Changing Your Twitter Handle

Changing Your Twitter Handle: A Simple Guide



Want to change the Twitter handle?

Can you give your Twitter handle a total refurbish?

Yes, you can!

Deciding to change your Twitter handle is a significant move towards creating your digital persona within the evolving terrain of social media. Your Twitter handle is the one you give the world to see and identify you in the large Twitter verse.

Depending on the reason, it could be a personal rebranding endeavor or the need to get a more reflective and memorable identity.

The procedure is simple whether you are looking for a beginning, in line with a new chapter in your life, or simply desiring a handle that is more in line with your personal brand or professional brand.

Especially when you are turning your account into a more business-friendly one!

This guide focuses on changing your Twitter name, explaining why someone would consider such a move, and how to do it in a way that makes sense.

Common Reason Why Someone Would Want To Change Twitter Handle

Common Reason To Change Twitter Handle

Here are three common reasons behind this digital evolution:


  • Evolution of Identity: Sometimes users experience personal or professional change and need handles corresponding to their new roles.
  • Cohesive Online Image: Through rebranding, when you change the Twitter handle, people can maintain a single and current look for themselves on Twitter. This should portray one’s authentic self.

Personal Preference

  • Alignment with Personality: As users go through the diverse Twitter community, their taste, humor, and interests might develop over time.
  • Individual Expression: A handle change as an individual choice shows a desire for a Twitter identity that matches with current character, interests, or opinions more appropriately.

Username Availability

Username Availability
  • Desire for Uniqueness: The preferred username becomes scarcer as the Twitter landscape grows.
  • Enhanced Visibility: When you change the Twitter handle, it enables users to have a shorter, more memorable, and possibly more brand-appropriate username. This will improve their recognition in the Twittersphere.

A Step By Step Guide To Change Twitter Handle

A Step By Step Guide To Change Twitter Handle

Changing your Twitter handle is a straightforward process, and here’s a step-by-step guide to help you seamlessly navigate through the transition.

Login to Your Twitter Account

Login to Your Twitter Account
  • Begin by opening your Twitter login.
  • Log in to the Twitter website or app on your phone or mobile device.
  • To log in to your account, input your username (or email) and password.

Go to Account Settings

Go to Account Settings
  • After logging in, go to your account settings.
  • Clicking on your profile picture at the top right corner of the Twitter website will take you there, and click settings and privacy.
  • Settings are accessible on the mobile app via the menu icon.

Edit Your Username

Edit Your Username
  • In your account settings, find the option to change your Username/Handle.
  • Typically, it is present in the “Account” or “Username” part.
  • Select this option for the editing mode entry. At this point, you can key in the handle of your choice.

Check Availability

  • When you change the Twitter handle, it is crucial to ensure the new handle is still available before confirming the change.
  • Twitter will inform you when a specific handle you have chosen is not available.
  • If it is unavailable, you may have to retool it or settle for another alternative until you find a suitable handle.

Confirm the Change

  • Once you’ve chosen a suitable handle and it is available, move to confirm the change.
  • Sometimes, one must re-enter a password to verify their Twitter account.
  • Recheck a password, check the changes, and save the new hand.

Considering The Impact Of Changing Your Twitter Handle

Before you change your Twitter handle, here are some sudden impacts on your account that you must consider.

Impact on Followers

  • Recognition and Association: It must be difficult for your followers to recognize when you change your Twitter handle. This may confuse them because it will be difficult to find your profile or for them to mistake your tweets for somebody else’s.
  • Mitigation Strategy: Inform your followers in advance to avoid confusion. Announce your tweet, explaining why the handle had to be changed and giving clear and concise instructions on how followers can access and continue following you with the new handle.

Potential Loss of Verification

  • Verification Significance: A blue checkmark on your Twitter account proves your identity as a popular personality or a public figure. Altering the handle could prompt doubts about the account’s authenticity, hence the loss of the badge.
  •  Preventive Measures: If your account is verified, contact Twitter’s support before changing your Twitter handle. Inform them of your intention, getting advice on how to ensure verification in the entire process. Sticking to Twitter rules, including reaching out to support, may reduce the possibility of Twitter permanently removing the precious verification marker.

Troubles When You Change Twitter Handle

Troubles When You Change Twitter Handle

Well, troubleshooting is everywhere!

Even when changing your Twitter handle, here are the troubles and solutions you might face.

1. Username Unavailability

Issue: The handle needed is already in use.

Solution: Find options by trying variations of the handle, adding numbers, or inserting underscores. Ensure that it conforms to your brand or identity.

2. Account Lockout

Issue: During this handle change process, users might be unable to log in while in some instances, account lockout might occur.

Solution: Ensure you have verified the login credentials, reset the password if necessary, and wait a little before trying the handle change again.

3. Delayed Handle Change Update

Issue: It is a pity you cannot update the handle instantly.

Solution: Twitter may take a while to update changes across the platform. Have patience, reload your profile, and try it after some time.

4. Profile Link Issues

Issue: The profile will no longer be reachable through external links or mentions to your old handle.

Solution: Be sure to update any external links to the handle change and inform collaborators of the name change.

5. Inactivity of New Handle

Issue: A new handle appears idle or linked with a suspended account.

Solution: Check for typos and variations before using an inactive new handle. Choose an alternative handle if associated with a suspended account. When faced with these common problems, these are recommended solutions with which users can smoothly handle change, ensuring no loss in reach or engagement.

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