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How To Market A Modern Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium



Jellyfish tanks? Does this sound a little bit different to you? Selling a jelly fish tanks is a little bit different than selling regular fish tanks. Do your customers want to decorate their desks with jellyfish tanks?

Purchasing a product that is available on the internet is not that comfortable for most consumers. You need to present something authentic, operational, and low-cost at the same time. It is also not very difficult to find a suitable buyer for your modern aquarium. You just have to know how to reach out to authentic customers. That’s all.

Marketing Tips For Selling Modern Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium 

You will go to have 1000s of jellyfish tank competitors in the market. You have to make something unique to stay on this ground. And then comes projecting out which brand would be good for your customers. 

Thousands and a lot of brands are popping up each day. But staying in the market is most important. From a modern aquarium stand to jellyfish tanks, everything requires a neat look before coming to the market.

First, you need to consider what kind of price range you’re perfect for your customers and their expected budget. 

Second, your transportation types. These modern aquariums are made with glass. So your transportation needs to be well protected. Keep that point in your mind while delivering the product.

1. Show The Beautiful Clear Body Of Jellyfish !!! Fantastic Beast

Jellyfish are, by all odds, fascinating beasts that are almost mesmerizing to watch … you could state they are the lava lamps of the kingdom Animalia. Unluckily for aquarists, all the same, they as well cannot be kept on in a usual aquarium, as they will get stopped up in the water filtration consumption. 

That is why Duke University Biology and Environmental Science alumnus Alex Andon began experimenting with accommodating regular fish tanks to make them jellyfish friendly. Later having a few successes with dealing with these converted jellyfish tanks online, he chose to begin making them from zero. His San Francisco Company, Jellyfish Art, is nowadays selling them as the best desktop jellyfish tanks. 

2. For An Aquatic Fish Tank, Make Your Tank Simple But Unique

Water is carried through a level of rock on the lowest and is carried up the same side of the acrylic spherical fish tank (along with circularized air supplied by a pump) to the surface. 

From that place, it comes back down the different side and is over again, sopped up down through the rocks. This makes a ringed flow, which is said to keep the jellyfish centralized in the middle. 

The stone is, in reality, what is recognized as living granite, meaning that it has been “planted” with live nitrogenating bacteria. This dish is out to crack up and nullify the jellyfish waste. Every week partial water changes are all the same necessary, however. 

3. Use The Proper Lighting For Your Jellyfish Tank

The beasts themselves are non-injurious to humans, moon jellyfish, which can be bought for almost US$39 each from the verified company. They will be nightlong transported from the company’s bringing up facility, simply are just acquirable to residents of the continental United States. 

The 7-gallon (26.5 L) fish tank is reportedly capable of supporting equal to 5 of the critters, which eat up frozen plankton, i.e. As well as acquirable from some verified companies. 

Light is allowed by an inbuilt LED lamp, the gloss of which can be altered utilizing a remote control. 

They are presently bringing up funds to get commercialized production of the desktop jellyfish tanks and anticipate the 1st tanks to be prepared within a couple of months. An assurance of US$350 will hold you a tank and a coupon for a newbie kit that lets in food and 3 jellyfish.

4. Guide Your Customer And Tell Them How To Take Care Of It

As the modern aquarium decor, the jellyfish are all very unique. One jellyfish live more than  300 hundred years. Even scientists are also saying this beautiful creature can live forever.

So even the creature can live forever, but it requires maintenance, food, and, most important, the right temperature. The jellyfish are sensitive to high temperatures. If your customers already have previous experiences of keeping the jellyfish as their pets, then it’s ok. But if they do not have that experience. Then it’s your responsibility to tell them about the proper maintenance process.

First, keep your tank clean and maintain the proper temperature. You have to maintain the salinity of 28-30 in thousands. The food of the Jellyfish is nitrifying bacteria. They need to feed twice a day.

Your customers can take help from professionals. Other than this, they can maintain the tank themselves.

Scoop out the jellyfish with a net. Then remove 20% of the tank’s water. Then clean it and add the water. After water filling, add the sea salt. And check the temperature.

The perfect temperature for the jellyfish is between 70-72 degrees Fahrenheit. Less than 60 Fahrenheit is actually affecting the health of the jellyfish. So always tell this point to your customer.

Moon jellyfish can tolerate temperatures up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the basic information that every jellyfish owner should know. You can also start a blog or Facebook page where you can describe the maintainers and the caring process of the jellyfish-filled modern aquarium. These pages are going to work as your brand name. You do not have to give any separate advertisements for this.

Wrapping It Up:

The modern aquarium of Jellyfish is a nice desktop item. The colors of the jellyfish are not very unique and vibrant. But the main attractions of the jellyfish are their decorations and the tank’s lights. For keeping the jellyfish, no one requires a gigantic fish tank.

All they require is a fine and sleek design that can maintain the temperature. Your nearby places are the best place for starting your marketing work. So use these tips and turn your passion into a profession.

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