Optimize Documents By Using Pdfsmart Inside A Company

Marketing: How To Optimize Documents By Using Pdfsmart Inside A Company

published on: 08.06.2023 last updated on: 21.06.2023

In an omnichannel world, companies create more and more marketing content every day, with one of the main outlets being SEO. Although they are all derived from a global strategy, they can sometimes be complementary to one another or almost identical. But instead of creating new ones all the time, the solution may lie in editing them.

Thanks to PDFSmart, it is much easier than one may think, even if many people are involved in the process. Whether it is document management or file sharing, PDFSmart makes everything easy and streamlined. Delve deep into this article and discover more about the application that has made marketing a child’s play.

Text Editing Using PDFSmart

For a marketing document to be completed, it often implies the insertion of images and sometimes even graphics. Then it is saved in a PDF file to make it easier to distribute to whomever it needs to reach. However, it may not be the easiest solution, especially when a document needs to be edited along the way by other persons inside the company.

At least that is true if they don’t have the right tool to do so. But if they go to the PDFSmart site, they will be provided with all the editing capacity that they need, which starts with the text. Content has become the most important part of marketing. When people read articles that feature a product or a service from a company, they feel more open to the idea of acquiring it than if they saw the same in advertisement form.

Wording becomes extremely important, which is why a text often has to go through various people inside the marketing department (and even higher up the chain), before it is given the green light. On the PDFSmart site, anyone inside the business will be able to make the necessary changes in the text, and correct spelling mistakes along the way, simply by uploading it on the platform, where it can be worked on before being saved again.

Merging Or Splitting A File Through PDFSmart

Sometimes, a marketing document can be modified in order to create a new one. This can be done through a variety of actions. The easiest one may be to merge two or more files together so that the final PDF file will contain all the information about a product or a service.

This is useful when many documents need to be sent to one person. By reducing them to a single one, it makes it easier for the receiver to read and then save the information. However, the opposite can also be true. A PDF file may contain too much information for its own good. It then reduces the impact that it has on the reader.

Furthermore, if it is too long, it is probable that the reader won’t make it all the way to the end. That would be a serious issue if some of the most important elements were included in the last pages. It is best to cut some of it out and to resave the document under another name. Otherwise, it is also possible to separate the info and save it in different PDF files. Both merging and splitting of documents can easily be achieved directly on PDFSmart’s platform, thus saving lots of time for everyone involved.

Additional Perks Associated With PDFSmart

  • Adds Extra Storage

PDF documents usually take up limited space as compared to other documents in Word formats. But guess what? PDFSmart provides you with the most optimum storage facility and small footprints. It is usually a few megabytes of storage unless you have got a high-resolution image file. 

It is a common fact that businesses have large-size files such as training manuals and/or regulatory documents. No matter what you’ve got on your desk, PDFSmart consists of the tiniest footprint combined with the file size. This helps the organization, or a cloud-based repository, archive costs that usually get out of control.

  • Accessibility Features 

With PDF Smart, users all across the world can read PDF files without straining themselves. Consequently, companies can now send online orders, reports, invoices, as well as other documents as PDFs. In addition, PDFs are easily accessible from almost all digital devices. 

Smartphones, laptops, and tablets- the viewer app applies to each of them. Thus, users can now easily access files whether they are using an Android, Apple, or Windows. PDF Smart paves the way for global accessibility, ultimately benefiting global consumers. 

  • User-Responsive Control Panel 

PDF Smart has a user-responsive control panel which makes it easier for small phone screen users to watch a PDF easily. However, the file size must be compact and have a lower image resolution in order to lessen the storage space. This will ultimately ensure functionality. 

Additionally, you can optimize your PDF to consist of just a single text column, avoiding the requirement for horizontal scrolling. With PDF Smart, you eliminate the need for page zooming in and out. Reading each word is possible without troubling your fingers or eyes. The intuitive, user-friendly interface makes PDF management a hassle-free procedure. 

  • PDF Smart Is Cost-Effective 

Finally, PDF Smart has the advantage of being cost-efficient. They give you the option of three plans, and you can choose the one that suits your budget the best. Additionally, it does not need any additional purchases of software or hardware, which is usually expensive. 

A business dealing with a modest budget can save essentially on costly licensing fees as well as hardware upgrades. And don’t worry, as you will still be able to enjoy the features found in similar software via PDF Smart Online. All you have to do is implement the software for your business documents. 

The Bottom Line

Businesses need PDFs every now and then. So, why lose the opportunity of getting a wide range of benefits under one roof? Integrate PDF Smart with your business tool and streamline your paper workflow. From efficient PDF conversion to seamless editing, get a complete package in your desired budget with PDFSmart.

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