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Marketing And Sales: 5 Information Search Software Products



Information research software is vital in marketing and making sales. The software can be used to get more information about leads to build a pipeline. The tools can easily penetrate different data sources, making it easier to market to a customer in a tailor-made way that will increase the likelihood of making a sale. 

The additional information sourced through personal records search can make the difference and increase the conversion rate. This can be used to get pre-qualifying details about potential customers for a better match-up with products and services without wasting money and time. 

5 Personal Records Search Software

5 Personal Records Search SoftwareThe information search software is helping you to find all the records of your clients. These tools check the audience’s background and provide you with a record of the personal histories of your audiences.

Here are five of the best tools for a personal records search:

1. Truthfinder

When it comes to background check information search services, Truthfinder is one of the most popular. It is easy to do a check on Truthfinder, and the report is very thorough as the tool accesses various large public databases and produces information within minutes. 

The report on a search can go beyond public records to private and confidential records, including hidden social media profiles or contact details, arrest records, police reports, location, and others that are accurate and more reliable than many other services. 

With Truthfinder, you don’t need to provide additional details to do a reverse phone search. Just the number typed into the search engine can get you the identity of a caller with further details.

2. Instant Checkmate

Instant checkmate is a reverse phone lookup directory, and a general people search tool that allows users to do personal record searches by aggregating data from various publicly available databases. 

With instant checkmate, you can easily key in a number to get the owner’s contact information. When you run a search through the directory, it presents you with a list of close matches and allows you to obtain a more detailed report for the individual results. 

It is regarded as the largest because of the powerful information search engine that includes reports on property information, vehicles, past and current addresses, family members, criminal or arrest records, traffic records, marriages, and bankruptcies.

3. Intelius 

Intelius is one of the largest people lookup services available. The tool can provide the name, history, address, phone type from a phone number with more detailed background information. 

The service has multiple unique search tools that allow a user to go deeper with a search. With Intelius, you get additional background information that includes information search details like a criminal record, financial information, educational history, and more. 

It can be used to review property data with visualizations added to it through the aid of graphs that show how all the information from the search report is connected. You can easily use Intelius for a full background check as a paid service.

4. SpyDialer

When you need to know more about the person you called or sent a text to, Spy dialer is one of the fastest ways to do this. The search works with landlines, mobile phones, and email addresses (including not published numbers). 

The information search service can be used from almost anywhere globally to do a personal records search. For example, when you get suspicious about a call or want to find information about a number, Spydialer uses data from public records to reveal details about the caller’s identity. 

One thing that sets Spydialer apart is it’s completely free, and one can run unlimited searches (50 per day), so you don’t have to pay to get the search results.

5. Radaris

When you need a comprehensive tool to search for personal records online, look no further than Radaris personal record search software. Radaris search pieces together information from various data repositories with access to billions of publicly available records. 

The information search platform is reliable and more accurate due to the constant update of records. You can use this to find out personal documents using a phone number from a call or perform an email search. 

Radaris can be used to access names, address history, professional records, social network data, images, patent filings, and more. You can also monitor your online presence by doing a record search on yourself, allowing you to remove things you don’t want to be publicly available online.


All of these five information search platforms are pretty effective in showing the personal information of the audiences. Sometimes not only for the audience records, but the information search will also help you analyze the records of the friends.

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