navigating premises liability claims

Navigating Premises Liability Claims In The Age Of Social Media



A premises liability claim is filled with its own set of complexities. However, understanding your expectations will make the process more manageable.

-Are you thinking of filing such a claim? 

In that case, it becomes important to understand your rights and the necessary steps to take in filing. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer in Detroit can be highly effective in navigating through this process. 

At the same time, you could think of leveraging the power and influence of social media. It has indeed emerged as one of the key angles of discussions when viewing premise liability claims. 

The article explores the essential elements of filing a premises liability claim and how to approach it effectively. At the same time, it explores navigating the claims in the age of social media. 

Filing The Premises Liability Claims 

Filing The Premises Liability Claims 

Filing the premises liability claims can help you procure enough evidence of unsafe conditions that led to developing an injury. Moreover, nothing is better than leveraging social media posts to prove that injury claims are rightful. 

However, let us try to understand some of the steps involved in filing a premises liability claim. So, let us get started with the discussion to gain a better understanding.

1. Procuring  Evidence of Unsafe Conditions

The initial step to filing a premises liability claim is to procure the right evidence of the unsafe conditions that led to your injury. 

This can include photographs of the hazardous area witness statements.  Even the use of social media posts and other documentation proves the negligence of the owner of the property.

Documenting the specific hazardous conditions responsible for creating the most unsafe conditions is critical. This could involve taking snapshots from various angles and capturing the scene’s context and the specific hazard. 

We already mentioned social media posts. However, procuring witness statements can also add additional support. They can corroborate your account of the incident. These pieces of evidence will be crucial in establishing that the property owner failed to maintain a safe environment.

2. Report the Incident Immediately

It is essential to report the overall incident to the property owner or manager as soon as possible. This not only helps in creating an official record of the incident but also demonstrates your proactive approach in addressing the hazard.

Moreover, immediately reporting the incident can stop the property owner from claiming that the hazard did not even exist. Social media posts can completely negate such claims.

It also ensures that there is a documented account of the incident at the time of its occurrence. This can be important for your case. 

Hence, ensure that you make a copy of the incident report and keep any correspondence related to the report.

3. Seek Medical Attention

Whatever, might be the severity of your injury, seeking medical attention with utmost alacrity is extremely vital. 

Not only does this ensure the well-being of the victim, but it also provides medical records documenting the extent and cause of your injuries.

Medical records play a key role in the premises liability claims. Moreover, they provide an objective account of your injuries, linking them to the incident. 

These records can include initial follow-up appointments, emergency room visits, and any therapies and treatments that come under the prescription of the doctor. However, having a detailed medical history related to the injury can strengthen your compensation claim.

You can hire a bonafide lawyer with experience and specialization in premises liability cases. They can significantly change the outcome of your claim. 

They can provide expert advice, procure the right evidence, and represent you in court. Finally, they are the ones who can guide you on whether to get help from social media. 

Benefits of Legal Representation

A skilled personal injury lawyer has a good knowledge of the intricacies of premises liability laws. They are the best to navigate the legal system on your behalf. 

Moreover, they can successfully negotiate with the property owner’s insurance company. They can advocate on your behalf with their control so that you receive fair compensation. 

This ensures that your case is presented effectively. Their expertise can be crucial in achieving a favorable outcome. They are the ones who provide you with the right approach to leverage social media to prove your loss before the court. 

1. Calculate Your Damages

Accurately calculating your damages is essential to ensure you receive fair compensation. This not only includes your medical expenditure but also lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other related costs.

When calculating damages, consider both current and future expenses related to your injury. This can include ongoing medical treatments, rehabilitation costs, and any impact on your ability to work.

 A comprehensive damage assessment will provide a clearer picture of the compensation you should seek, ensuring that all aspects of your injury are accounted for.

2. File Your Claim in a Timely Manner

Finally, it is crucial to file your premises liability claim within the statute of limitations. In Michigan, this typically means filing within three years of the incident. Failing to do so can result in losing your right to seek compensation.

The statute of limitations is a legal deadline for filing a lawsuit. In premises liability cases, adhering to this timeline is vital. 

Missing the deadline can prevent you from pursuing any legal action, regardless of the merits of your case. To avoid this, consult your lawyer to ensure all necessary documents are filed promptly and correctly.

The Role Of Social Media In Premise Liability Claims

Premise liability claims and extracting the right compensation involve many steps and court cases. But with the advent of social media, getting the right compensation has become a little easier. 

Why? Social media platforms have become tools where individuals can share their experiences. So, let’s discuss navigating premise liability claims or other types of personal injury claims using social media platforms. 

1. The Potential Of Social Media As Evidence

In some instances, social media provides the most crucial evidence in the premise of liability claims. For example, if an employee posts a picture of severe injuries following an accident, the visual evidence can corroborate the claim of the injury on the place. 

Hence, you can understand the efficacy of social media channels in proving injuries. Social media can also document an individual’s activities at a particular time. This may find relevance to a case. 

2. The Need  To Be Cautious

It becomes essential to consult a personal injury lawyer in MA before collecting and using the evidence. 

However, improper evidence may lead to a dismissal in court. Hence, you have to be highly cautious when making compensation claims based on the posting on the social media platform. 

3. The Importance Of Privacy Settings 

It’s important to understand how to use privacy settings on social media platforms effectively. However, it’s best to assume that anything posted online can be used potentially in the legal context. 

We have already mentioned how social media can impact the outcome of a personal injury case. It is important to seek legal guidance. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help navigate the premise’s liability claims. 


Filing a premises liability claim involves several critical steps, from gathering evidence to seeking legal representation and calculating damages. 

It’s important to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Detroit who can provide invaluable support and guidance, ensuring your rights are protected at every step. 

These proactive measures will help you address the challenges of a premises liability claim and move toward a resolution that acknowledges your injury and its impact on your life.

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