6 Free Online Certificate Courses To Become A Microbiologist

published on: 24.12.2022 last updated on: 26.12.2022

The study of microorganisms like bacteria, molds, fungi, and viruses is dealt with in microbiology.

These microscopic organisms are studied in lab conditions while maintaining the atmospheric conditions that are conducive to the culture of the microbes.

The methods required to study mostly single cellular organisms are different from the regular mode of DNA sequencing.

Scientists are using gene sequencing to rearrange the DNA of microorganisms to make purposeful biofertilizers that will decompose wood, leaves, and biodegradable matter into nutrient-rich fertilizer and potting mixes.

Microbes can fix nitrogen and oxygen from the atmosphere and use that to break down the compounds like phosphorus and potassium as well.

In this manner, balanced nutrition is provided back to the solid which will help plants thrive and improve agricultural productivity.

Career As Microbiologist

Microbiologists are always employable and enjoy a good stature in research and academia. Industries such as agricultural innovation, environmental science, food, public health & safety.

These days there are many options to learn microbiology online with the help of immersive videos, regular tests, and 3D illustrations. Interested students can check out this microbiology course.

Who Can Study Microbiology?Study Microbiology

Microbiology can be obtained as a major or interdisciplinary minor course in any of the bachelor’s in science programs. It is a part of the life sciences that will help in aiding pathologists and lab workers.

An enthusiast can take the subject to the next level of education such as a master’s or post-doctoral level, depending on one’s acumen and ability. This major always helps a person to incorporate requirements for dental, medical, or other healthcare professions. After graduating in microbiology one can also further academics and apply as a research scholar.

Here is a list of online microbiology courses, most of them are free and few that aren’t free are one of the best out on the internet:

1.  University Of New England

A free online course for four credits offered by the University of New England will guide a student on a varied topic of microbiology that includes microbial morphology, bacterial metabolism, ecological conditions for thriving microorganisms, and their classification.

A student learns to define the functions of microbes and their prominence with the host, disease-causing element, and treatment modalities for the disease. They also learn the kinetics and changes in the shapes of bacterial growth. The course is instructor-led, explained in simple language, and lasts for sixteen weeks. It costs approximately USD 1500 with access to lab work.

2. Harvard University

Harvard has few online courses covering microbiology topics. The courses are designed to be self-paced and are free. If anyone is desirous of getting a university-verified certificate, it can be done by paying a nominal fee.

Some of the free online microbiology courses offered by Harvard are:

  1. Cell biology: Mitochondria
  2. Case Studies in functional genomics
  3. Introduction to bioconductor
  4. Food fermentation- the science of cooking with microbes

All courses are designed in an immersive and easy-to-understand manner for the ease of self-paced education and can be taken up by anyone who is already pursuing a microbiology course. The content is useful and the verified certificate can help in career advancements.

3. Stanford University

Stanford University offers a free online course that can be used for CME credits for doctors and nurses. It is a self-paced course for one week on the topic – Optimizing antimicrobial therapy with timeouts.

It teaches a course participant the importance of antimicrobial therapy, and related resistance in an inpatient setting using clinical and pathological data. Interactive patient cases are provided for real-time data during this course to elicit the antibiotic timeout process.

4. MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a 9-week self-paced free online course on – Making cell therapy. It deals with the principles and practices of cell therapies such as CAR-T.

A popular topic under cell therapy that is discussed in this course is stem cell therapy which changes the dynamic of therapy and is considered to be a revolutionary medicine. The related field of scientific disciplines such as biology, engineering, physics, and analytical chemistry behind the cell therapy developments are discussed in this course.

5. MedTech platforms

With AI-driven solutions that come up with interactive chatbots to discuss topics with course participants, there are MedTech online platforms like Lecturio that showcase numerous explanatory videos with illustrative simulations and animated 3D diagrams.

The course also helps with memory retention techniques to remember crucial points related to a topic. The platform offers online microbiology courses that can be used as a study aid by students pursuing the same at a credit level.

6. North Carolina State University

NC State University offers online certificate courses in microbiology as part of its distance learning programs. Depending on the topic the eligibility requirement for graduate credits for the related topic varies. Most certificates need anywhere between 9 -12 credits to enroll and complete these programs.

Some courses have a requirement of fewer credits and can be pursued even with three credits. The number of credits as iterated is dependent on the topic.

A few of the microbiology topics covered in this topic are general microbiology, immunology, medical microbiology, and virology. If any person wants to take up the certification they can do so; however, for lab lessons, one can visit the campus in person and take up the classes. Lab lessons are chargeable at an extra fee.


Online programs in microbiology are indispensable for extra credits and CME credit requirements for doctors and nurses who need to maintain the continuing education status to progress in their careers. These courses are also a relief for many as microbiology, although interesting is a vast subject.

All the microbiology topics cannot be mastered in a single course even if the course is exhaustive and covers maximum points. The only way a person can stay relevant and learn a new topic after they have taken up jobs is through online courses which are interactive, easy to understand, and sequential in the delivery format of the course.

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