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Top 9 Better Discord Plugins For A Better User Experience



So, you are here to check out some relatively better Discord plugins for boosting your user experience on the Discord server. If you are already a fan of Discord plugins, you will find this even more exciting. This is precisely why we have arrived with the top Discord plugins to boost your user experience on the server.

Stay tuned to find out more about Discord plugins, especially for boosting user experience on Discord itself.

Top 9 Better Discord Plugins For Better User Experience:

Using Discord plugins not just boosts user experience on the platform, it also makes life better – the chances of you facing the age-old ‘better discord plugins not working’ issue – nope, these words with a 100% success rate. So, in case the plugins on your device are not working properly, then chances are it’s a human error or device error, not Discord’s error.

So without wasting much time, scroll down to read about the top Disocrd plugins for boosting user experience.

1. Permissions Viewer:

Permissions Viewer

If you are looking for better discord plugins for improving your user experience on the platform, you should definitely start with Permissions Viewer – it’s one plugin that is meant for everyone. It will enable you to view the approval of all users on the platform through popup notifications on the server.

Additionally, the plugin also discloses the various user permissions that you might have on the Discord server. When you tap the ‘Context Menu,’ you will end up bringing up the Modal that is accompanied by a simple role-by-role breakdown. This way, you will be able to see all types of permissions, inclusive managing roles, creating invites, and managing channels.


2. Hide Disabled Emojis:

Hide Disabled Emojis

Are you already looking up ‘betterdiscord plugins’ for boosting your experience on the platform? Then stop! We have all the plugins you need for improving your experience. For insurance, the plugin responsible for hiding disabled emojis is a pretty cool one. For one, the plugin has an extensive collection of emojis from various sections.

Additionally, the plugin also comes with multiply disabled emojis. When you use this plugin, you can hide the disabled emojis easily – this way, you will not have to make those emojis visible again.

3. Read All Notifications Button:

Read All Notifications Button

Perhaps one of the most useful Discord plugins is the Read All Notifications plugin. This is one of those relatively better Discord plugins that can remove all your notifications instantly. In case you have become a part of multiple servers, then you can use this plugin to simply de-clutter your feed.

Once you activate the Read All Notifications plugin, you will see a ‘Clear’ Button located on your basic server list with a simple ‘Mentions’ pop out. If you click on the ‘Clear’ Button from any of the two above-mentioned options, then your notifications will get cleared instantly.

4. Better Role Colors:

Better Role Colors

There’s no point looking for terms like ‘better discord download’ on the internet. Instead, stay tuned with us and find out about the most useful Discord plugins. For instance, the Better Role Colors is one such plugin that enables users to set custom font shades for various server-based roles.

The best part? You will get to set the custom font colors for users based on their actual roles. So on a particular server, you will find multiple roles. Moreover, this plugin also includes colored typing, color pop-outs, modals, colored audit logs, and colored voice.

5. Creation Date:

Creation Date

One of the better Discord plugins that can instantly boost the platform user experience has to be the Creation Date plugin. This is one plugin that can assist you to see the information from the time when the users’ accounts were created. Just after launching, you will see that the plugin will end up displaying in the user popout and model the creation date for any account.

Right below the name, a ‘Create on’ tab exists – the purpose of this tab is to disclose details such as both time and date. While the time is displayed in the HH: MM format, the date will be shown in the DD/MM/YYYY format. It’s a simple plugin that can greatly prove to be beneficial to you.

6. Google Translate Option:

Google Translate Option

You don’t need to look up ‘better discord mobile plugins’ – because we already have the best for you. In case you happen to be using a Discord server that’s international, then this plugin will help you to translate messages as well as switch to a different language.

The Google Translate Option is a plugin that can be easily used for translating messages in different languages from Discord directly. Moreover, this plugin actually supports both incoming and outgoing messages – so in case you do want to share messages in a different language, then this plugin can help you out.

7. Show Hidden Controls:

Show Hidden Controls

Another one of our favorite better Discord plugins has to be the show Hidden Controls option. This plugin enables users to access Discord channels that are hidden. Due to certain sole restrictions, there might exist certain hidden channels. The Show Hidden Controls plugin can help you to disclose or view all hidden channels that you weren’t able to access otherwise.

Using this uber-cool plugin can help you view the whole overview of a particular channel. But at the same time, you won’t be able to send or even view different messages on the Discord server. This plugin can only disclose hidden channels as well as essential information related to the same.

8. Spotify Controls:

Spotify Controls

We are all aware that users can connect and subsequently use their Spotify accounts on the Discord server. If you have been wondering how to do this right, then you need the Spotify Controls server. The plugin actually allows users to keep track of the Spotify audio playbacks from the Discord server itself.

When you enable this plugin, you will note the relatively newer Spotify Controls tab located on the server. Plus, this included details such as the played songs, elapsed time, the singer’s brief bio, and the album’s cover photo. Plus, you can also pause or play and go backward or forward with the help of this in-built plugin.

9. Better Volume

Better Volume

The Discord plugin has default controls for volume that allows you to change your volume whenever you want to. It is definitely an important feature to have, but as an advanced feature customization, it is not so much.

So, in that case, you can use the “BetterVolume Discord plugin,” which is much more advance in its implementation. You can easily use this plugin to adjust the volume of any Discord server you might be using or is a part of.


And It’s A Wrap!

Moreover, it’s a wrap on the top better Discord plugins that can boost your user experience on the Discord server easily. So, what are your thoughts on these Discord plugins – did we miss out so better plugins? Do you prefer using other plugins – and why? And in case you have used these Discord plugins in the past, feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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