Meta Goes For Live Test Of New Audiobox AI Audio Generation Tools

Meta Conducts A Live Testing Of New Audiobox AI Audio Generation Tools To Generate Voices & Sound Effects



Meta came up with a preview of its generative AI Audio project, Audiobox, last month. This month, the platform conducts a live testing of Audiobox with new AI audio-generation tools. The demo of the project is now available publicly. So, you can use the demo version to generate customized audio.

The audio will be based on your own voice and the text prompt inputs you provide. This is surely the latest addition to Meta’s advancement into the domain of generative AI.

About Audiobox, Meta says,

Audiobox is Meta’s new foundation research model for audio generation. It can generate voices and sound effects using a combination of voice inputs and natural language text prompts – making it easy to create custom audio for a wide range of use cases.

Many users are happy with the launch of these audio-generative tools from Meta. However, many social media users find the advancements to be freaky. They think that social media users are not yet ready to handle these advanced AI-generative tools.

Despite Meta’s constant endeavor to adhere to security and safety compliances of all the regions, there are high chances of these tools being misused.

However, Audiobox, built on the frame of its predecessor Voicebox offers you better controllability. In this context, Meta says,

“Being able to use text and voice inputs also greatly enhances Audiobox’s controllability compared to Voicebox. Audiobox users can use text description prompts to specify the style of speech and sound effects, a feature that was not supported in Voicebox. When a voice input and text prompt are used together, the voice input anchors the timbre, and the text prompt can be used to change other aspects.”

In addition, you can use Audiobox to polish the sound effects you want for your content. Polishing sound effects is possible now thanks to the audio-infilling capacity of Audiobox.

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