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What Types Of Apps Are Essential For Small Businesses?

published on: 01.08.2023 last updated on: 02.08.2023

Are you a business owner? That denotes you may not have time to manage the books or update the inventories across different places, among other things.

You require different software to serve your purpose. Off course, you can also invest in the middlemen. That’s a harsh fact. Luckily, our list has lots of apps for small businesses. They help with accounting, e-commerce, making informed decisions, and more.

Key Types of Apps That Are Essential for Small Businesses

#1 Employee management

Employee management can be a drag when it comes to handling schedules and payroll. Luckily, employee management software, like that of the Homebase, makes it a breeze to track ing the hours, create schedules, and manage labor expenses.

Connecting Homebase or similar apps to the  Square account gives you the power to see when your employees are working in sync with your sales data. This invaluable information will assist you in making smart decisions when it comes to staff scheduling.

Some best business apps you should check include Homebase, Deputy, When I Work, and Humanity. 

#2 The Client Service and Maintain Invoice

No matter where you are – whether it’s an office or on the road – you still need to handle the flow of work and the payment. These apps can assist photographers, facility managers, and businesses based on subscriptions. The app also helps manage bookings, monitor work progress, and follow up on payments.

If you run a subscription business, Chargify allows you to bill clients regularly without needing to write billing code. It also aids in managing customer life cycles to enhance customer retention.

Is there an app for business owners that helps you improve customer service and manage your team better? Of course, this is Call Recorder for iPhone. You can view in App Store this app it has good reviews. 

Record calls technology cant provide data to improve customer service, protect the company’s interests, manage disputes, and optimize internal processes. If you are interested in what applications most businesses use, then this is one of them.

Some popular invoicing and client services apps include:

  • Zoho Invoices
  • Call Recorder for iPhone
  • 17 Hats
  • Chargeify
  • Hiveage
  • jobber

#3, Accounting

Nobody wants to waste time managing the books manually. You may profit your time (and improve accuracy) by adding taxes, tips, fees, and  Square sales into your software meant for accounting automatically. You can also do it by getting external assistance for your bookkeeping. 

Square seamlessly connects with various software, for example, “Intuit QuickBooks Online”. And when it’s tax time, you can save valuable time by integrating it into an app like TaxJar, which generates reports for easy filing and that too automatically. Some of our well-acclaimed accounting and tax apps include “Xero,” “Zoho Books,” ” Online,” “TaxJar,” “Commerce Sync,” Bench, and others.

#4 E-commerce

If you already run an e-commerce store. Maybe you are planning to launch one such. It’s much easier to use an identical payment provider for online and in-person transactions. This way, you save valuable time by avoiding manual bookkeeping.

You can choose from various apps like BigCommerce that offer different design templates, options, or order fulfillment, and at the same time, CRM tools. By using Square’s payment services online, you can conveniently manage and track all your inventories and payments from one place.

Some of the integrations allow you with auto synchronization. Also, the count of inventory between the online and the physical stores. It helps you prevent overselling and time management. 

Here are some popular eCommerce apps to consider “Weebly”, “BigCommerce”, “Ecwid”,” Wix”, “WooCommerce”, “And GoDaddy”.

#5 Inventory

You must have accurate knowledge of what you possess in your stock. You must also know your other requirements to make smarter decisions about buying. An inventory application can provide you with that piece of information by ding of management of inventory across different channels of sales. 

This can include multiple physical stores, online stores, or a combination of stores.  An app like “Shopventory”  works seamlessly with Square and adds extra features such as managing the cash flow, reports, and tracking the profits indicating the sloth movement of your inventory.

Here are some well-known inventory applications like “Shopventory”,” Sku IQ”, “Stitch Labs”, and “DEAR Systems”.

#6 Booking and scheduling

If you own a salon or restaurant or offer home repair services. It is important for your business as it manages appointments or reservations online. Not only is this an expected feature for many consumers, but it can also drive growth by enabling customers to have conversations with the business, even when you’re closed. For instance, Acuity simplifies the process by allowing clients to make reservations and manage online payments with just one click. It can even automate reminders, helping you reduce no-shows.

Some of the well-known booking and scheduling apps we recommend are:

  • Schedulicity
  • Acuity

#7 Form building

If you have a specific business or use certain programs, you might want to gather extra or specific information from the customers. The form-building applications can help you in creating tools for collecting customer info, order specifics, applications, surveys and others. By connecting the Wufoo app with your account (square), you can effortlessly create a form to accept payments directly within the form, handled through Square.

A few well-known form-building apps that we offer are:

  • Cognito Forms.
  • Wufoo.
  • Jotform.


Using the right apps for your business can help you save time and money while growing your company. With these seven apps, you can easily manage employees, invoices, bookings, tax recommendations, eCommerce stores, inventory control, form-building, and reporting. Investing in the right apps can enhance productivity and efficiency.

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