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In our modern world, sharing files is very common, especially in the professional world. One of the top data analyses and also popular is Microsoft Excel. Nevertheless, even constant users still find an online converter to produce PDFs, especially when they send confidential files.

The reason is that even Microsoft Excel can be altered by anyone who opens the file, while on the contrary, PDFs can’t. For this reason, online converters like PDFBear are accessible to everyone.

What’s more, you can even E-Sign a PDF document to ensure teh document is original. E-sign is one of teh new practices that helps people transfer accurate data, and somewhere, it is used to authenticate the PDF shared.

What is an Excel File?

What is Excel FileXSL is a presentation that is called Microsoft Excel. This file is also known as a spreadsheet. Where users utilize it for their information analysis, enumeration, or inventory, they are confidential information inside these files. That is why convert Excel to PDF exists. So, users cannot alter the data.

XLS files are available for viewing through the application of Microsoft Excel. The latest Excel format will be in XLXS format. Viewing excel files through your cell phones or pads can be inflexible.

Why Should Users Convert Excel Files To PDF?

Portable Document Format, or also known as PDF, is handy in the professional world. Either you’re going to present for the clients or keep important information in a neat and straightforward format or send out directives. With PDF, you can be confident that the person you share it with can view it in the manner you want it to be.

Using PDF, the file you converted will maintain its format. Keeping the same setup can be hard when using other word processors. Once you share a file to another computer using, for instance, XLS files, there can be times that the formatting will be different from the original format. It will indeed confuse the receivers.

Portable Document Format

PDF is now standard anywhere in the world. Everyone widely embraces it since the PDF file is very easy to view and share. So even if you’re sending the file to your workmates who are miles away from you, they can still view it, and your file is always safe.

PDF files are made to have a smaller size than the other types of format. It is very beneficial for users, mainly if they only use cellular phones to download informative files or work-related files.


PDF files can be protected with a password. Therefore, an unauthorized person cannot open your file. No one can leak your confidential files, and it will be hard for them to crack open your PDFs.

PDFs can be accessed in any available operating system. Therefore even if you are using a personal computer, mobile phones, and pads, you can still access the PDf you receive, or your receiver can still access it.

There are so many more you can benefit from PDFs. PDFs are also unlikely to be removed in the modern world because it is widely spread worldwide, and everyone has already adopted this kind of format.

How Will You Convert Excel Into PDF?

Scanning through the advantages and disadvantages of excel files and PDF, you learned that converting every file into PDF is much more beneficial than sharing it with another word processor. If you have already thought of converting your excel to PDF and you don’t know-how. We will discuss the easy steps on how to convert.

The first thing you must note is that you should have a device that can connect to the internet. Open up your browsers and search for PDFBear. On this website, there will be more than one tool. Choose the right tool, which is Excel to PDF. After clicking the button, it will redirect you to the right site.

You will have an option to upload your files or easily drag and drop them to the box provided on this site. After uploading your files, it will automatically convert. You don’t have to consume so much of your time because the converting process is only seconds.

After it is converted, there will be choices available for you. Either you download it into your devices, copy its link and paste it to any available communication websites or directly share it with your email.

That’s how easy it is to convert your excel files into PDF. You are not required to download unnecessary tools. All you need is a working device that can connect to the internet. PDFBear also caters to other kinds of conversion and many more tools for your PDFs.


We know that it can be hard to trust people with your confidential files. It can be a hassle ending one file to another computer, especially if it keeps changing from its original format. That is why online converters like PDFBear are available online to avoid this kind of problem.

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