enormous platform to connect with your audience which, if properly utilized, can take your brand to amazing heights in no time. And if you’re thinking of working on your branding, then social media is your best friend!  Because after all, social media is the place where people actually get to connect with brands and directly share their opinions about them. As an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of this direct connection and work on your branding. All you need is an effective social media branding strategies that effectively helps you to define your brand, promote it accordingly and achieve several goals.

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Creating a social media branding strategies from scratch –

So, now that you have decided to work on your branding through social media, it is time to devise an effective social media branding strategy that actually helps people learn more about your brand and become potential customers. Without further ado, here is the step-by-step procedure of creating a social media branding strategies from scratch, which can be applied to all brands:

1. Cling on to the perfect platform(s):

The term social media is extremely extensive. When we say “social media”, we are actually referring to the hundreds of apps that help people connect and socialize. First off, we have Facebook, which is one of the most commonly used platforms and is more popular among adults. Then we have Twitter, which has proven itself as a good platform for direct communication. Then comes LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and the list goes on. It is tempting to sign up on every app, but it is not worth it. Instead of being on every app, choose one or maximum two which you think are suitable for your brand. For example, if you’re making lingerie, being on LinkedIn isn’t such a good idea unless you already have an established brand, which you do not. For such businesses, platforms like Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram are more suitable. So, ask yourself who your target audience is and select apps based on that.

2. Be consistent:

For an effective social media branding, consistency is key. This means that you must have a consistent brand persona across the different social media sites that you are on. This involves the theme of your posts, which includes everything from the graphics to your written content.

Take Coca Cola’s consistency for example. For decades they have maintained their main theme which is red, and it is reflected on their social media accounts:

Twitter:Coco Cola


Coco Cola

You can notice that each post is unique but all share one thing – The color red. The Coca Cola brand has almost become synonymous with red, owing to their brilliant social media branding strategy. And how does this benefit Coca Cola? Whenever a user spots a red-themed post while scrolling down their apps, they will immediately think that it is something by Coca Cola and maybe stop to read and possibly even visit their page. So, think of a color palette, try your best to stick with it and eventually it will become your brand’s identity.

Another thing that needs to be consistent is your voice. Your “social media voice” is the way your brand communicates with the audience on social media. This includes the theme or tone of your content. Use a certain type of language to express the culture of your company. If you are selling sports gear, your values could be striving forward and pushing your limits. The content you share should revolve around that theme. It may take you some time to realize what your brand voice should be, but you will eventually get there. Once you do, stick with that voice and modify it to suit different occasions.

3. Remember to stay “human”:

An audience demands authenticity. They want to feel like that the content you are sharing is beneficial to both the parties. They do not want boring, automated posts whose only purpose is to keep the page active. This is why you need to work on humanization.

Share something funny once in a while:

Nothing gets viral like authentic, politically correct humor on social media. Remember to share funny content which is relatable to your audience and also to your brand.

Share “behind the scenes”:

Working on a new project? Share some pictures of your team working on it. Remind your audience that your brand is made up of human beings and not robots programmed to throw out sales pitch.


The most crucial part is by interacting with your audience. If anyone praises your brand with sweet words in the comments, reply with a thank you. And if someone complains, express your regrets and assure them of better service in the future. Now, you do not necessarily have to interact with each and every person in the comments. Only reply to those who have some valid points to share.

4. Decide on the type of content:

If you share funny yet relatable memes on Facebook, but tweet like a corporate robot, then you are just connecting for the sake of staying active. Sharing mixed up posts will only result in confusion and won’t help in building up a brand. So, decide on the type of content you have to share and be consistent with it. You may change it according to different occasions and campaigns.

5. Influencers to the rescue!

For young brands, it is a major challenge to build up credibility, which takes time. To boost up this process for your brand, you can take help from influencers. An influencer is an individual on social media who posts regularly and has a huge following. Getting a mention or a recommendation from one of these influencers can help a lot in building up your brand. So, contact various influencers and work out some deals.

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