Big Data in Social Media Marketing

Importance of Big Data in Social Media Marketing

published on: 07.08.2017 last updated on: 16.11.2023

The world nowadays is digitized, and there are many gadgets that are at the disposal of customers. Some of the digital platforms that are available in the market are e-commerce. Plus, Television, Gadgets, social networks, smartphones, tablets, and much more. Before the digital revolution came into being, the role of marketers was to create captivating and catchy ads for outdoor advertising.  The digital era has made marketers undergo evolution and start taking advantage of social media. Plus, technology to distribute their messages. This age has come with a lot of data that customers can leverage to generate the right marketing strategies. Social media is big data. It is a good concept to master because to become successful in business, you need to understand how to use big data.

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How can you use big data to improve the results of small and big campaigns?

Many firms are leveraging data from many sources to improve the results of their campaigns. These campaigns are effective compared to traditional mass advertising strategies. The data and sources are quite overwhelming. One needs to necessitate investing in large and complex data analytics tools and databases for the available data. Uncovering the insights in this data will help you spot the opportunities available to engage with customers.

Why use big data?


If a certain brand offers you suggestions about Facebook that is customized. They link closely to your choices and likes, you will have to opt for it over other brands. Deep insights will help in creating custom-made communication with the clients with the aim increasing customer loyalty and retention.

Better insights

Better insights When you use big data in social media marketing, you will get insights about your target customers plus the competitors. Understanding the sentiments of the market helps in the generation of winning strategies.

Decision making and risk taking

When you have insights and evidence when using big data in social media marketing, you will make confident decisions. Risk taking will become fruitful and calculated because you will have data to back it up.

Importance of big data in social media marketing

Improved effectiveness of the campaigns

With increased competition as a result of opened-up borders and the digital age on the internet. Marketers need to have ways of interpreting and understanding data speedily. Given the available amount of data, big data tools in social media will help in deriving actionable insights. For the business, the data may include the flow of inventory of the year, lulls and peaks of shopping periods, customer preferences and behaviors. When you use big data in social media marketing, you will b able to visualize the data and come up with practical insights. You will then bring together customer relation teams to hold data-driven discussions that have factual evidence that supports ideas. The later decisions are based on the collective understanding of the information and minds that will lead to business improvement.

You will gain more customers and reduce churn

Analyzing data using big data in social media marketing means that you will equip your marketing teams with the right preferences. Plus, demand changes and habits that will improve the overall business experience.

For example, you will be able to track your business performance, pivot, and tweak to maximize income from clients. Improving customer experience needs to remain at the top of your list. Especially given customers are free to go to other businesses at any time. [lab_subscriber_download_form download_id=1] Large businesses have a lot of data to sort out because they have big customer databases.

You need to use big data social media marketing as it will help you troubleshoot and implement analytics of this data. This will reduce the time needed to make decisions. Big businesses have the challenge of making sense of the data in the databases. Big data is effective in this situation as it sifts through the data in real time to generate sensible data.

This info relates to the experience of the customer in terms of bounce rates, pages visited, and the amount of time spent on a particular page. You may then use the pages and elements to make navigation easy for customers. Plus, make unique additional tools that will make customers loyal and happy. This information will help marketing teams to come up with the right ways and strategies to engage with customers.

Use past events data to plan for the future

When you are using big data in social media marketing, you will use the data-driven strategy to analyze what has worked in the past so that you can make a decision going forward. You can use the backup from insights and other sources of data to plan for future campaigns and activities with a degree of certainty. This aspect is critical for businesses that are constantly questioning their offerings and tweaking them to offer the right customer experience.

Being data savvy, as a marketer, is the only way of remaining relevant in the social media landscape. You need to invest in big data because it has the right analytics tools, collects data in real-time, has interactive dashboards, and has advanced methods to store data. While the initial outlay might seem dismal, if you have the willingness to invest, you will receive a return. Yes, a return that is worth more than what you have with customer engagement and satisfaction.

More On Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing data is the fuel that will power your digital campaign towards success. While you might be having some offline data like the names and addresses of consumers, it is vital to understand that marketing channels are cheap to maintain in the long run, especially if you implement big data in social media marketing.

Over the last few years, some digital marketing firms have been growing in popularity, like content marketing and search engine optimization. Marketing teams need to be comfortable with all marketing channels so that the consumers can realize the value generated. The teams need to learn non-conventional sources of data like social posts and consumer transactions and search for information as they are the main sources of data for big data.

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