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Setup Your Personal File Sharing Solution With FileCloud Community Edition

published on: 19.08.2020 last updated on: 20.08.2020

All of us remember those days when in order to share images, videos, and sensitive documentation, we had to use a disc, a pen drive, or even a hard disk to transport. This was steadily resolved with the coming of several cloud-based file-sharing platforms.

Over the past few years, using Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive, etc. has become like second nature. This period has also coincided with a greater need for business processes automation.

For a very long time in the industry, the need for a business automation platform synced with a file-sharing drive was there.

Many businesses, software companies, and innovative startups tried to give us a robust, effective, and affordable solution. However, it was only after Code Lathe got into the act, did we get one of the world’s most useful and functional personal file sharing solution- FileCloud.

What is a Personal File Sharing Solution?

As digital platforms and technology have started dominating every aspect of our personal and professional lives, the need for access to information has increased.

This means that with all the internet-powered devices under our control, we would have all our personal as well as professional information, data, accounts, and reports to be available at all times.

It also needs to be pointed out that it is not only we who would require joint access to these pieces of information. We might want to share them with our clients, our vendors, or even our accounts team.

However, while we would want to ensure collaborations and sharing, we also do not want them to get into the wrong hands.

Personal File Sharing Solutions, which were cloud-based, emerge to help us answer the doubts in the above paragraphs. They have redefined our workspace and made cross-team coordination and information sharing across continents easily.

In many ways, you can think of it as a software solution aiming to help you share information (text, images, videos, other files) across countries and continents. All this information is stored in the ‘cloud’ and people with the login id and password can gain access to it.

FileCloud Community Edition- The Best Personal File Sharing Solution in the World

One of the most important things you need in an enterprise personal file sharing solution is the ease of use. You want the software to be as easy as possible for anyone with little or no tech experience to use.

FileCloud Community Edition does exactly that. It reimagines complicated tech and its lucid dashboard makes it so easy that everyone from your grandmother to your CTO will have no problems understanding it. FileCloud’s Community Edition is one of the company’s most effective file sharing versions.

It has been aimed for home use, small business use, and even internal team use. You can easily access all your information in a safe, secure, and protected manner from any of your synced devices- tablets, smartphones, laptops, or desktops.

One of the best things about FileCloud is that it lives up to the ethos of the parent company, Code Lathe. The other Code Lathe products are heavy of features and functions, but very light on the wallet.

Main Features of FileCloud Community Edition

In this section, we look at some of the features, which makes FileCloud’s Community Edition such an attractive file sharing solution.

1. Synchronize Files from Anywhere-

FileCloud Community Edition allows you to get access to your files from any kind of operating system on any device. Therefore, you can get access to your files from Windows, Mac, Linux, or any other open operating systems as well. This makes it highly usable and takes into account your preferences. It also allows for different people with different OS to gain access.

2. Enterprise Level Features-

The new FileCloud Community Edition comes with enterprise-level features, which only come with expensive premium versions (the ones that charge you a bomb). You get your AD integration as well as permissions for all kinds of NTFS. This means that on a very tight budget, you get access to some cool features, which are usually not present in such versions.

3. Unlimited Users and 5 Accounts-

What makes the FileCloud Community Edition perfect for small businesses is this very feature. You get five complete accounts with unlimited users at all times. This means you can set up multiple client accounts and share user accounts with the heads of all the verticals in your organization. It is cost-effective and allows for a high level of automation.

4. Data Protection and Security-

Even though there are numerous personal file sharing solutions on the market, most of them have questionable security. There is no point in using a file-sharing solution if it is not secure and safe for your data. Thankfully, FileCloud Community Edition employs a lot of security protocols including anti-virus scanning, two-factor authentication, and many more.

5. Language Support-

What do you do if your clients are based in Germany or France and do not understand English? The FileCloud Community Edition has you covered with its multiple language support at all times. Users can choose from a set of different languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, as well as English. This makes conducting business very easy across countries.

In addition to the above-mentioned five features, FileCloud Community Edition also allows for offline synchronization via the app, it supports all sizes of file and media and has sub-folder password protection enabled.

Why Security is becoming a major watchword in the File Sharing Solution industry?

One of the major reasons security is being emphasized in this ecosystem is because of the regularity of hacking incidents leading to data leakages and information burglaries. Many people, including you and me, use the same file-sharing solution for keeping our personal as well as professional lives.

Hackers are finding vulnerabilities in different cloud file-sharing platforms and attacking the same. Many businesses, both big and small, are being targets of ransomware attacks. This is why digital experts state that people should only use a file sharing solution, which is secure.

FileCloud Community Edition uses end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and password protection to check any suspicious activity. It also aligns with the GDPR resolution to ensure that all the security and data protocols are adhered to.

The Final Word

If you are looking for a basic file sharing solution, with advanced features, great security, and very friendly usability, you should go for FileCloud Community Edition. With $10 for the community edition, you get five accounts and unlimited users. However, remember that not all the proceeds go to Code Lathe. They are rather donated to charities.

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