The people going 'monk mode' to limit social media use

Limiting Social Media Use: Time For #Monkmode To Improve Focus?

Did you know about apps that could help in limiting social media use? An app called Freedom has become popular of late to help you restrict social media use and focus more on work. Fred Stutzman has developed the Freedom application. Today, this application has over 2.5 million users in the world. 

We feel this constant urge to scroll through our social media feeds, and there is always a sense of FOMO at play. So, we need to check how much we want to use the apps, and thus, we can “limit ourselves.”

#Monkmode” is a term that has gone viral in this context. It is everywhere on TikTok. As I pen this news, I see over 77 million views for the hashtag. 

The viral trend asks you to focus on a single job at a time sans any social media distractions. It is never easy to cut off from the internet and social media. However, this has become crucial if you consider the distractions working professionals and students face at large. 

#Monkmode is also about helping you to become more productive in your life, cutting the flab and frills. So, it is a method that can change your way of living. 

Further, you can make small changes in your habits. Thus, you will no longer have to rely on apps to limit social media use.

Suppose you want to spend less time watching YouTube videos. You can open your laptop in the morning. Then, make a planner and ask yourself about the tasks you need to complete in a day. This clarity of thought will help you to cut down the time you spend on YouTube. It will make you conscious about your responsibilities. 

In addition, #monkmode is a way to keep you grounded and works as a reality check in the age of instant gratifications. It teaches you that you have to be disciplined and have to work hard on a regular basis to achieve something. Life is not a “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” show. You have to earn everything. 

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