how to get verified on Twitter?

How To Get Verified On Twitter In 2024? [Step By Step Guide]



Do you see a “blue tick” beside the usernames of famous personalities and brands on Twitter (now X)? This blue tick is a mark of verification by Twitter. Therefore, this tick means that Twitter acknowledges you as a person of interest and promotes your tweets more. However, you might wonder: how to get verified on Twitter? 

Getting the famous blue tick mark of verification is not an easy feat. While it might be easier for big brands and celebrities, it’s challenging for an average person to get this acknowledgement from Mr. Elon Musk. However, it’s not impossible, irrespective of how difficult it might be. 

Therefore, if you wish to be one of the greats on Twitter, you must put in a lot of effort. However, channelling these efforts in the wrong direction won’t get you your mark of approval. 

I am here to help you get a blue tick mark on Twitter. Therefore, read this post to learn how to get verified by Twitter in 2024. Moreover, I will also give some tips to make yourself more eligible for verification and keep the blue tick forever! 

Twitter Verification: Why Is The “Blue Tick” Important?

Twitter Verification: Why Is The “Blue Tick” Important?

You might wonder: What does the blue tick on Twitter mean? In addition, why do people want it so badly? 

If you think that it’s just for show, you are mistaken. Learning how to get verified on Twitter will let you get various benefits, which are: 

1. Avoid Identity Theft

Identity theft and impersonation are serious cybercrimes that can have long-lasting negative consequences. Moreover, celebrities and businesses are more prone to identity theft because it’s easier to trick and mislead the public if you pose as a genuine phenomenon! 

To ensure your Twitter account is genuine, Twitter marks your account with a blue tick. Therefore, if anyone tries to impersonate you by creating fake accounts in your name, the public will know instantly that their accounts will not have blue ticks! 

2. Makes You More Credible

Learning how to get verified on Twitter makes your account more credible. Credibility is also the first sign of success – and acceptance by society. 

For example, you know the credibility and achievements of soldiers by seeing their badges, right? Therefore, think of your blue tick as your badge of achievement.

If people see posts from an account with a blue tick, they will likely believe the post’s authenticity.

Therefore, if you learn how to get verified by Twitter, you will automatically get new followers and audience reactions! Moreover, it helps you build your community or fanbase on Twitter!

3. Exclusive To Only Verified Users!

Since a Twitter account with a blue tick is a sign of popularity, almost everyone will try to DM you. Moreover, if you are a celebrity or an influencer, expect to get hundreds of texts from your fans – and haters!

Therefore, if you get verified on Twitter, you will get the option not to get messages from non-verified users. Moreover, you can also control your notifications by seeing only notifications from verified users!

In addition, verified Twitter users get to create longer written content, exceeding the 250-character limit. Now, you can type more than 10,000 characters per post! Moreover, you can now post longer videos as well!

4. It’s All In The Analytics

If you are a verified Twitter user, you will get access to many internal Twitter analytics tools. While most non-verified users can use third-party Twitter analytics tools (like SocialBee and FeedHive), verified users can get more accurate reports using Twitter Analytics. 

Eligibility Criteria To Get Verified On Twitter

Eligibility Criteria To Get Verified On Twitter

Do you think learning how to get verified on Twitter will work by following the steps? As you might expect, the answer is no.  

Twitter has several requirements set as eligibility criteria to get verified on Twitter. They are: 

1. Must Be An X Premium User (Twitter Blue)

Did you know Twitter has a premium version called Twitter Blue (now X Premium)? A premium account lets you access several new features and earn money through Twitter advertisements! 

Therefore, before you learn how to be verified on Twitter, you must subscribe to X Premium. There are three tiers to choose from in your Twitter Settings, which are: 

  • Basic: $3/month or $32/year 
  • Premium: $8/month or $84/year 
  • Premium+: $16/month or $168/year 
Note: You must either have a Premium or Premium+ subscription to get verified on Twitter. Therefore, subscribing to Basic Premium will not work. 

2. Be Active On Twitter For The Last 90 Days

“Why would you want to learn how to get verified on Twitter if you are not even active on Twitter?” 

This is a comment that I read on a Reddit thread regarding how to get verified on Twitter. 

Now that I think about it – it makes a lot of sense. 

Since the blue tick mark from Twitter is a sign that your posts attract a lot of positive attention, it’s only given to accounts that post engaging regularly. 

Therefore, if you post regularly on Twitter for 90 days straight, you will become eligible to become verified by Twitter! 

3. Have Genuine Profile Pictures, Names, And Contact Details

Finally, the third eligibility criterion you must pass before you follow the process to learn how to get verified on Twitter – is to have a good profile picture. 

Therefore, remember to have a picture which shows your face in the best way possible. Moreover, to verify your Twitter business account, you must have your business logo as your profile picture. 

Furthermore, ensure that your name (yours and your business’s/brand’s) is correct. Additionally, always keep your contact details, like your phone number and email address, updated. You don’t want Twitter to contact you for account verification and end up contacting someone else! 

How To Get Verified On Twitter? Step-By-Step Process

How To Get Verified On Twitter? Step-By-Step Process

Now that you know the eligibility for getting verified on Twitter, it’s time to learn how to get verified on Twitter. However, you must do so after meeting the eligibility criteria for Twitter verification. 

Therefore, follow these steps: 

  1. First, log in to your X account. 
  1. Next, click on the X logo at the top left corner of the screen. 
  1. Now, open Settings and Privacy
  1. Next, go to Your Account
  1. After you do so, click on Account Information
  1. Now, scroll down to see your Verified status. You will see the Request Verification option here if you are unverified. Therefore, click on it. 
  1. A new Verification Request page will open after you click on the option above. Therefore, click on Start Request
  1. Now, you will get to the Select a Category page. Therefore, select the category you belong to from the six available options and then click on Next
  1. Next, the Account Qualifications page will open. Here, you must select external sources that can verify your credibility. Therefore, choose Public Presence or News Coverage and click Next
  1. You must provide links to verify your credibility depending on which option you chose in the previous step. If you choose News Coverage, you must provide three different links. However, you only need to provide one link if you choose Public Presence. Therefore, paste the links here and click on Next
  1. Finally, your Identity Verification page will open. Here, you must provide photos of your Government-issued ID, your Official Email Address, and your Official Website. After you give them, click on Submit

That’s it! These are all the steps you must follow regarding how to get verified on Twitter in 2024!

After you submit your verification request, it will take about two weeks to get a response from Twitter through email. Therefore, I hope you get good news in your email inbox!

It’s Time For You To Get The Coveted “Twitter Blue Tick” Now!

Now that you know how to get verified on Twitter, what are you waiting for? It’s time for you – a person of interest – to make your mark on Twitter! 

It’s time for you to put in the effort and meet all the eligibility criteria for getting verified by Twitter! Therefore, subscribe to YouTube Premium and start tweeting daily for at least three months!  

Thanks for reading this post! If you have any queries, please comment below!

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