Is Leaflet Distribution Dead? How To Make It Attractive Again



Contrary to popular belief, leaflet distribution is effective if done correctly. According to the latest facts and figures, 48% of consumers will respond to advertisements through leaflets, while 79% will simply glance, throw, or pass that leaflet away.

Now, your job is to not concentrate on the 79% but rather on the 48%, which has the potential to turn into the right audience. Therefore, if you are a business that is growing from its infancy, leaflet distribution is the right way to move forward.

What Is Leaflet Distribution

If you are searching ‘does leaflet delivery still works’, then you already know this marketing method.

However, if this is your first time hearing this term, then here is a simple definition.

Leaflets are loose printed paper that you hand over to the masses on a roadside or public place. They generally contain this five advertising aspect:

  • Introducing a new company.
  • Showcasing their offers.
  • Informing the audience about a new business location.

This was a form of advertisement that became popular right after industrialization and the popularization of printed advertisements.

Why Leaflets Losing Popularity

But, in recent years, leaflets are lost their charm, and marketers blame these drawbacks:

  • Audiences spend most of their time on phones rather than being present in their surroundings.
  • They are likely to want to see an advertisement in the digital medium.
  • Their attention span is depleting, and they do not like to read anything with a heavy textual format.

However, marketing Mongols also believed that targeting these weaknesses and turning them into strengths would help liven leaflet distribution again.

So, how do we do this?

How To Make Leaflet Distribution Interesting

Out of all the leaflets you are distributing, 23% of which will read them properly. There is a possibility of that 10% to give you a call and ask about your business. However, in order to get that lead generation, you have to make your leaflet more interesting.

This is how you are going to do so!

1. The Power Of Right Message

91% of unhappy customers never take help from the same business again. Why? Because they weren’t able to fulfill their requirements. In a market of endless competitors, your customers may move to a different company.

Your efforts to please your target audience begin with providing the right message. If your leaflet is not targeting a pain point or promising to solve an issue in their life, no amount of Copywriting magic can make it attractive.

2. Keep It Simple

You do not have to place your entire company history in one loose leaflet. If you believe providing more information will attract more customers, ask yourself this important question –

Are they willing to read the information you are providing?

What is the point of placing your company ethos in the second paragraph of the leaflet when your audience will be bored after the first paragraph?

  • Therefore, keep it simple.
  • Easy to understand, &
  • Most importantly, short!

3. The Presentation Matters

It is no secret that we are attracted to beautiful objects. Anything which is aesthetically pleasing is likely to allure more than the other.

  • Use vibrant color schemes.
  • The texture of your leaflet paper is also important. People feel less bad throwing a normal paper away than a velvet one.
  • Use the right graphic designer to make your designs unique.
  • Do not forget to add your logo. A catchy logo will help your customer base remember your brand.
  • Use bold letters and text.

4. Diversify Your Channels

Leaflet distribution shouldn’t be your only means of brand awareness, especially if you are a new brand about to make your name.

If you are distributing physical copies on the street, your audience should also know you from social media and email marketing.

Studies show that people are more likely to pick a leaflet of a company they are well aware of than a company they have never heard of.

5. Pick The Right Space

Sometimes you can do everything with your leaflet. It could be a creative genius with all the right messages and yet fail to garner attention.

One reason is picking the wrong spaces of distribution.

You cannot go during an office hour on a busy street and try to distribute pamphlets. Naturally, you are likely to irritate a few.

Leaflet distribution has a time and place.

  • Lunch hours near an office whose business you are trying to target.
  • For corporate events, you can have a leaflet on each table.
  • Events and fairs where everyone is more present in reality than browsing through their phones.

Why Leaflet Distribution Is Not Dead

For every skeptic who is not getting the confidence to invest in the least distribution, here are some of the reasons why it won’t be dead anytime soon.

  • The leaflet is a quick and easy way to convey a message.
  • You will be ahead of your customers who are not using this method.
  • It helps create a brand identity since they can now relate a logo, a color scheme, and a service with the bold name on the leaflet.
  • It opens a physical outlet of marketing when everyone is only concerned about the digital form.

Leaflet distribution can bring you satisfactory results if you plan it correctly and get help from the right source. Someone who has cracked the art of doing so and is willing to offer their services.


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