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Ways to Monitor Student Learning Online



With the Pandemic and lockdown situation, most of the learning organizations have turned online. And thus evaluating the students is solely dependent on the learning software used or the training platforms.

Choosing the best form of online assessment aims to make evaluation accurate thereby providing the right results of students’ learning online progress. A good assessment tool is essential for any school, organization, or company using learning online activities.

Here are some strategies that can help you succeed. Let’s take a closer look at how learners are assessed.

What are the Best Assessments for Learners?

What are the Best Assessments for Learners?

After experiencing how essential it is for participants to remain involved and motivated in their learning online, it is essential that you develop opportunities for assessment that reflect these components.

When implementing standard online tests and quizzes, the interaction between students and teachers can be improved by combining external teachers’ tools online. This can be done with ease using extensions and plug-ins from third parties that are compatible with LMS.

Here we will discuss some common types of educational software designed to provide your learners with the most interactive, informative, and even entertaining learning online experiences.                                                     

Tests and Quizzes

Simple questions whose answers are in the form of one word, multiple-choice, true/false, or select one type of questions are common ones to use for the assessment of student progress.

Apart from that, having pre-tests before starting a new module ensures learners have the necessary background knowledge.

After the module is completed, a post-test can be conducted to determine whether the learner has understood the content that was provided. Test scores are important in assessing these things, as they indicate the learner’s level of retention.

These things can be better done with the help of LMS like Cornerstone OnDemand, Docebo, Accord software, and many more. Most of these LMS have built-in analytics that helps course developers understand the learning online progress of their users.

Peer Assessment Activities

This is a very interactive and engaging method of assessment. You can give your learners a question, or situation to solve and challenge their ability to think and solve the problem.

They can use images, text, videos, and anything to solve and represent their answers. When everyone is done with the task, they can assess each others’ answers and provide feedback. The presence of instructors plays a vital role as they will make sure everyone’s opinion is valued and no one is getting offended.

This way the learners get to add knowledge to their understanding, as well as understand others’ perspectives.

Drag-And-Drop Activities

The idea behind this is to provide learners with a creative and exciting, yet reliable means of assessing themselves throughout the course. In creating this activity, learners have the opportunity to apply their problem-solving skills to analyze, categorize, and match information.

Learning online takes place through the physical act of selecting pictures or texts into different zones, enabling students to engage with their learning in yet another way. You can create these types of exercises or tasks by using LMS apps and software.



The best way to assess your learners is to add relevant games which have content from your course. Learners will love the process and developers can assess their learning process.

You can use game elements like flashcards with questions, scenario-based situations, conditional questions, and so many things. If they answer correctly, you can provide them with rewards or points to encourage them to perform better.

You can set these tasks and games for individuals, in pairs, or group activities. This will improve their communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.


Over the years, evaluation strategies have evolved on many different levels as online education has become one of the most widely accepted forms of learning online and development for companies. Through the use of a wide range of online assessment tools and software, supported by incorporating additional plug-ins on the best online education platforms, your learners’ concentration and interaction with other learners are enhanced. At the end of the day, these strategies will help to boost both your learners’ and educators’ enthusiasm about the learning process and have a positive effect on their confidence levels.

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