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The phenomenon that shook the entire world in the last decade, what became a sensation is Facebook. 

So, when we have to think about not using the term ‘Facebook’ in our daily conversation, it is surreal.

What am I talking about? Did Facebook Change Its Name? 

Well here is a shocking update for all of you. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO himself, has made a very public Twitter announcement about his decision to change the term ‘Facebook’ to ‘Meta’. According to him, the metaverse is where people will find themselves in the next ten years. 

This is not the first time Zuckerberg has proven he thinks ahead of his time and introduces elements far before, knowing they would be in the major limelight in the future. 

So, here are some of the pressing questions spiraling over the internet by ardent Facebook users. 

Why Is Facebook Changing Its Name To Meta?

No one is too surprised on seeing this as the first question. Although Genz has shifted more towards its younger counterpart Instagram, Facebook still holds to be one of the pioneer sources for digital marketing and online business

Therefore, it is plausible for people to worry about the new changes and what reforms they have to adjust to. 

Let’s first read the words of reasoning from the owner himself. 

On Thursday he wrote on twitter. 

“From now on, we’re going to be metaverse first, not Facebook first’. Bidding a farewell to the decade old name, the CEO also said in the same thread. 

“Our brand is so tightly linked to one product that it can’t possibly represent everything we’re doing today, let alone the future”.

However, if someone is especially worried about the configuration or the corporate structure then you will be glad to know that, although they are expanding the virtual spaces, allowing people more of a digital avatar for interaction. The trading will carry on under the ticker symbol. 

However, it has been said that the other Meta counterparts like Instagram and WhatsApp are being housed in a different division while Facebook will run under reality labs; which will consist of all its augmented reality. 

Why Did Facebook Become Meta?

Keeping aside all the futuristic leadership thoughts, there is a serious reason for Facebook to change to Meta and it boils down to a very public scandal which was created by its former product manager Frances Haugen and her infamous document leaks. 

Zuckerberg immediately claimed it to be a ‘false picture’ and realized that a game changing reformation was a long time coming to conceal the new scandal with the talk of something else. 

However, Forreter vice president made a brutally honest comment and the public’s reaction is bittersweet. In his latest Twitter thread he said.

“If Meta doesn’t address its issues beyond a defensive and superficial altitude, those same issues will occupy the metaverse,” 

To which Zuckerberg jumped to answer that the current reformation had nothing to do with the scandal that was brewing. 

“Even though I think some people might want to make that connection, I think that’s sort of ridiculous.’

‘If anything, I think that this is not the environment that you would want to introduce a new brand in.’ 

Answered the CEO in the Twitter thread.

So, all in all Zuckerberg insists this news to be the beginning of a new era for the application and has guaranteed to have been working behind making the controversies clear. 

Mark Zuckerberg has also confirmed the new platform to be an embodiment in the internet where you are not just looking or scrolling through but also having an experience.’ 

What Does Meta Means?

It is a new digital universe that gives users the experience with spaces created for augmented realities and photorealistic avatars. Now you will be able to move through the application with wrist movements and gestures, voice recognitions and voice interactions. 

Zuckerberg claims that the immersive virtual will take online shopping, travelling and socializing to the next level. 

With every company running to top the competition in the metaverse, Facebook aka Meta is already taking the next major step to make its name for the next decade. 

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