Mistakes To Avoid With Web Design

5 Mistakes To Avoid With Web Design

published on: 29.11.2023 last updated on: 06.12.2023

If you are planning a business startup, your company website will be your portal to the digital world, and a great deal of thought should go into the design. If you are not exactly IT savvy, this might seem like a momentous challenge to build a digital platform. 

The website is possibly the first thing visitors see when they come searching for your brand. Hence, mistakes must be avoided at the time of its creation. With that in mind, here are a few web design mistakes to avoid, which remain constant at the time of web building and hosting. 

So, let’s get started…

Website Design: What’s The Hype All About?

To put it simply, website design refers to the process of strategizing, conceptualizing, and leveraging the design plan for a website. In order for a website to be good enough, it has to fulfill certain requirements. We will be discussing all of them, so do not worry! For now, you must understand the importance of a fully functional website, as it is the only thing viewable at first. 

A lot of information is included on the website. From your brand’s name to the services it offers, every little detail is attached to the site. But wait, if you are not doing this already, you are potentially losing out. In the next section of the article, let us discuss the elements of a good web design.

What Web Design Mistakes To Avoid?

Below, I have compiled a few common mistakes that can easily sabotage your website’s potential. Know them and take action against them before your site starts getting the worst results: 

Building The Website Yourself –

Even though you might have the knowledge to build a site, the amount of time and energy it would seriously impact your role as a business manager. Hire the services of an award-winning web design agency in Melbourne, and their team can take your concept and turn it into a professional-looking, functional website that reflects your company’s winning attitude.

Not Setting A Budget –

If you have no budget for the website project, it is very easy to spend much more than you had planned. It might please you to learn that a single provider can design, build, host, and administrate your digital platform. This is the preferred solution that also covers top-rated cyber-security, which is essential for every company website.

Choosing The Cheapest Hosting Package –

As you would expect, there are numerous web hosting packages, and you should be aware that the cheaper packages do not give you the bandwidth you need for fast page loading. Talk to your web designer about hosting options, and they will recommend a high bandwidth that can handle high volumes of traffic. The last thing you want is slow page loading, and as the site grows, you can upgrade your hosting package, maintaining a fast response. Click here for information to help you expand your business internationally.

Graphics Overload –

It is easy to add flashy graphics and therefore, you can go too far and end up with a site that distracts visitors with too much in the way of banners, buttons, and GIF images. These add-ons also use bandwidth and that can impact loading speeds; have an informal Zoom call with your web designer and mention that you want the site to be visually appealing but not at the cost of functionality.

Site Navigation Issues –

If navigating the site is not smooth, this will send users away, the web designer should always focus on easy navigation; once the platform goes live, ask employees and friends to check out the site and provide accurate feedback. It is critical to understand the user experience, and this is only possible with genuine feedback.

Elements Of A Good Website Design

A good website design consists of various elements. The first in the list of web design mistakes to avoid is to re-think these elements. Here is a small summary of them:


First things first, a website must be easily navigable along with the menu items. A user should not have to search page after page just to get a search bar. Make sure to offer easy access to each and every option. A great idea is to make a site map available so that your users don’t get lost in the way. 

Visual Appeal

Humans are mostly visual-oriented. Hence, using captivating graphics might just be the best way to create an appealing site. If you want to make the most of the first 10 seconds after visitors land on your website, start focusing on the aesthetics. A pro tip is not to go too overboard and just make use of soft fonts. Animation or flash intros can simply make the site’s loading speed slow. 

User Friendly

An intuitive website that is amicable for any device is the need of the hour. Don’t restrict your users to any particular device when it comes to accessing your website. Moreover, web designers must know that not having a user-friendly site is a web design mistake to avoid. If your site works well both on mobile devices and laptops, they are worth spending time in. 

Parting Words

Take your time choosing a web designer. You could talk to several designers, and if you make a connection with one, he or she would be the right choice. The web designer would be happy to share a video call with you, which would be free and without obligation.

You get the liberty to explain your concept, and the designer can get the information they need. Cyber-security is another essential aspect of website development that you can’t afford to be without.

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