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Step-by-Step Guide – How to Play Music in Discord for an Enhanced Server Experience



Tired of the same boring Discord server life? Want to add color and a sense of community life? How about adding a few tunes to your Discord? Now, you might be asking how to play music in Discord.  

Do not worry; we have a handy-dandy guide to take you through the whole discord music structure.  

Over here, we will teach you to level up your Discord game with some inspiring songs. Brace yourselves for some symphony, which will make your online parties even more fun!  

Let’s start right away and uncover all the magical beats waiting for us!  

Why Discord Music?

Why Discord Music

A distinctive characteristic of the Discord platform is its user-friendly interface. The software is built with ease of use in mind for beginners, which helps them easily navigate and utilize it. Custom avatars, status messages, and many different communities according to the users’ interests are just scratching a few of the personalization options!  

The best thing about using Discord is that it works well with other applications.   

For instance, people can align their Spotify account or other streaming music sites like YouTube or SoundCloud to play music inside a server directly. This allows server members to listen together while talking.  

Quite the virtual party!  

A Little About The Platform

A Little About The Platform

Discords allow for the customization of servers and individual channels. Server admins can create as many text channels as possible for different topics. All you need to do is set permissions based on specific types of users and even brand the server with customizable emojis.  

The main feature within Discord that stands out from the rest is its incorporation of bots. Bots are software programs that perform several roles in the servers, including moderating chatrooms, playing games, and managing polls or giveaways. This feature also includes playing your favorite music in your community.  

Step-by-step guide on how to play music in Discord  

Step-by-step guide on how to play music in Discord

Now we begin answering how to play music in Discord!  

The ability to play music in Discord is one of these characteristics, which can improve the overall server.  

Step 1: Add a Music Bot  

The starting point of this process requires adding the music bot to your server. In fact, a bot is almost the same as an automated user account that performs any number of different functions, including playing music.   

If you are not someone who is quite tech-savvy, do not worry! The entire interface of Discord is quite simple.  

There are many music bots on Discord, such as Rythm Groovy and Fredboat. You can search for these bots and then invite these links to their sites.  

Step 2: Grant Permissions  

After you add the music bot to your server, it is necessary to provide permissions. This will help you to join voice channels and play music. 

For this, go to the server settings, click on “Roles,” and choose the role for your bot. Finally, head to the “Permissions” section and ensure that all required permissions, including ‘Read Messages,’ ‘Send Messages,’ as well as Connect

Step 3: Invite the Bot to the Voice Channel  

Invite the music bot to your voice channel where you want it to playback.   

Right-click on the name of your desired voice channel in Discord. Or you can even use the invite command followed by @musicbotname (…over here, you add the actual name of your bot).  

Step 4: Play Music  

The bot that you have selected should now be on your voice channel.  

Now, all you must do is type in the command!  

You can do so at a text chat window on Discord, such as ‘play,’ and then type the song or artist name.   

You may consult all listed commands on the music bot’s website or by typing ‘help.’ The bot will subsequently search for the intended song, artist, or playlist and start playing this in your voice channel.  

Step 5: Control Music Playback  

You can control the music playback using simple commands such as play, pause, skip, and volume controls. You will usually find these under the “help” command or on the music bot’s website.  


You have now successfully learned how to play music in discord.   

However, be mindful of copyright laws when playing music in Discord and remember to always follow community guidelines for a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone. Now go ahead – play some tunes and vibe with your friends on Discord!  

Adding the bot to your server  

For a seasoned user, inviting music bots might not be a matter of difficulty. However, if you do not know how to do it, we have another guide for you!  

Adding the bot to your server is a simple step required to allow music playback in your Discord channel. Once you have found the perfect music bot for your server, here are the steps to follow:  

  •  Make sure you have “Manage Server” permissions: Some permissions must be present if one is to invite a bot to your server. If you own the server, these permissions will be yours by default. But if you are not an owner, ensure that the person is given the server settings to adjust their configuration. 
  •  Find and select a music bot: Discord servers have various music bots that differ in characteristics and commands. Some of the main ones include rhythm, Octave, and Groovy. (…as mentioned before). Spend some time finding the one that suits your purpose most. 
  •  Go to Discord’s website: For the bot to work properly on your server, you need authorization from Discord itself. Therefore, instead of using it via the app itself, you will have to visit Discord’s website. Navigating the application is also easier if it is through Discord. 
  •  Click on “Add Bot”: Go to Discord’s webpage. Then, under “My App,” select Add Bot. This will bring you to a pop-up window for confirmation. 
  •  Confirm and select a server: After the confirmation, choose one of your servers that you would like to add bot from the drop-down list. 
  • 7. Trust confirmation page: After selecting all the right permissions and hitting authorize at the bottom of the screen. Discord would prompt verification through another dot box captcha message. This is just to prove you are not a robot.  
  • 8. Rotate the Chrome logo to Enable the bot: After verifying, click “I am not a robot.” rotate the Chrome. Then, you will have the authority to allow the bot and invite it into your server.  
  • After these steps, your music bot should be on the list of members on this server. You can begin using it either by typing in the command or prefix directly.  

