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Murf AI Review: A Highly Versatile Text-To-Speech AI Converter



Do you wish to create a social media or YouTube video but feel not-so-confident about your oratory skills? Do you wish to save money and not hire a voice instead? Why not use Murf AI instead?

Murf AI is an amazing AUI voice generation tool where you can upload your content script and generate AI voiceovers in 120+ voices and 20+ languages! Doesn’t that sound amazing?

If it does, then read this review post till the end!

Murf AI Features

The main feature of the Murf AI text-to-speech tool is to generate voiceovers for video. All you need to do is input some text, which it will then voice out. However, various features make Murf AI competent to do so best. These features are:

1. Text-To-Speech Conversion

Text-To-Speech Conversion
Add text, select voice, and boom!

The main feature of this tool is text-to-voice generation. All you need to do is create a script, upload, and boom! This tool will convert all your words into voice! Therefore, this makes voicing videos faster than before!

This AI tool has various voices to choose from. You get over 120 voices (both male and female) in over 20 languages. In addition, you also get to change various tonal characteristics of the voice, like its style and tone. You can use it with Audience AI to create content your audience will love!

Therefore, you can add pauses in places, making it sound like an actual human! In addition, you can also add ‘umms’ and ‘ahhs,’ making it sound like a real human!

2. Integration With Canva

Integration With Canva
Murf AI can voice your Canva projects now!

Do you use Canva? Do you want voice-overs for the videos that you make in Canva? If your answer is yes, then you are in luck!

It has full integration with Canva. You can import your voiceovers to your Canva projects if you link them both.

3. Integration With Google Slides

Integration With Google Slides
Voiceovers for your Google Slides? Count me in!

Using presentations over your Google Slides presentations is a surefire way to get your plans approved by your boss. Or, you can make your presentations have a stimulating and motivational voiceover to motivate your team members or subordinates!

This app makes it all possible by allowing you to import your voiceover to Google Slides. However, the feature is the fact that if you upload your voiceless presentation to Murf AI, it will even suggest using a specific voiceover to match its tone!

Therefore, if you are a blogger, you can, alongside Autoblogging AI to provide voiceovers and turn them into vlogs in the YouTube Creator Studio!

4. AI Voice Cloning

AI Voice Cloning
Yes, Murf AI can clone you too

With the help of the AI voice cloning feature, you can clone anyone’s voice. Therefore, if you want to clone your voice, you only have to provide your voice samples. 

Businesses love this feature since it helps them to save time and money to streamline this process. No longer will you have to do voiceovers for every video you make!

Additionally, you can feed this app anyone’s voice to clone it. Therefore, you can clone the voices of dead people (sounds creepy!) Do you want Micehal Jackson to provide voiceovers for your video? This app makes it all possible!

5. Murf AI API

You can use Murf AI on apps you develop as well.

While it can be integrated with various other applications, you can combine it with almost all apps. Additionally, if the Murf.API doesn’t support the app you are developing, you can request their developer to do so for a fee!

How To Use Murf AI?

Caption: See this video to learn how to make YouTube videos using Murf AI!

It’s easy to use Murf AI with the best AI special media post generators. To help you with your first project, follow these steps:

  1. First, Murf AI login.
  2. Then, click on the “Go To Studio” option.
  3. On the Murf Studio home screen, click on the “Create Project” option.
  4. Now, give your project a name, designate the folder you wish to save it on, and choose the type of content. For starters, select “Video” and then “Social Media.”
  5. Next, click on the “Explore AI Voices” option. Hear all the AI voice samples, and select the one you wish to use. There are various filters you can apply here, available on the left side of the screen.
  6. Next, click on the “Add Video Script” option to start typing the speech. To make life quicker, keep an MS Word or Google Docs file with your speech beforehand. If you wish to add more text, you can do so block by block.
  7. Then, adjust the AI Voice generated by selecting its tone, pitch, and speed. You may also add pauses on certain points in the timeline.
  8. Next, click on “Add Media,” followed by “Add to Timeline,” to add pictures and videos to the timeline.
  9. Finally, click on “Export” to save and download the generated Murf AI voice!

Murf AI Pricing

Murf AI Pricing
You can use Murf AI for free if you want to

After your Murf AI login, you need to subscribe to a Murf AI pricing plan. You can choose from four plans, as you can see above. They are:


The free plan lets you use 32 AI voices and generate a max of 10 minutes of voiceovers. However, it simply serves as a demo testing tool. Moreover, you can download the AI voices that you generate.


Price: $29/month

The basic plan lets you use 60 AI voices in ten different languages to generate over 24 hours of voiceovers. Additionally, it gives you access to 8,000 licensed soundtracks to use as background music for your videos! Sweet!


Price: $39/month

The Pro plan lets you use 120 AI voices in 20 languages to generate over 24 hours of voiceovers. Additionally, you can use its soundtracks and commercially license and monetize your creation! This plan is perfect for YouTubers!


Price: $75/month

The Enterprise plan remains the same as the Pro plan. The only upgrade it makes is allowing you to generate unlimited voiceovers. Plus, you can share it between 5 users simultaneously – perfect for content creation businesses and agencies.

Best Murf AI Alternatives

There are various AI voice-over tools on the internet, similar to MagicPost. Some of the best AI voice converters are:

1. Lovo.AI


Lovo.AI is another famous AI voice generator. With this tool, you can generate voiceovers using 500+ voices in 100 different languages.

2. Synthesys


Lovo.AI is a famous AI voice generator. With this tool, you can generate voiceovers using 300+ voices in 140 different languages. Plus, it has an integrated AI image generator, which is amazing!

Final Verdict: Should You Use Murf AI For Speech Generation?

Yes, you should use Murf AI to create AI-generated voiceovers for any kind of video that you have. It has a simple and intuitive interface, where you simply need to add your script, select the AI voice, change its tonality, and you are done!

If you wonder is Murf.AI safe or not, then it absolutely is. Rest assured that no one will steal your voice samples and generated projects!

• Simple UI
• It has a limited free plan to try it out
• More than 120 AI voices to choose from 20 different languages
• Can customize the tonality, pitch, and speed of the generated voice
• Record your voice samples to clone yourself
• Most of the voices sound very robotic and unnatural. Only a handful of the voices are actually good
• Google Slides integration has various bugs and suffers from frequent glitches

If you decide to use Murf AI after reading this, then let us know in the comments what you liked and disliked about it!

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