power of a pen holder for your marketing strategy

The Power Of A Pen Holder For Your Marketing Strategy

published on: 28.09.2022 last updated on: 29.09.2022

It takes a lot to keep pace in the business world. Marketing is the most important and competitive thing in a business. Businesses should be based on the latest and unique marketing trends. Your win game can get stronger through Social media and digital marketing and is the only way to stand out in the business world. What about traditional business marketing with a pen holder? Is it getting obsoleted?

Or is it so? Does a businessman have to spend plenty of dollars on digital advertising to get hype for his business? Have the old marketing tricks of marketing become obsolete? Does gifting an ad-written pen holder becoming an old trend?

Let’s see how to give a makeover to these outstanding marketing techniques.

Are These Conventional Techniques Turning Old?

The fact is conventional tricks of marketing still function, especially when they are done correctly. Using a Pen Holder is the oldest trick in the marketing book to make products that use your name, logo, or the company’s brand name.

Never Old Concept:

So the next thought that comes to mind is that the pen is dead and out of use in this era of laptops, phones, and social media. If you are thinking the same, then think again. Many people still put pen to their diaries and notebooks daily.

More importantly, such people involved in writing are the ones who take care of their pens a lot and keep them in a safe place. They usually have a collection of pens. They place them in a pen holder.

The pen holder is probably the best way to keep a pen collection and support your marketing for your business.

Let’s have a look at the true power of this strategy for your business advertisement.

We’ll also cover in this article a businessman can effectively implement this pen holder strategy with this pen holder in the existing business world.

It Will Carry Your Brandname:

You must combine effective marketing strategy with utility. This useful marketing tool can carry your brand’s message, advertising graphics, and designs. You must also apply them to a pen holder.

You should keep this pen holder on your desk so any client who comes to your office gets an intro about your brand. You can style the pen holder with a message that they’ll appreciate.

This pen holder will work as a mailing tool they’ll place around. Furthermore, it will remind them about you and your brand for longer whenever they see it.

Different Style And Designs Are Available For The Penholders:

There are many styles and designs of pen holders. One of the unique pen holder designs is the Hexagon Pen Pot ships flat and squeezes into a fully dimensional shape.

This will have six dimensions that will display six sides for your brand’s message. It will also cut the center for holding a pen collection and or your drawing pencils.

More Customization Options:

All of these six sides of a hexagonal pen holder can be customized. It will fit your perfect message for every client that comes to your office, using detailed graphic design. Customize your pen holder with any design, custom message, or with any other thing you want to display on it.

This pen holder should consider what your customers or prospects can place on the office tables that give them ease for keeping their pens safe at a place, benefiting your business in the process.

Creative Marketing Ideas Which You Can Do With Penholders

A customized pen holder carries your company brand name and recognization. If you are thinking of doing the advertisement in more traditional ways, then using the pen holder is a very innovative solution.

Here are some of the customization tips which you can use to make your pen holder one of the innovative advertisement gift options.

Type The Brand Name On The Holder Of the Pen:

When you are using the pen holder that already has the encrypted graphic, you are actually advertising for your brand. While you are using the pen holder, you are going to sign up for any of the documents like the credit card bills or anything people are going to notice. Hence there is no doubt why this small piece of the token is still now on the market.

Present It As The Token Of Appreciation:

You can gift it as a token of appreciation. For example, when one of your employees is going to perform well, you can send them this pen as a gift. So when they are taking retirement from their job, they are going to carry this as a memento. The pen holder and pen both are carrying this memento as a token of appreciation.

Add It In The Occasional Gift Bucket:

You can also add the pen holder to your occasional gift bucket and gift it to your employees or clients. These small tokens will develop a stronger bond with your clients. But on the other hand, it’s also going to work as an advertisement medium. For the occasional gift item, these pen holders are best.

Donate It:

You can add these items to the corporate donation packages, or you can add these items to the donation gift packages. When you are donating the packages, your brand name can reach out to many more consumers or clients. So for the branding and the advertisement pen holders can be a great present.

Wrapping It Up:

A pen holder is a very traditional corporate gift. The popularity of pen holders is wide. Because these are not just corporate gifts. These are the memento and an advertisement mediums. One corporate pen holder is always carrying the name of the brand. And this is the main reason which makes the pen holder a most attractive and classy gift, which works both ways.

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