Meta Employee Speaks about Online Sexual Harassment

Former Senior Member Speaks Out About Meta Failing To Protect Teens From Online Sexual Harassment



Former senior members at Meta have provided a few statements about Meta and its efforts in protecting young teens. He claimed that the social media platform isn’t doing its best to protect teens from cyber sexual harassment.

Arturo Bejar, the former senior member, is well aware of his whistleblowing. Plus, he is well aware he can never return to Meta as an employee again. Bejar, who was terrified in front of the US Congress on Tuesday, 14 November, worked in the protection department of Meta.

He worked for Instagram and Facebook from 2009 to 2015. Upon taking a break, he again worked for the company from 2019 to 2021. 

Bjear commented that Meta has brought more than 30 tools to protect teens from such advances over the platform. Although, until 2015, after he left the company, Bejar thought them to be working well, all his concerns came rushing back. 

It was when he saw his 14-year-old daughter getting misogyny and sexual advances a week after opening her account.

In an interview with BBC, Mr.Bejar comments on the lack of a report button on Instagram.

“It is not very difficult to add a button and a counter.” Bejar spoke from his first-hand experience after working in the company. Adding to this, he said, “The reason behind they are not doing so is because there is no transparency regarding the danger teens face in the platform.” (Source)

Calling it a retirement from technology, the former senior member made the decision to speak up. In fact, he is also taking the matter to the government, hoping that the US Congress would take some action.

Especially when there are several consensus all across the political sphere in order to protect teens from such cyber harms, Bejar concluded that it is high time for platforms like to take such legislations seriously.

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