The Role Of Organic And Paid Social Media In Driving Car Sales



In today’s digital world, social media is critical for auto dealerships looking to boost customer engagement and drive sales. A strategic combination of organic and paid social efforts can connect dealers with a wider audience of potential car buyers.

Organic social media builds awareness and nurtures customer relationships over time through valuable, consistent content. This free branding establishes the dealership’s identity and authority. Paid social media complements this by targeting ads to reach new demographics that may convert to customers more quickly.

Here are some ways dealerships can leverage both organic and paid social media to turn online engagement into offline sales:

Organic Social Media For Nurturing Leads

Post educational content like FAQs, vehicle comparisons, maintenance tips, local content, and industry news to establish the dealership as an automotive resource for consumers in your area. This helps build trust and qualifies leads.

Share behind-the-scenes images, events, and staff spotlights to humanize the dealership. Social media allows people to get to know the business before they walk in.

Respond promptly to comments, questions, and reviews. Provide customer service directly via social channels. This shows responsive care.

Run contests and sweepstakes through organic social. For example, invite followers to share their dream car for a chance to win a gift card. This grows engagement.

Curate user-generated content like customers’ vehicle images. People want to engage with ‘real people’ online, not just ads.

Paid Social Media For Converting Leads 

Target highly-customized ads to website visitors who searched models carried at your dealership or similar demographic profiles using tools like a Facebook pixel.

Send special offers and retarget people who visited your inventory pages with updated promotions. A customized ad reminding them of a car they configured can bring them back to purchase.

Geotarget nearby customers who are actively shopping with timely incentives when they are primed to buy. Location-based targeting through paid ads can deliver the right message at the right place/time.

Run lead generation ads promoting test drives for specific models. Use clickable ads to capture the contact info of interested prospects for immediate follow-up.

Leverage lookalike audiences to reach more users similar to current customers. Paid boosting expands your reach.

The key is maintaining an active, engaging organic social presence while also running highly targeted paid ads to those most likely to convert. Integrated social media management tools or a knowledgeable agency make it easy to track the customer journey from initial lead through conversion.

Dealerships that embrace an organic/paid social media mix will reap the benefits of increased lead generation and customer acquisition. Online engagement and education drive offline sales.


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