r/Place Is Coming Back To Reddit – At The Worst Possible Time

published on: 24.07.2023 last updated on: 01.08.2023


  • Reddit is reviving an older collaborative project called r/Place.
  • r/Place allows users to edit pixels on a giant canvas.
  • Most Reddit users believe that r/Place is being brought back by the company at the wrong time due to concerns with the pricing of the Reddit API.

If you’ve loved using r/Place a long time back on Reddit, then you may rejoice since Reddit is bringing this feature back.

The r/Place Reddit page allows users to change the color of pixels on a canvas. This was intended to be a social experiment hosted by Reddit, with the idea being conceived by Wordle developer Josh Wardle. It was first introduced on 1st April 2017 for just a day and was repeated again five years later on 1st April 2022.

Now, the time has come for the third edition of r/Place to happen on 20th July 2023. While many users are happy about it coming back – they might not end up using it since they are not happy with Reddit as a platform.

The Reddit user base so far has voiced frustration with the new Reddit API pricing model that has compelled many third-party applications to shut down its integration with Reddit.

Moreover, Reddit deleted all cha history of all its users before 2023 without any prior notification. Plus, Reddit has also announced that it’s getting rid of its “Reddit Gold Award System” that allows users to earn coins and other rewards.

All of these changes have frustrated the user base, who have lambasted Reddit on the r/Place announcement post. Redditors have simply commented, “F*** U/Spez” (“Spez” refers to Steve Huffman – the CEO of Reddit). They have also commented on “API” to voice their criticisms directly to its unannounced API changes.

While the timing might be wrong for r/Place, it will still take place nonetheless. This time, subreddit mods can “pin” certain areas and pixels on the canvas to direct members of their communities to collaboratively create artwork.

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