What Data Is Google Analytics Goals Unable To Track

What Data Is Google Analytics Goals Unable To Track?

published on: 15.03.2021 last updated on: 12.05.2021

What Data Is Google Analytics Goals Unable To Track?

  1. Customer’s lifetime value
  2. Making a purchase
  3. Signing up for a newsletter
  4. Watching a video

Correct Answer – Customer’s lifetime value

If you are looking for the answer to “what data is google analytics goals unable to track?”, the answer would be “Customer’s lifetime value”. 

Now take a brief look at the subject.

You have surely heard the name Google Analytics at least once in your life. Google is a platform that is known by every person on the globe, even children as well. Google always stuns us with something new every now and then. And among all the services that Google provides, Google Analytics is one of the major names.

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool offered by Google. It shows a complete overview of a website. Google launched this service in November 2005. As of 2021 Google Analytics is the most widely-used analytic tool in the world. 

Google Analytics helps us to track a website’s performance based on multiple metrics. It collects the data of the websites and produces a compact result that shows the website’s activity.

Google analytics can show every piece of data related to your website. The traffic, real-time visitors, Geographical locations of the visitors, The type of the traffic(Organic, referral, or others), bounce rate, and even the visitor’s behavior. It even shows us the devices that the users used to reach our sites. 

These data are very valuable for market research and other purposes. When you have all this data at your fingertip, then it helps to understand what is going well for business and whatnot. And this eventually helps you to create a more impactful marketing strategy with ease.

Google Analytics is a very useful analytic tool when it comes to digital marketing. When you have a business that runs on digital platforms, then it needs the best exposure and Google Analytics helps you to figure out what is most essential to grow your brands digitally.

But as every coin has two sides, the same goes for Google Analytics. There are numerous ways Google Analytics helps you to analyze your website’s performance, but there are limitations as well. Certain data is there which Google Analytics is unable to track.

Yes, you heard it right. Google Analytics is unable to track data like “Customer’s lifetime value”. Now if you have never heard of this thing or don’t have any idea about it, then keep on reading to know what does “Customer’s lifetime value” mean? And why Google Analytics doesn’t show it.

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What Is The “Customer’s lifetime value?”

what is Customer's lifetime value

“Customer’s lifetime value” or CLV is a metric that is calculated in order to identify the value of a customer. In simple words, it is the annual amount of money that a customer will bring to your brand. It is obvious that the more profit a customer will give, the more investment the brand will make to sustain that relationship.

CLV is a calculative term. The higher the CLV is, the higher the chances are that the customer will come back to you. So, when a brand knows and identifies a customer who would come back to make a purchase again, it is indeed a priority to keep a good relationship with him/her.

Now when you have a brief idea of “What is the “Customer’s lifetime value” is, now you should know how to calculate it.

How To Calculate “Customer’s Lifetime Value”?

Customer’s lifetime value = (average value of a purchase) X (number of times the customer will buy each year) X (average length of the customer relationship (in years))

Example – If a person buys shoes of your brand 3 times a year, the average value of the shoes are $100 per pair and if the customer is buying your shoes for three years, then-

The CLV would be – $100x3x3 = $900 

Now, you know what is CLV and how to calculate it. But the sad part is Google Analytics doesn’t show us this result. Though it is one of the most important metrics that every business should analyze, Google Analytics is unable to track Customer’s lifetime value.

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