Meta Launches A New Batch Of Generative-AI Features For This Holiday Season

Meta Launches A New Batch Of Generative-AI Features For This Holiday Season



This holiday season, Meta comes up with a lot of new generative AI elements. These features include exciting changes like post prompts and image creation in-stream. There also has been an expansion in the availability of virtual characters.

So, you can now use the text-to-image tool of Meta, “reimagine.” The evolving features of the platform further make your experience a more exciting and accessible one. Earlier, the Imagine tool was only available to a group of selected users of the Messenger chat. With this latest development, more users can now use Imagine for visual creations.

In this context, Meta says,

“One of Meta AI’s most commonly used features across our messaging apps is imagine, our text-to-image generation capability that lets you create and share images on the fly. We’re always looking for ways to make our AIs even more fun and social, so today we’re excited to add a new feature to Meta AI on Messenger and Instagram called reimagine. Here’s how it works in group chat: Meta AI generates and shares the initial image you requested, then your friend can press and hold on the picture to riff on it with a simple text prompt and Meta AI will generate an entirely new image.”

In addition, with the incorporation of the new image-creatin in-stream element, kicking the images back and forth becomes possible. So, you are going to have a fun-filled experience, trying wild things and realizing wild ideas with the images.

In addition, Meta makes the chat personas accessible to more users. As a result, you will now be able to engage with the AI personas of names like Tom Brandy, Kendall Jenner, and others.  Moreover, there will be a real-time discovery capacity. This real-time discovery will be possible through Bing. The AI-bots will also have a long-term memory. Thus, the bots will be able to relate to the context of your previous conversations.

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