To play music with simple commands  

Knowing simple commands is mandatory when we answer how to play music in Discord. 

Plus, playing music from Discord through simple commands can significantly improve the climate of your server, whether it is to set a mood, play games, or listen to relaxing tunes. Discord’s music can up your game!  

  • If you want to play music on Discord, then you will also need a voice channel. After joining the voice channel, invite a bot to your server that has music features.   
  • We already know the basic commands. However, other useful commands include the skip command, which enables a user with rights to stop playing any song they dislike without halting playback entirely. Additionally, the “queue” command displays the current list of waiting tracks while “shuffle” randomly changes songs in line.  
  • In addition, there are also higher-end solutions such as volume tuning using the “volume (number)” command or reducing background noise with the ‘bass boost’ command – perfect for listening through speakers rather than a headset.  
  • Another useful tip while using basic commands is to type “-help” or “-commands” to display the complete list of commands that are available for your bot. Moreover, some bots provide users with the possibility to create and save playlists that they can access at any time by using “play (name of a playlist).”  

Advanced music playback capabilities in Discord  

Now that you know how to play music in discord, it is time to make some of the  

One of the best features that Discord offers in terms of playing music is its advanced options, which can elevate a user’s experience within the server. These elements enable the users to personalize their listening and help them find new music while controlling what is essentially played on the server.  

  1. Customizable Music Bots: To add a favorite music bot using native Discord bots such as Groovy or Rythm is rather an easy task. These bots feature features like shuffle, repeat, and create a playlist that makes the listening experience personalized. Moreover, users can opt for various music providers, such as YouTube or Spotify, from which they will be able to listen to songs. 
  1. Interactive Music Commands: Discord has incorporated interactive commands that enable the user to interact with the music bot while playing songs on a server. For instance, the! The lyrics command will display lyrics of currently played songs in real-time, which allows users to easily sing along. 
  1. Rich Presence Integration: The players can share their listening session in Discord through this feature by updating its status. This not only allows them to display their favorite tunes but also provides an avenue for conversing. 
  1. Recommendations Based on Listening Habits: By connecting to Spotify and other platforms, Discord recommends similar songs based on a user’s past listening history. This feature enables users to find new artists or genres that could interest them and broaden their range of taste in music. 
  1. Accessible Playlists: Other than command-based playlist creation in a server, Discord also offers an external playlist feature where users can share their lists across various servers and even with non-discord friends. This also fosters community involvement and stimulates the sharing of a wide variety of musical preferences within one server. 
  1. Real-Time Song Information: By playing a song via the Discord bot, users get to receive live data on the current track, such as title and artist name, album artwork, and length of time. This functionality guarantees real-time updates and information about the songs played on the server. 

To End With – Solutions For A Few Troubleshoot Problems  

Now that you know how to play music in Discord, let’s talk about the different troubleshooting problems.  

Common music playback issues in Discord can be quite frustrating, especially when you’re trying to improve your server environment. Fortunately, most of these concerns have easy fixes that will get your music going again in no time.  

One of the most frequent problems that Discord users encounter while playing music is not hearing anything. This may be caused by several factors, which include missing permissions, malfunctioning audio settings, and internet connectivity issues. You can resolve this problem by  

First, check whether your microphone and speakers are set as the default devices in the sound settings of the computer.  

If they aren’t, be sure to change them and start Discord again.  

Another problem that may occur while playing music on Discord is distorted or low-quality sound. This issue arises if the music rate is higher than what Discord can manage properly. To solve this problem, try altering the quality of your music file or streaming it from a new source with a lower bitrate.  

Other users may have issues on their server where some songs are randomly cut off or skipped. This may be due to poor internet connectivity, server delay, or high traffic on Discord channels. For this issue, see if reducing the number of people using VOIP or switching to a different voice region on Discord can help troubleshoot it.  

Users also often notice delays between songs when placing them through bots like Groovy and Rythm. This is a case when bots for these services are in such high demand that their servers cannot give rapid responses. An effective way to address the problem is by purchasing premium versions. You can get bots with guaranteed performance and shorter time intervals.  

There are instances whereby users discover that they cannot play some songs because such musical renditions contravene intellectual property rights. Although it would be easy to bypass this restriction using VPNs or any other method, doing so is against Discord’s Terms of Service and can lead to your being permanently blocked from the platform. It is advisable to stick to the copyrights and pick music that can be used on Discord.  

Hopefully, we were able to answer how to play music in Discord. Please let us know if the blog was helpful in the comment section below. 

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