Meta Continues Working On Messaging Interoperability

In Adherence To EU Laws, Meta Continues Working On Messaging Interoperability



Users of other applications will now be able to send you messages to Messenger thanks to the messaging interoperability introduced by Meta. However, every Messenger user may not still get messages coming from other applications. It has been quite a few months now since Meta has been trying to make third-party messaging or interoperability possible.

Meta has been working on this so that the app can connect to other people especially ones who are still not using the Meta applications. However, the cross-app connections with non-Meta applications started getting interesting with the New Digital Markets Act or D.M.A of the European Union in place.

According to D.M.A., platforms that are like gatekeepers and establish relations between consumers and businesses, along with some core services, need to boost third-party application connections. This will allow users to have more control and choices over how they want to use the social media platforms.

However, there is one thing you must make a note of. The new D.M.A. rules may imply that users in the European Union will only experience the interoperability of the messaging application, and people outside the zone may not experience the same interoperability.

In addition, WhatsApp is the most-used messaging platform in the world. So, even with interoperability implemented, the chances of messaging and connectivity going out of the Meta ecosystem are less. Meta has not come up with the full details or rollout on the interoperability of messaging. However, it will definitely enable users in the European Union to connect to more people through the messaging app.

Having said that, it’s time to see how the users in the European Union take advantage of the feature and how they use it. How the EU users make use of interoperability will further decide whether Meta will launch the feature in other territories or not.

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