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The spread of mobile phones to various parts of the world has made it quite easy for people to stay connected with each other regularly. Added to this is the expansion of the internet which has resulted in people being always on the internet today. This has made business marketers start promoting their business merchandises through cell phones and specialized mobile applications. The increase in affordability of cell phones and internet plans allows such a novel way of business marketing to thrive.

The photo-sharing social media application has similarly revolutionized business marketing on the internet. By using this app, marketing professionals upload photos of their products and promote them. Thus, it is now more than essential to have a business website that has designs which are optimized for use on smartphones also. Because people will visit your site through their smartphones and it will also allow you to integrate your website with your Instagram profile.

Mobile design is essential:

Earlier on web designers and graphic designers would design business websites in such a manner that random users could easily access the sites from their desktops and laptops. The central principle on which proper graphic design is based is that it has to be simple, minimal, visually appeal to people and entice the user. The increase in smartphone usage has ensured that today more people browse the internet right from their mobile phones, rather than open their computers. With time, this number will only increase, as people will do simpler tasks of browsing from their phones, and leave more complex actions and functions to be performed from their computers.

Instagram is necessary:

The most popular application for social media is Instagram today. It is no longer an application where people upload their photos. Today it is a popular platform on which business owners can display or market their business products. Today the average monthly user base of Instagram is 400 million people. What this means is that there potentially 400 million people out there who can become your potential customers. If you can market your products correctly and accurately, you will be able to expose your business to such a large number of people. You can easily do this by uploading your product photos in a lot of high-quality pictures and videos on Instagram. Along with this, you should provide essential links to your business website within the captions so that the visitors can go to your business website also. While Instagram will display your products, your business website will be the place where the purchase will be made from. Thus, you must ensure that your business website can function properly on mobile phones.

When you link the two, you will save your customer’s precious time:

The main reason why this idea to link your official business website with your Instagram is crucial is because it saves time. The consumers will not want to waste their precious time going about in a site looking for products which they might want to buy. They shall not only have to locate those products but also go through their details to see if they want it. Primarily, they would take a glance around to see if there is something which they like and which caught their eye. It is only after this that they will go through the finer details will they decide to buy the product. When you have a simple graphic design, you will ensure that the visitors can find out the products which they want without much effort.

Thus, if you would display these products of yours on your business profile on Instagram, then people can be able to go through them quickly. If they find a product which they like, then they can shift from Instagram to the business website swiftly, right on their mobile phone. After this, they will have to make the payment and complete the purchase. But to do this, it is vital that you have optimized the graphic designs of your business website for use in smartphones.

Once again, it needs to be emphasized that whatever strategy of marketing you follow on the internet, in order to get any tangible results, you will have to increase your followers on Instagram. You can visit to learn how you can improve your Instagram followers and also develop an incredible graphic design for your business website.

Increased use of mobile phones and internet – Lead to the integration of Instagram in business sites:

These days, smartphones and mobile phones have got a huge market, and they have penetrated into different parts of the world and several sections of society. Now both remote places and urban cities have access to smartphones and the internet. Because of this, today we find people more connected than ever before. Added to this is the reduced cost of internet plans. Today more people can afford a stable internet connection right on their phones. As a result of this, marketing professionals have to be able to now promote their business in smartphones also through the use of various applications and social media platforms.

Wrapping up:

Today, the most popular social media platform is Instagram. It has about 400 million active users from all around the globe and hence is a gold mine for marketing professionals. The popularity of cell phones and smartphones makes it mandatory that business owners now optimize their business websites and make them responsive also on mobile and smartphones. This will allow more and more people to come to your site right from their smartphones and complete their purchases. By doing this optimization, you will also integrate your business website with Instagram.

Incorporating Instagram based graphic designs will become simpler to do then also. And users can switch from Instagram and your business website effortlessly with this method, right from their phone. By doing this, you can have more visitors and more sales. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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